Does availability of CBD (Cannabidiol) cannabis oil products in the UK violate its stand on Cannabis?

For a long time, all cannabis products were illegal in the UK. In recent years CBD has gained significant consumer uptake as the new trending health supplement.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 11, 2017 / — For a long time, any cannabis related products were outlawed in the United Kingdom. However, in recent times, CBD products have gained a significant access to the UK markets. The question to ask is, have these products been legalized at last? According to the producers and suppliers of CBD related products, there is no time such products were declared illegal. They have been selling those products for many years, and no law enforcement agency has ever warned them against such products.

Misuse of Drugs Act
So what exactly has made law enforcement agencies to keep quiet though they are aware of the existence of CBD products? According to the 1971 and 2001 Misuse of Drugs Acts and Regulations, CBD has not been adversely mentioned anywhere as an illegal scheduled drug. The Home Office has indicated in its responses through Freedom of Information to public questions that pure CBD products are not illegal. However, of concern to note is that any CBD product containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) requires proper licensing before importation or being allowed in the market.

Controversial stands
One fact is that almost all the manufacturers and marketers of CBD products are practically not licensed. It is challenging to produce CBD products that are pure of THC. Therefore, theoretically, CBD products are being sold legally in the UK markets. These products which most likely contain the illegal THC should be practically illegal. Products regarded as illegal are operating in legal markets. Does the Home Office seem to have totally forgotten about this? It appears the law enforcement agency has taken a controversial stand.

Another narrative is that of the Psychoactive Substance Act. CBD is not prominently mentioned in the Act because it is not psychoactive, but THC is. As mentioned earlier, it not easy to produce CBD products which are totally free of THC and this means that CBD products to some extent are psychoactive too.

An initial definition of psychoactive substances from the government excluded CBD. The Home Office however later sent guidelines to police and courts about their perspective on psychoactive substances. Their new definition suggested an inclusion of CBD among the psychoactive substances.

Hemp derived CBD oil in the UK
There are claims that the hemp CBD oil has an exception from marijuana manufactured products. CBD hemp is said to contain high CBD oil characterized by low THC. Therefore, hemp products are regarded as non-proactive. Research indicates that CBD hemp products naturally interact with human systems without provoking any hyper effects. This is contrary to THC products that have significant effects on the body system.

Law enforcement agencies, legislators, and medical researchers have realized the noble role played by hemp CBD oil. This product has become reliable in providing the benefits of CBD without the marijuana effect. Its suitability attributed to its natural and simple extraction from the hemp plant. Pure hemp CBD oil has no additives that may subject it to the possibility of having high traces or effects of THC.
Planned legalization of CBD without official enforcement?

CBD products cannot be said to be absolutely non-proactive. The stand taken by the UK government and the Home Office puts things unclear on whether they are legal or otherwise. Even the police perhaps seem not to have an idea on how to handle cases related to CBD. This sounds like a deliberate move by the government to silently allow the use of CBD products, though without regulation.

Medicinal Benefits of Hemp CBD Oil
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK has realized that CBD has a great therapeutic value. There have been indications that CBD can provide an effective cure for cases such as anxiety, inflammation, and pain among other diseases. These extract oils are from the hemp plant. With the best interest of its people, the UK government has embraced the medicinal value of CBD and has now classified it as medicine.

The director of inspection and enforcement at MHRA recently stated that CBD related products mean good for the people although the UK government's federal law clearly outlaws the sale and possession of cannabis. The MHRA puts clear the medicinal benefits of the hemp plant. It also tries to explain the differences between industrial manufactured CBD and the one extracted from the hemp plant. The main idea is to push for its legalization.

The Activists' Debates
There has been mounting pressure on the UK government to legalize the usage of CBD products with several activists pushing for the legalization of Cannabis Sativa. They have opened several avenues of debates engaging the government and other law enforcement agencies. Similarly, according to MHRA's arguments, the activists also insist on the medicinal value of CBD extracted from Cannabis.

Although the United Kingdom has outlawed cannabis products, one may be left wondering how the CBD products have been uninterruptedly selling in the country. The Home Office is given the mandate of upholding legal laws concerning drug's Act. However, the Act has been marred by ambiguities that have made it vulnerable to compromises. This has resulted in loosening of the law to allow the products that are otherwise illegal. It, therefore, lacks clearly spelled laws that state its stand.

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