The Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery with Dr. Muhammad Mirza

Dr. Muhammad Mirza

Dr. Muhammad Mirza

CEDAR GROVE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2018 / — When people talk about cosmetic surgery, they generally have the concept of plastic surgery in their mind, but get the two terms conflated. In fact, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two different disciplines. If you thought that the two terms were one in the same, you can be forgiven – it’s a mistake everyone makes. A large number of plastic surgeons choose to focus on cosmetic surgery, while many cosmetic surgeons don’t practice plastic surgery at all. With the help of Dr. Muhammad Mirza, we’ll take a look at the differences between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery to ensure you don’t mistake the two!

The Two Disciplines Have Different Goals

According to Dr. Muhammad Mirza, one of the first things to consider when differentiating the two disciplines is to realize that they have different goals and outcomes. While both of them have to do with improving a patient’s body and aesthetics, the philosophical points of departure in how they go about doing this are radically different. This affects the training, research, as well as goals for the patient outcome.

“Cosmetic surgery is more focused on a person’s appearance.” Says Dr. Muhammad Mirza. “The procedures and techniques are geared more towards improving aesthetic appeal, symmetry as well as proportioning the body correctly. Cosmetic surgery is also generally elective, meaning that patients themselves choose to have it done. The different types of cosmetic surgery procedures include:

-Breast enhancements
-Facial contouring
-Body contouring
-Skin Rejuvenation

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is surgery that is specifically designed and leveraged to reconstruct facial and body defects that could be due to birth, trauma, fire or disease. It’s less about improving aesthetics and more about correcting certain dysfunctional areas of the body. Think of it like reconstructing a house which has building defects. According to Dr. Muhammad Mirza, many plastic surgeons also opt to complete cosmetic surgery training, which is why the two disciplines are often mistaken for one another, and it’s not unusual for a plastic surgeon to also perform some cosmetic surgery. Below are a few examples of plastic surgery procedures:

-Breast reconstruction (perhaps from breast cancer)
-The repair of burn damage
-Congenital defect repair for conditions such as cleft palate
-Hand surgery
-Scar reduction surgery

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