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For many people, having a cosmetic surgery procedure is a way to improve the way they feel about themselves, says Encino plastic surgeon Dr. Roya Dardashti.

ENCINO, CA, US, February 4, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — “I did my nose and my boobs together, when we launched the brand, because I had breast-fed and felt ashamed to show them to my husband,” model Huda Kattan told the Independent in Great Britain. “I was scared when I went to do it, but I’m really happy [with the results]. I know a lot of celebrities deny they’ve had work but I don’t understand why you would lie.”

Dr. Dardashti having procedures like the model did make a huge difference in the way a person perceives themselves. Plastic surgery before and after pictures show a marked difference in the way that person appears before the camera.

"We're not talking about the physical changes that happen after the operation. It's the way a person stands, looks, and engage the camera for pictures. You can tell something changed and the person is much happier now," the Encino plastic surgeon said. "The physical changes are important, of course, But it is so much more than that."

Many people who have cosmetic surgery procedures are just not happy with the way nature made them, said Dr. Dardashti.

"That is Ok. You do not have to be happy. You can change the way you look. If diet and exercise don't give you the results you deserve, the plastic surgery can make the changes," she said.

The key to successful plastic surgery is knowing what the final results will be. Dr. Roya said a good clinic will have a lot of before and after pictures to help a patient understand what happens and how the final look appears.

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