Whole Health Kinetix: The New Paradigm of Health Management

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This Dallas, Texas based medical practice provides a new paradigm where the patients needs, time and desired results come first.

The New Paradigm of Health Management puts you first.”

— Whole Health Kinetix

DALLAS, TX, US, February 4, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whole Health Kinetix is operating at its new state of the art facility in Dallas, Texas. The new address is 14841 North Dallas Parkway, Ste 450 Dallas, TX 75254. The focus of this wellness clinic is to provide comprehensive assessments of their patients unlike any other practice in the Dallas, Texas area by changing the paradigm of the way that the health management is conducted.

What is the New Paradigm of Health Management look like?

The new paradigm of health management consists of three critical areas.

• First, Whole Health Kinetix gets to know patients through a comprehensive assessment. This is done through seeing how patient’s bodies are functioning overall. During this process Dr. David A. Slater, Dr. Daniel R. Canchola and Kimberly Johnson-Hamilton, APRN get to know their patients about 97% in order to effectively identify the key areas of how to increase the overall health of the patients. Whole Health Kinetix looks at DNA markers, blood lab, body composition analysis, a Functional Physical Evaluation, EKG, VO2 Max Output, Allergy, pulmonary function and much more.

• Second, the Whole Health Kinetix staff customizes a treatment plan to address your needs is a way that produces results. It does not matter if you are a sports athlete that needs to recover quicker or a person who is in need a losing weight, the custom plan is designed to me the individual patients needs 100% of the time.

• Third, patient convenience is very important to individuals, families and employers. This puts the patient in charge of controlling their healthcare dollars. The ability to STOP waiting in a doctor’s office when you are sick and have to drive across town is not necessary with Whole Health Kinetix. After the comprehensive assessment of each patient the doctors known you so well that all you have to do is call the office to setup a telemedicine vistit. This provides you faster and easier relief by physicians who understand and know their patients well. That means our patients do not have to wait for personalized care.

Whole Health Kinetix takes a whole health approach to recovery from pain, hormonal therapy, stem cell, laser, allergen immunity and much more. Instead of spending hours heading to a doctors when you are sick, our patients can call in via Telehealth and our doctor’s in-depth understand of you can get most needs addressed. Now is the time for you to contact Whole Health Kinetix to learn how the new paradigm of health management can take your health to the next level. Click HERE to view more information about Whole Health Kinetix services in the Dallas, Texas and surrounding area.

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