Revolutionary GAINSWave® Penile ShockWave Therapy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Offered by Medwell Men’s Center NJ

Medwell offers GAINSWave® ED treatments; a noninvasive ShockWave therapy using low-intensity pulse waves to enhance sexual performance and treat ED symptoms.

I have seen many patients who have had a noticeable response after their first session. This is a great non-invasive and drug free method to help people with erectile dysfunction.”

— M. T. Shahab, M.D.

MIDLAND PARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 1, 2018 / — As men age, the vessels in their penis weaken, contract and fill with micro-plaque, which can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. As these tiny vessels become clogged, the penis decreases in sensitivity, making it harder for men to achieve and maintain an erection. Thankfully, GAINSWave® can enhance a man’s performance by using high-frequency acoustic waves to repair existing blood vessels and improve blood flow.

The GAINSWave® technology in use today consists of over 200 medical professionals across the nation who specialize in providing patients with natural solutions for ED. Thanks to numerous clinical studies on Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (Li-ESWT), we can see that this therapy not only improves Erectile Dysfunction symptoms but also sexual performance. “I have seen many patients who have had a noticeable response after their first session. This is a great non-invasive and drug free method to help people with erectile dysfunction.” says M. T. Shahab, M.D.
Patients receiving GAINSWave® therapy have reported improved erection quality, enhanced sexual performance and decreased refractory times between orgasms, which is why this a great alternative to ED medications.

This drug- and surgery-free procedure only takes about 20 minutes and can enhance a man’s sex life while addressing the root cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

For over fifteen years MedWell has been successfully treating; Erectile Dysfunction, Peripheral Neuropathy, disc pain, sciatica, joint pain, knee arthritis, leg pain, back pain, neck pain, Fibromyalgia, weigh loss, testosterone therapy, Diabetes, ADHD and offering StemCell treatments.

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Tobi Tobin Logo

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 1, 2018 / — Tobi Tobin, Los Angeles lifestyle expert best known for her collection of hand poured candles, custom blended fragrances, and artisanal chocolates, announced today the debut of a new fragrance, Dark Chocolate Fruit to the existing collection of unisex Eau de Toilettes.

Launching nationwide at Bloomingdale’s and at Hudson’s Bay in Canada. The Dark Chocolate Fruit Fragrance is the fourteenth fragrance added to the brand’s category and is inspired by Tobin’s delicious Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle. The fragrance opens with a rich Dark Chocolate Fruit aroma, while Orange Blossom, Pink Jasmine and Elemi invigorate the senses and crisp Cedar Wood and White Pepper round out the experience.

“After many years of our customer’s asking if we make Chocolate Fragrance, I wanted to create a fragrance that combines two of my favorite scents – Dark Chocolate Fruit and Orange Blossom, both of which evoke happiness and comfort the soul,” says Tobin of the fragrance.

The Dark Chocolate Fruit Fragrance, along with the rest of Tobi Tobin's range is unisex, appealing equally to men and women. Handsomely packaged in Tobi Tobin’s distinctive embossed crocodile with burlap and grosgrain ribbon, the fragrance is available in 3.3 oz. for $168.00 at and Bloomingdale's Nationwide and at Hudson’s Bay.

The Tobi Tobin Fragrance Collection consists of fourteen Eau de Toilettes, offered in two sizes, 1.7 oz. and 3.3 oz. The luxury fragrances are created in four different categories, Floral, Fruit, Citrus, and Woody Spice. Each luxury fragrance is individually designed as a custom blend by Tobin to elicit memories of her world travels.

Tobi Tobin products have defined the wellness movement and transformed the approach to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The term “clean” is not to be confused with “natural”, a term widely criticized for its ambiguity within the beauty industry. Today, the “clean” banner is carried by a small, but vocal group of individual brands, dedicated retailers, platforms and activists that have taken it upon themselves to define and uphold the strict guidelines around clean products. Tobi Tobin is proud to be seen as a leader in this space and looks to continue the clean movement in beauty with the launch of her newest fragrance and beyond.

Tobi Tobin is a lifestyle brand consisting of hand poured candles, custom blended fragrances, and artisanal chocolates developed from Tobin’s successful career as an Interior Designer. The fragrances and candles can be mixed with Tobin’s handmade, dark chocolate truffles, entirely produced in Los Angeles. Each of the candles is a natural soy coconut blend and feature a 2 wick burning system to maximize fragrance release.

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Aspen Regenerative Medicine has a natural solution for shoulder pain and osteoarthritis with cord blood

With regenerative therapy, I want to give patients a natural method of restoring mobility without having to turn to long-term medications or undergo costly surgical procedures.”

— Dr. Julian Gershon

ASPEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2018 / — The Aspen Institute of Regenerative Medicine provides orthopedic relief from shoulder pain through umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy. Through umbilical cord blood, orthopedic patients can avoid more invasive methods of treatment by using regenerative cells to restore mobility and functionality in knees, hips, and other regions. Tendon and ligament injury such as knee injuries, tendon injuries and tennis elbow may be treated with umbilical cord blood allografts. Dr. Julian Gershon has taken the effectiveness of umbilical cord blood on shoulder injuries into account by giving patients a cutting-edge solution to symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions.

Umbilical cord blood is blood that remains from the placenta and umbilical cord that contains key elements found in whole blood such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets and hematopoietic stem cells. The hematopoietic stems cells found in cord blood are a source of proteins and growth factors that can be utilized to regulate blood production and cell formation. By creating and regenerating new blood cells in the target area, these pluripotent stem cells can effectively revitalize inflamed and damaged tissue, particularly in muscles that are affected by osteoarthritis and damage to the rotator cuff.

Because the shoulder is composed of several joints, tendons and muscles, the wide range of motion that the shoulder is capable of places it at risk for problems varying from instability to impingement. There can be several causes for shoulder pain in general, but two conditions that affect people the hardest are osteoarthritis and rotator cuff injuries. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in your joints begin to wear down, resulting in swelling, pain and a limited range of movement. The repetitive use of shoulder joints paired up with the deterioration of joint tissue through aging are the primary causes for osteoarthritis in the shoulder region. Meanwhile, rotator cuff abrasions are tied directly to physical activity. With repetitive overhead motions or severe shoulder injuries, damage to the rotator cuff tissue can materialize, provoking a dull ache deep in the shoulder that makes it difficult to move your arm or put pressure on it while you sleep.

While some are able to recover quickly from rotator cuff injuries with physical therapy exercises that improve flexibility and strength of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint or treat osteoarthritis with prescription medication, there is an ideal solution through cord blood. Dr. Gershon emphasizes its status as a natural choice for recovery by stating that “with regenerative therapy, I want to give patients a natural method of restoring mobility without having to turn to long-term medications or undergo costly surgical procedures.” Rather than undergoing rigorous treatment options with addictive medication or Corticosteroid shots that can cause nerve and bone damage, cord blood allografts rebuild lowered cell counts in the shoulder or rotator cuff area, releasing proteins and other factors to activate endogenous repair and treat inflammation and tissue damage. The regenerative qualities in the nutrients and stem cells found in cord blood stimulate cellular production to assist in reducing inflammation, easing pain and recovering injuries to the shoulder tissue. Cartilage and surrounding tissue are restored to its most optimal state through cord blood’s regenerative qualities.

About Dr. Julian Robert Gershon Jr. DO, FAOASM ABAARM

Dr. Julian Robert Gershon Jr. DO, FAOASM ABAARM, owner of the Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, is triple board certified in Family Medicine, Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Gershon achieved his medical degree at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his internship at Flint Osteopathic Hospital in Flint, Michigan. He is board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Practice, is a fellow of the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine and served on their Board of Directors for twelve years. He was the head team physician for University of North Texas for over twenty years, a resident physician at the U.S. Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1993, the team physician for the U.S. Olympic Judo team from 1993-2000 and the team physician at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia and traveled to Chile with the U.S. Freestyle ski team during the summer of 2006. In addition to serving as a team physician for local high schools in Northern Texas, he has also covered professional wrestling events for the WWE at Dallas events and traveled with the Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Commission, performing on-water rescue and tending to athletic and medical injury/illnesses for their drivers. Dr. Gershon was recently awarded a fellowship in Stem Cell therapy by the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. This prestigious award signifies years of advanced stem cell training.

About Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine

The Aspen Institute for Antiaging & Regenerative Medicine Experience specializes in anti-aging and regenerative medicine at the relaxed, beautiful mountain setting of Aspen, Colorado. With stem cell and PRP therapy, owner Dr. Julian R. Gershon, Jr., DO, FAOASM, ABAARM has personally performed regenerative therapy treatments for orthopedic procedures, hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, their all-inclusive program is tailored to each patient and includes stem cell therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy via our intensive age management program, PRP facial regeneration, PRP hair regeneration, PRP “O-shot” or “PRP P-shot” for male and female performance enhancement, IV nutrition and vitamin therapy with antioxidant glutathione, customized year-long vitamin and nutrient supplementation, telomere testing to determine biologic age and monitor aging process, genetic testing, food allergy analysis and an environmental toxin assessment. The Aspen Institute for Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine maintains a positive reputation for their commitment to shifting the focus from disease-driven medicine to optimal restorative solutions, treating patients personally and recommending safe programs according to their specific ailments. They strive to offer each patient an experience they expect and deserve from a health professional as their main objective is to help patients live better and longer.

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Dr. Julio Garcia, MD, introduces Cerebrolysin therapy solution at the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada

Using peptides to assist the natural physiologic infrastructure of a patient gives us new options to help our patients.”

— Dr. Julio Garcia

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2018 / — The Regenerative Medical Institute of Nevada is offering Cerebrolysin along with their regenerative treatment solutions. Cerebrolysin is an in-demand mixture of peptides that can be used to treat stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia. As a peptide, Cerebrolysin is an amino acid sequence that can signal cells to regulate and rejuvenate functions of the human body linked to neurological conditions. Dr. Julio Garcia has been studying and utilizing Cerebrolysin for its regenerative traits as a peptide solution with the composition suited for protecting the central nervous system.

Cerebrolysin is made up of several neurotrophic factors that are linked together as a compound to direct cells towards the brain. It is composed of biologically active peptides and free amino acids that carry a protective effect for the nervous system. Because Cerebrolysin is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, these peptides can reach neurons directly. The neuroprotective properties of this nootropic agent assist the brain in shielding neurons from lactocidosis and prevent free radicals that negatively impact the brain from forming. Cerebrolysin is proven to have neurotrophic behavior similar to nerve growth factors that can cause peripheral and central neuronal stimulation and improve brain activity as it works towards fighting off neurodegenerative conditions. It also enhances efficiency within the brain’s aerobic metabolic processes and improves intracellular peptide synthesis as they work to keep the brain protected from deterioration.

With a wide variety of benefits for neurological conditions, Cerebrolysin grants patients a valuable solution for regenerative therapy. As a member of the International Peptide Society, Dr. Garcia is enthusiastic about the results Cerebrolysin has brought to his patients. “Using peptides to assist the natural physiologic infrastructure of a patient gives us new options to help our patients,” Dr. Garcia states with regards to how peptide therapy has helped to pave the way towards incorporating Cerebrolysin into regenerative treatment. The effects that Cerebrolysin has had to promote neuronal growth and reduce apoptosis has provided positive results to the reaction that the peptide solution has with the central nervous system. Reach out to the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada to learn more about Cerebrolysin, how it functions and how it can help you.

About Julio Garcia, MD

Julio Garcia, MD, founder of the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada (RMIN), is certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an alum from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a renowned provider of cosmetic and body surgery for patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, across the United States, and in international locations like Italy, Great Britain, and Israel. He is also board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Garcia has previously served on the Board of Trustees of the Clark County Medical Society, vice chief of staff at Humana Sunrise Hospital, and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Humana Sunrise and Valley Hospitals. His facility at RMIN provides support for athletic injuries, chronic and acute conditions, arthritis, and other ailments by utilizing regenerative therapy and peptide therapy.

About Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada

Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada aims to advance cell technology to improve the body’s ability to regenerate and offer options for patients dealing with diseases that may be aided by access to adult stem cell based regenerative treatment as well as amniotic cells. Patients who seek care at the Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada are assessed by Dr. Julio Garcia, a board-certified physician who has been performing regenerative therapy treatments since 2013. The Regenerative Medicine Institute of Nevada prides itself in the care they provide and participates in ongoing clinical research in order to contribute to the progression of regenerative medicine. Part of their ongoing research focuses on studying how diseases react to treatment and which methods of administration yield the best results. Their vision to enhance rejuvenating treatments and educate doctors worldwide about the growing field of regenerative medicine continues to be reinforced by both the expansion of new options for patients and providing resources to assist physicians in learning about how cells can be used with internal rejuvenation. They provide care for acute and chronic injuries as well as long-term disabling arthritis to improve function, assist in healing and decrease pain, elbow and hand problems (tennis elbow) treatments, as well as plantar fasciitis, and shoulder problems. Now with their new peptide therapy addition, RMIN is helping patients with immune system problems as well. Besides the utilization of adipose-derived stem cell, more accurately termed Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), RMIN uses Cytokine Growth Factor Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy as non-surgical options to assist in healing injuries that other treatments have been unable to resolve.

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