Minimally Invasive Vein Surgery Heals Leg Ulcers Faster Than Compression Therapy Alone According to Landmark Study

Vein911® announced today that The New England Journal of Medicine published a landmark study showing that treatment of varicose veins heals leg ulcers.

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2018 / — Vein911® Vein Treatment Centers announced today that The New England Journal of Medicine published a landmark study showing that treatment of varicose veins and superficial venous reflux heals leg ulcers faster than using compression therapy alone. The study titled A Randomized Trial of Early Endovenous Ablation in Venous Ulceration was published on April 24, 2018.

Venous disease is the most common cause of leg ulcers. Compression therapy is the mainstay of venous leg ulcer treatment, but it does not treat the underlying venous disease. Minimally invasive treatments of varicose veins and superficial venous reflux have been shown to reduce the rate of ulcer recurrence, but this study shows conclusively that early endovenous treatment results in faster leg ulcer healing and a reduction in leg ulcer recurrence rate. Because minimally invasive treatments are usually performed as a single procedure, the study notes that clinical benefits are less dependent on ongoing patient adherence to compression therapy.

“We are very excited about the results of this study because venous leg ulcers affect an astonishing 1% of Americans and ulcers are debilitating to the patients who suffer from them. Venous leg ulcers typically require ongoing wound care that is very expensive for our government and private payers,” said Chris Pittman, M.D., Medical Director and CEO of Vein911® Vein Treatment Centers. “Venous and Lymphatic Medicine experts have predicted the results of this study for years; however, this trial establishes efficacy and cost effectiveness of early minimally invasive intervention. Proper referral of venous leg ulcer patients by wound care centers to qualified vein care specialists bends the cost curve of venous leg ulcer care which has an estimated annual US public and private payer burden of 15 billion dollars. By comparison, the estimated annual US public and private payer burden for diabetic foot ulcers ranges only 9-13 billion dollars.”

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