Themed Party in Toronto, ON Encourages Attendees to Arrive in a Bed Sheet

The O Zone nightclub in Toronto is hosting anther of it’s infamous themed parties, and this time guests are encouraged to dress in an appropriate theme: Toga!

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 8, 2019 / — Remember the Toga parties from your youth? Is “Toga” still used as a party theme? You bet! The O Zone, a Toronto nightclub for adventurous couples, is getting ready for it’s annual Toga Party on Saturday April 13th.
The O Zone’s Greco-Roman-themed decor throughout their spacious 10,000 sq foot nightclub with marble statuary and Roman pillars is the perfect backdrop for their Toga Party. It draws hundreds of attendees from all over Ontario and the Northern States for a weekend of fun, frivolity and a little debaucherous partying. Many guests arrive from out of town and stay at a nearby hotel for an easy cab or Uber commute to the club, which is located near Pearson Airport on the West end of the city.

The O Zone is an upscale nightclub that caters to open minded couples looking for something a little different. It’s themed events every Friday and Saturday night attract guests who enjoy dressing up in ways that aren’t socially acceptable at other local hot spots. Dressing in costume isn’t a requirement at The O Zone, although many guests look forward to doing so. Otherwise, the dress code is ‘dress to impress’. The club does not allow basic street clothes, such as blue jeans, baseball hats and running shoes. “The dress code is there for everyone’s comfort, and to help to maintain our upscale atmosphere.” the owners say. “There are plenty of other businesses that cater to those who are looking for a relaxing evening out. We want our guests to feel important and special, and when we all dress to impress, it helps to maintain this atmosphere.”

Attendees at The O Zone enjoy an upscale nightclub atmosphere with a sexy flair, allowing couples to dress in whatever makes them feel sexy and ready to party. Often that means dressing in costume to match the themed events. Toga Party is no different!

Where will you find a toga costume, you might ask. The easiest way is to use a flat bed sheet and wrap it around the body, tucking the ends in to keep it in place. Add a gold belt and a circlet of laurel leaves as a crown, dig out last summers sandals, and you’re ready to go. Alternately, costume shops may have a more detailed costume idea for you, and as it’s their quiet season, you may find a deal.

The admission to this Saturday evening includes admission on Friday night as well, so make it a fun weekend away from the stresses of life, head to Toronto for the weekend and get both nights for the price of one! See The O Zone’s official website, for details, pricing and other pertinent information about the club, and the Toga Party on April 13. Check out the other themed events to entice you and yours to dance the night away, to reconnect and to meet other exciting new friends.

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Source: EIN Presswire