AZ Regenerative Medicine now providing Placental Derived Regenerative Cell Treatments

Dr. Jeffrey W. Frost, owner of AZ Regenerative Medicine, is providing regenerative cell treatments at his practice.

I have performed many studies and seen remarkable results when doing an in office procedure on a patient utilizing the much needed Regenerative Cells for direct injection into damaged joints.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Frost

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, September 26, 2018 / — Many recent studies have shown significant benefit by harvesting a Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and powerfully concentrated growth factors, utilizing them to address a number of issues related to muscular skeletal pain. AZ Regenerative Medicine is highly focused on addressing quality of life for their patients and pain management is a major area of concern. Dr. Frost believes that more patients will choose this therapy for chronic pain as awareness of the procedure and its numerous benefits increase, with his combined efforts to correct the biomechanical stress generally causing painful issues.

Dr. Frost stated, "Pain is not a life style and should not prevent his patients from enjoying the activities they choose to engage in.” Utilizing the amniotic tissue from women who go through a scheduled C-section desiring to help others with the normally discarded placental sac, containing these valuable products. This tissue provides a natural and convenient alternative for soft tissue repair, rather than costly and more invasive surgical procedures. This type of treatment option has become increasingly popular, particularly with professional athletes who turn to the procedure for sports injuries. The results we have seen to date have been superb and the patients typically go right back to work immediately after the process.”

Dr. Frost continued, “Many studies have been performed and we have seen remarkable results when doing an in-office intra-articular procedure on a patient, utilizing the much-needed Regenerative Cells injected into damaged joints. The treatment is simple, effective and can be done in under 1/2 hour in our office. The results we are seeing are more than encouraging. Patients are stopping the use of pain killers and actually healing the damaged tissue, not masking the symptoms. They are getting their lives back and are no longer living with the idea that 'pain is a life style'.”

About AZ Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Frost a licensed doctor of chiropractic, physiotherapist who has a B.S. majoring in anatomy and has 27 plus years of clinical experience. AZ Regenerative Medicine is a pain management clinic with expertise in regenerating damaged joints and spinal discs, while correcting the biomechanical function back to maximum medical improvement. Dr. Frost is getting people out of pain and teaching them how to keep it for life. He is offering personalized customized therapies based upon each patient’s individualized symptoms and concerns. The center specializes in evaluation and treatment for joint pain, hair loss, sciatica, headaches spinal pain, hormone imbalance and helping people with weight loss. His clinic also provides micro-needling and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapies. His medical staff is certified to provide bio-identical hormone therapy, Botox, Hair Restoration, treatments for ED, Sports Injury treatments, regenerative cell therapies, and custom braces and orthotics . His team is focused on providing the most effective services and products available today.

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