Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast Features Parenting Expert Dr. Ross Greene

Parenting takes center stage on Curlee Girlee’s Crackin’ the Kid Code Podcast

Dr Ross Greene, child psychologist, stars on Curlee Girlee’s Crackin’ the Kid Code Podcast

Podcast host Atara Twersky’s first book “Curlee Girlee”

Parenting expert Dr. Ross Greene visits new podcast Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code and shares his wisdom on raising challenging children.

We needed the kids to be involved in solving the problems," says Dr. Greene. "So collaborative approaches are proactive, not reactive or punitive.”

— Dr. Ross Greene

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 2, 2019 / — Dr. Ross Greene, a former Harvard Professor and clinical child psychologist who developed an intervention model called Collaborative and Proactive Solutions visits the new Curlee Girlee Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast to share his insight on collaborative parenting. Greene outlines how how to reduce stress and bring harmony to your home. "Every parent can learn from Dr. Ross Greene," says Atara Twersky, founder of the curly girl movement and and host of the Curlee Girlee Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast. "I believe in his collaborative approach to parenting. As a mom of three myself, I've had experience with challenging behavior. We are all doing our best to navigate parenthood in a thoughtful and intentional way. Dr. Green’s approach really does work."

The episode is full of wisdom delivered in an informative and honest manner. "We enjoy interviewing our guests," explains Grace Cross, co-host, writer and owner of a global online magazine. "We know we don't know everything about parenting and we are always learning. We bring in amazing experts like Dr. Greene to give us stealth tools we can use in our everyday life."

In this episode, Dr. Greene shares his poignant and at times powerful insight into raising children today. As someone who has built systems to help parents of behaviorally challenged youngsters, Dr. Greene might surprise you with his approach. Enjoy the content of the podcast episode as you learn more about how to parent any child, difficult or otherwise, as all children have difficult moments. Dr. Greene explains how he came up with the methods he now teaches. "We needed the kids to be involved in solving the problems," says Dr. Greene. "If we can get people out of the heat of the moment, we can probably be in better shape. So collaborative is not reactive or punitive."

About Dr. Ross Greene

Ross W. Greene is a Professor at Virginia Tech as well as a clinical child psychologist and author of the books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings. Greene developed the model of intervention called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). He has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

About Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code Podcast

Curlee Girlee's Crackin' the Kid Code brings the Curlee Girlee movement and the Babyspot together to help parents navigate the road to empowerment for both themselves and their kids! To help us navigate this often rocky road, hosts Atara Twersky and Grace Cross, will interview celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs, and fellow mom influencers. Between the two of them, Atara and Grace are raising two curly girls, one wavy haired girl, one baby, and a boy! Challenges abound everyday but life would never be the same without them; so let's do this and together let's get working on crackin' the kid code.

About Atara Twersky

Atara Twersky is an attorney and mother of three. Atara is the founder of the Curly Girl movement and owner of Curlee Girlee was inspired by Atara's youngest daughter, and written to inspire her and all girls to love what makes them different and value their unique beauty.

About Grace Cross

Grace Cross is an Author, a writer and owner of The Baby Spot (, a global online magazine celebrating the similarities and embracing the differences of parenting practices worldwide.

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