ACC GLOBAL MEDIA Features Colette Chavez Walker, the Eclectic Healing Guide




ACC GLOBAL NEWS Features Colette Chavez Walker, the Eclectic Healing Guide on Body, Mind Transformation, Essential Oils, Healing & Science Embracing Intuition

Eclectic Healing Guide Colette Chavez Walker has the Essential Tools and AMAZING ability to help AND TEACH people how to help their body Restore, Relax, Reconnect, Rebalance and Revitalize.”


PORTLAND , OREGON, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2017 / — Colette Chavez Walker Eclectic Healing Guide Portland, Oregon
ACC NEWS Interview with Colette Chavez Walker, Founder of Colette Eclectic Healing Guide MONDAY, DECEMBER 11TH, 2017 at 1PM (1:00 p.m. EST.), Portland, Oregon
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ACC Global News Spotlights Colette Chavez Walker, Eclectic Healing Guide on Body Healing Transformation and Science Embracing Intuition

ACC News Talk Radio Spotlights Colette Chavez Walker

Portland, OR – It is no secret massage is more mainstream than ever before. Most people will tell you they love how relaxed the feel during their massage but how many people tell you their massage benefits last beyond their hour on the table? Are you looking for a massage session with results lasting days, weeks or months after you leave your session? Are you tired of being told there are no medical reasons for your pain and you’ll just have to get used to living with your pain? Are you the person that intuitively knows if you had the right support you could find the source of your pain? Have you tried everything to address your chronic pain yet nothing lasts?

Let us introduce you to the office of Eclectic Healing Guide where Colette Walker can help you find your inner healer so you can uncover the source of your pain, realign emotional, mental, spiritual bodies to free your physical body from pain. Colette will work with you to customize action plans extending the benefits you your time with her for days, weeks and months.

Licensed massage therapist, Colette Walker’s personal journey of perseverance through emotional and physical trauma began like many others. She worked hard, had a career she loved and was extremely active. Colette developed an intolerance to gluten and was later diagnosed with breast cancer. Colette exhausted every effort in the traditional medical world and started to study more natural holistic treatments. Her healing journey took Colette to Hawaii, Thailand and Portland, Oregon. Colette took the steps and made the choice to share with others how to overcome everything and anything that may stand in the way of someone’s healing journey.

With a client-centered approach, Colette utilizes an assortment of techniques and modalities to relieve such issues as stress, physical pain, lack of esteem and so much more. Holding sessions primarily in person, Colette will be opening her sessional work to be available by phone, email and video chat so people across the globe at any time can get the assistance they need. Through orthopedic massage therapy, reiki, and other energy healing techniques; Colette’s clients see fast and long lasting results… results that you can rest assured you’ll be able to maintain in your own home.

Here’s a sample of what people are saying about Colette’s extraordinary work:
“I've been seeing Colette for almost 2 years and I've made more progress with my body than I ever have before over the past 20 years. I've been going every week for about 6 months and that consistency makes a world of difference. She is extremely knowledgeable and can help you create a path to healing that is specific to your body and your needs. I highly recommend her!”

“Colette Chavez Walker is a gifted, intuitive healer who works with you to help you realign to your perfect health. She has studied around the world, and is versed in many holistic healing techniques; her knowledge is quite amazing! Not only does she tend to muscular/skeletal issues, but she is in-tune with the workings of your organs and emotional health as well. In a very short time (seven weeks), she has helped me melt away years of carried stress, tame a chronic stomach issue, and shrink a cyst that doctors wanted to remove surgically. If you are willing to be an active participant in your well-being, Colette can transform you; I am so very grateful for her!”

In Colette’s own words, “When you come to me for a bodywork session, I will not only offer you my skill as a massage therapist but a lifetime of personal experience as a self-healer. I can’t give the same massage twice. Each of your sessions will be customized to meet your individual needs, desires and comfort. I will be a sounding board, a research and accountability partner, and help you advocate for your own health in all aspects of your life. I am dedicated to guiding rather than leading you to a path of homeostasis within mind, body and spirit.”
Colette Chavez Walker will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Monday December 11th at 1pm EST. For more information visit Colette-EclecticHealingGuide.Com or email or call 503-330-0656.

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