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Movie Poster Give Me Liberty

Lauren ‘Lolo’ Spencer

Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards 2019

Actress, Lauren "Lolo" Spencer and Oscar

It matters not whether or not we are disabled or not, what connects us all is our humanity”

— Gail Gibson, President, MIMPA

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: GPR – (323) 799-6266
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Why Actress, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer Deserves an Oscar Nomination?

The Multicultural International Motion Picture Association asks the hard questions to The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences regarding Actress, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer in her breakout role as the first African-American disabled lead female in “Give Me Liberty”, a wild ride, according to several film critics. Not since “Rocky” has a film received so many wonderful reviews. Will Oscar ignore this performance and other small budgeted independent films because, “Oscar’s So Rich”? Is there a place in Hollywood for disabled actors?

If we focus on the fact that this is Actress, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer’s first feature role, there is one thing that cannot be ignored, she delivers on all fronts in “Give Me Liberty”, and captivates the viewer with her abilities with such honesty in her role as Tracy the film’s leading female role, stated MIMPA President, Gail Gibson. Lolo, as she is fondly referred to, plays opposite Actor, Chris Galust, and other cast members who are virtually unknown.

Lauren braved the cold of Milwaukee, Wisconsin against all odds to make it clear that disabled artist exist and have a place in Hollywood. Stricken with ALS at the age of 14, Lauren Spencer has turned her disability into advocacy for the disabled, as she demonstrates on a daily basis her life with this disease, and although wheel-chair bound, watching her YouTube Channel “SittingPrettyLolo” or her Instagram “it’sLoloLove” have both garnered her a following, making her a champion and inspiration in the eyes of thousands of followers, proving that whether we are disabled or not, the one thing that connects us all, is that we are human.

Nominated for her role in “Give Me Liberty” in the Best-Supporting Actress category at the upcoming Film Independent Spirit Awards, where the movie has also garnered nods in three additional categories, Best Actor, Best Editor, and the Cassavetes Award, and she is slated to receive the Trailblazer Award at MIMPA’s 11th Annual Lady in Red Diamond Rose Awards Gala for her advocacy and her role in Give Me Liberty, February 21, 2020 in Beverly Hills.

Described by Manohla Dargis of the New York Times as hilarious, poignant, completely delightfully unpredictable”, it follows medical transport driver Vic, who agrees to deliver his Russian grandfather and émigré friends to a funeral, disrupting scheduled clients, particularly Tracy, a young black woman with ALS, played by Lauren “Lolo” Spencer. Vic’s day goes from hectic to off-the-rails as their collective ride becomes a hilarious, compassionate, intersectional portrait of America, that “celebrates the connective tissue of humanity” and “reaffirms the resilience of the American Dream”.

The ultra-low budget underdog of a film was made with non-professional local cast and shot entirely on location in Milwaukee, America’s most segregated city. “Give Me Liberty” premiered at and opened the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, also the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where it was received with an over 10-minute ovation. The film has been released in a number of countries, including France, where it has been playing to great critical and audience acclaim on 100 screens for five straight weeks.

Manohla Dargis describes, “Give Me Liberty” as “A JOLT OF A MOVIE, AN ANARCHIC DEADPAN COMEDY THAT EVOLVES INTO A ROMANCE JUST AROUND THE TIME THE STORY EXPLODES…. IT’S IRRESISTABLE”, while Variety calls it, “A BOISTEROUS, FREEWHEELING JOYRIDE”. RogerEbert.com hails it as, “ELECTRIC, A FRESH ALL-AMERICAN CROWD-PLEASER” and The Hollywood Reporter praised it as “EXHILARATING! ONE OF THE BEST OF SUNDANCE…. REAFFIRMS THE RESILIANCE OF THE AMERICAN DREAM”. –these are just a few of the worldwide reviews garnered by this incredible cast thus far, which makes it a “MUST SEE”.

The film features and includes a cast with some disabled individuals and stars, one of them being “Lauren “Lolo” Spencer”. RogerEbert.com put “Lauren “Lolo” Spencer on the list of ten best performances at Sundance, calling it “ONE OF THE MOST MEMORABLE…A SCENE STEALING STRAIGHT WOMAN AGAINST THE CHAOS OF THE OTHER RIDERS ON THE VAN”
For more information or interviews please contact Gail Gibson, Gibson Public Relations at (323) 799-6266 or visit www.mimpa.org, Email: gail@gibsonpublicrelations.com For Multicultural International Motion Picture Association visit www.mimpa.org

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Top OC Trainers Alex Reuss and Reanol Hackworth Join Nuzuna Fitness

Nuzuna Fitness logo

Nuzuna Fitness

CEO Laverty Says People Drive Profitability

Nuzuna’s EMS technology is a game changer for the fitness industry. But great companies are built by people and built by teams. And Alex and Reanol show that the Nuzuna formula for success ”

— Charles Laverty, Nuzuna chief executive officer

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nuzuna Corporation is excited to announce the addition of two of Orange County’s most decorated trainers. Alex Reuss and Reanol Hackworth are outstanding trainers with expansive backgrounds and large client rosters. Nuzuna has already felt the impact of having these two on board as it means big things for the growth of our personal training and wellness business.

“Nuzuna’s EMS technology is a game changer for the fitness industry.” Says Nuzuna CEO Charles Laverty. “But great companies are built by people and built by teams. And Alex and Reanol show that the Nuzuna formula for success means bringing together the best trainers, the best managers and the best executives in fitness to leverage our amazing technology.”

Reanol Hackworth began his career in the fitness industry while serving four years in the United States Marine Corps. During his enlistment Reanol understood the importance of staying physically fit and focused on that with his team of 28 Marines. Reanol was the ambassador of his team’s physical fitness and made it his priority to continuously find or create new ways to challenge them and keep them motivated.

These skills later translated to the civilian life when he began his career as a personal trainer. After achieving multiple, nationally accredited certifications, he described his approach to training as “a heavy dose of scalable, functional training and fundamentals. I incorporate movements from the activities of daily life that are unique to each and every individual.”

Reanol aims to be adaptable with his programming to help find the types of exercise and lifestyle changes that are exciting, manageable, and that will shape a path to achieving the client’s goals. Most importantly, Reanol strives to provide clients with a positive and satisfying experience that inspires confidence in his ability to fulfill their health and performance goals.

Reanol started his professional training career with a large, corporate gym. He quickly climbed the ranks to ‘master trainer’ within 6 months of being hired. In less than a year, Reanol had completed over 1,500 training sessions and was responsible for a team of trainers.

Soon thereafter, Reanol started his own personal training business, and he soon became a leader in the industry. He has helped clients become free of Type 2 Diabetes, he has helped clients rehabilitate from knee replacement, and trained prenatal and postnatal women. Reanol has completed over 17,000 training sessions, changing the lives of over 700 clients.

Reanol will play a major role in Nuzuna’s military outreach and already has already begun programming with the Wounded Warriors Association to help wounded vets take their life and their health back.

Alex Reuss was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania before moving to Germany at the age of seven. After graduating High School in 2006, he moved to The United States with the goal of completing his B.A. in Kinesiology. Alex not only earned the degree but did so while playing collegiate-level soccer.

Soon after graduating, Alex was excited to put his wisdom into practice as a Fitness Director at a local fitness facility before stepping into his calling as a personal trainer in 2011. Here, among active people, with high aspirations, Alex could shine. As a motivator and a personal coach to over 500 clients, Alex began growing his legacy.

Alex has worked at several gyms as a trainer and fitness manager and built multiple teams of personal trainers, who have, in turn, shaped thousands of lives. He has completed over 12,000 training sessions and continued his education in the fitness field. Among his nationally accredited certifications are NASM, ACE, NESTA and Titleist Performance Institute.

Alex has successfully trained a versatile and varying range of clientele spanning all ages and fitness levels. He specializes in rehabilitation, weight loss and strength and sports performance. Besides his passion for improving his clientele’s physical and mental health, Alex is a compassionate husband, father, golfer, traveler, and he loves to cook.

“I’m excited to incorporate my professional experience with the innovative approach of Nuzuna, and therefore serve my current and future clientele with the treatment they deserve.” Says Alex.

Nuzuna Corp shares this excitement and has big plans for the addition of Alex and Reanol to the Nuzuna family. You can schedule appointments, check availability of Alex and Reanol and book appointments by coming into their new home wellness center at 3918 Campus Drive in Newport Beach (previously Premiere Fitness) or contact Nuzuna directly at 949-432-4824.

Gwen Nguyen
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Nuzuna Fitness featured on KTLA 5

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발리 최고의 레스토랑으로 선정된 베자냐 레스토랑

Bejana 야외 좌석에서 하늘에 아름다운 색조

Bejana의 전용 커플 테이블

인도네시아 전역에서 유명한 요리

요리 동굴에서 인테리어 설치

2019 최고의 발리 최고의 음식 상 20 개

Bejana는 장엄한 바다 전망으로 인도네시아의 풍부한 요리 유산의 맛과 전통을 수용하면서 독특하고 즐거운 식사 경험을 제공합니다.”

— Karim Tayach

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, December 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — 럭셔리한 해변 앞의 리조트 리츠칼튼 발리는 또 다른 명성 높은 상을 수상하였습니다. 대표적인 인도네시안 레스토랑 베자냐는 지난 5일 FoodieS가 선정한 Upmarket Venue 부문에서 Top 20 Bali’s Best Eats Awards 2019로 뽑혔습니다

리츠칼튼 발리의 총지배인 Karim Tayach는 “우리는 이런 상으로 인정받게 되어서 무척 감격스럽니다.” 라 하였고, “베자냐는 유니크하고 매우 즐거운 식사를 투숙객에게 제공합니다. 인도네시아의 풍부한 요리 전통과 맛을 아우를 수 있도록, 우리의 요리사들은 고급 재료를 사용해서 전형적인 요리를 파인 다이닝 수준으로 끌어올립니다. 놀라운 바다 풍경 역시 식사의 품격을 한 단계 향상시켜줍니다.” 라고 덧붙였습니다.

올해의 ‘Top 40 Best Restaurants in Bali’ 로 선정된 수상자들은 인도네시아 최고의 음식과 음료 영문 발행지인FoodieS Magazine의 두번째 연례 시상식에서 발표되었습니다. 이 행사는 발리의 놀라운 음식 산업을 축하하는 이벤트로 지난 몇 년간 발리 섬이 요리로 부상한 것을 기념합니다. “이 상의 목적은 사람들에게 로컬 레스토랑의 다양함을 보여주고 쉐프와 레스토랑의 한계를 밀어붙여 요리의 창의성과 우수성을 이끌어내기 위함입니다.” 라고 FoodieS Magazine 의 발행인 Jed Doble가 말하였습니다.
우붓 푸드 페스티벌의 창립자인 Janet De Neefe, 셀러브리티 쉐프 Yuda Bustar 그리고 Rinrin Marinka 등 요리 전문가들로 구성된 심사위원은 요리, 서비스, 음료 메뉴 그리고 인테리어 디자인 등 다양한 기준으로 레스토랑을 평가했습니다.

5성급의 실력과 차분한 분위기의 베자냐는 누사두아의 절벽에 있어 식사와 함께 인도양의 눈부신 전경을 감상할 수 있습니다. 전통적이고 현대적인 발리니스 디자인 요소를 혼합한 이 레스토랑은 세 가지의 독특한 구역으로 나뉘어져 있습니다. 아늑한 라운지와 야외 캐쥬얼 좌석이 함께한 넓은 야외 나무 데크, 스타일리쉬한 다이닝 룸 그리고 영감적인 요리 클래스가 열리는 분위기 있는 Culinary Cave입니다. 높은 호평을 받은 이 레스토랑은 올해 7월 World Luxury Restaurant Awards에서 Luxury Family Restaurant (대륙별 수상) 부문 과 Luxury Scenic Setting (지역별 수상) 부문에서 모두 수상하였습니다.

자세한 사항은 rc.dpssw.restaurant.reservation@ritzcarlton.com 혹은 +(62) 361 849 8988로 연락 바랍니다.


리츠칼튼 발리에 대하여
아름다운 해변과 절벽 위에 위치하고 있는 리츠칼튼 발리는 우아한 열대지방의 분위기를 느낄 수 있는 럭셔리 리조트입니다. 인도양의 에메랄드 푸른 빛 바다의 조용한 전망을 자랑하는 리츠칼튼 발리는 279개의 스위트 룸과 34개의 넓은 빌라로 구성되어 있어, 현대적인 발리의 고급스러움을 느끼실 수 있습니다. 해변을 바라보는 리츠칼튼 클럽, 6개의 세련된 식사 장소, 이국적인 해양 스타일의 스파, 그리고 모든 연령의 어린이들이 즐길 수 있는 다양한 활동들을 제공하는 리츠 키즈 클럽이 있습니다. 아름다운 해변가에 위치한 웨딩 채플은 완벽한 결혼식을 위해 자연 친화적인 환경을 조성하며, 다양한 야외 행사 장소와 화려한 이벤트공간은 발리에서의 축하행사와 결혼 피로연 등을 위한 완벽한 장소입니다. 잘 정돈 된 회의장, 럭셔리한 미팅 공간, 맞춤형 패키지 및 숙련된 이벤트 주최자들이 발리에서 MICE 관광 행사를 기획 하시는 분들께 매력적으로 다가갈 것입니다. 비즈니스, 휴양, 로맨스와 같이 어떠한 여행에도 리츠칼튼 발리는 인생에서 항상 기억에 남을수 있는 소중한 순간들을 만들어 드립니다. 페이스북(Facebook), 인스타그램 (Instagram), 트위터 (Twitter), 유튜브(Youtube), 링크드인(LinkedIn) 에서 저희를 팔로우해 보세요.

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Bejana-The Ritz-Carlton, Bali의 인도네시아 레스토랑

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Dr. Srini Pillay, Best-Selling Author, Examines How You Can Find Peace of Mind in the New Year for "Psychology Today"

Srini Pillay, M.D

New research points to the "Easy Button" in your brain.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In 2005, Staples introduced the "Easy Button" as part of a marketing campaign to promote the idea that shopping at the store was easy. This button symbolized the fantasy that life could be easy in certain contexts. Metaphorically, wouldn't it be fantastic if there was an "easy button" in the brain? And imagine if this could be your state of mind as you entered 2020. Although there is no literal "easy button" in your brain, recent research suggests that there are ways to make experiencing the world much easier.

The big picture—recognizing the easy button: One of the ways to access this "easy button" is to switch out of your brain's default state. On a day-to-day basis, you experience the world through your five senses. This becomes your reality and you experience pleasure or pain as a result of this.

However, this sensory state confines you to a reality that is always a tug of war. It is heavily dependent on what life offers you. If you have an interesting conversation or enjoy a good laugh with friends, you'll have a good day. And if you are bored, or if you experience a loss, you'll have a bad day. But what if pleasure and pain were not your masters? What if there was something more appealing than pleasure itself?

Clues to this alternate state of mind are described in the Buddhist traditions as "tranquility" and "wisdom." You needn't be Buddhist to reflect on these principles as their implications are quite universal. Contemplating the correlates of this state of mind will help you reach it. You have to turn your eye inward for self-examination.

The fog that obstructs the path to the easy button: To start, there are five mental hindrances that disrupt your peace of mind. Each is a challenge on its own because your brain is wired to default to these states. However, paying attention to each attribute could help you reset your mind to the "easy button" mode.

The five hindrances to identify and contemplate: sense-desire; ill will; sloth and torpor; restlessness and worry; and doubt. They are challenges to all of us. Yet, if we instituted controls over each of these dimensions, it would help us to stabilize our minds to feel calmer and wiser.

Sense-desire: On the surface, it seems like too big of a challenge to eliminate sense desires. A delicious meal, relaxing massage or satisfying sexual encounter could brighten up anyone's day. Yet, the absence of these elements, as well as the resultant craving that arises, can also be a form of bondage and torture. That's why you don't want to be beholden to sense-desires for your happiness.

To start your journey toward a peace of mind that is better than sense-desire, you have to first accept that such a state of mind is possible. Then, you have to be willing to withdraw your senses from the world from time to time to experience your consciousness before it becomes intentional.

Many traditions prescribe focusing on the breath, as the practice of mindful breathing connects you with what is outside of you. In that sense, you cannot desire anything because you are not separate from anything outside of you. There's nothing "else" to desire when you are in a state of oneness with the universe. We know from research on LSD that your brain is, in fact, capable of experiencing this state.

Exercise: To begin this journey of oneness to dissolve desire, notice how your breathing in and out connects you with the world. In a quite literal way, you are in a constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with the world. Simply spend five minutes a day paying attention to your breath while contemplating this truth.

Ill will: Ill will is often provoked by mental states such as fear and fatigue. Anything that makes it more difficult to control your emotions will leave you susceptible to this negative feeling state. Often, ill will is experienced when your brain automatically reflects the ill will of another. And sometimes we feel like we have to defend ourselves out of pure self-interest. However, recent research indicates that self-interest may not be entirely in the interest of the self. When you feel ill will, you are also hurting yourself.

Exercise: Identify one situation in life where you are feeling some ill will. Perhaps you are getting less than you want from a relationship, or somebody is overtly depriving you of something you deserve.

Now, think of one selfless thing to do and do it. When you do this, simply do this as an act. Avoid thinking of it as a virtue. This act is not about moral superiority. It is simply about restoring a balance of feeling good to your brain. Feeling authentically generous will change your brain to make you feel happier.

Sloth or torpor: Sloth refers to laziness or the reluctance to make an effort. Topor refers to lethargy. When you are exhausted, both of these states will seem like a natural default. And mental fatigue will make it very difficult to control your mood, thereby making your mind wander aimlessly, and increasing your distress.

When you are feeling lazy, examine what might be demotivating you. Is your physical fitness optimal? Does life feel too risky? Are you being avoidant? Or are you simply delaying gratification?

Exercise: Add regular exercise to your weekly schedule. Start monitoring the number of steps in your day so that you aim for more than 10,000 steps a day. Adding a physical component to this approach will help you feel a greater sense of vitality.

Restlessness and worry: For many of us, it's "natural" to worry, but we only think this because worry is a default state in which our attention is automatically directed to threats. This could be protective and helpful, but when overdone, all we see are threats and the world becomes a frightening place. Rather than "oneness", everything appears to be separate. Making a proactive decision to decrease worry can give you much peace of mind.

If you need money to pay your bills, have an illness, or feel like you will never meet the right "someone", it may make sense to worry. Yet, in many instances, worry, rather than leading you to possible solutions, will keep you stuck in an endless loop of mental torture.

To worry less, it helps to practice some of the principles of acceptance commitment therapy. This is a therapy in which people learn to be more willing to experience uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and sensations rather than trying to control, eliminate or avoid them (Acceptance); and they feel better when they engage in meaningful activities that are consistent with longer-term goals and values (Commitment).

Exercise: Spend five minutes a day observing your thoughts rather than controlling or judging them. Then, make a decision to engage in some activity that strongly represents your values. For instance, if you value music but have to spend time developing your startup, set aside time to listen to music you love.

Doubt: When doubt helps you to make decisions it can be helpful. However, when it is excessive, it can erode your peace of mind. Like worry, it makes people more paranoid, and they become less inclined to see the world as one. This contrasts with how one might see the world on LSD or during meditation.

Doubt is a form of self-consciousness that can become excessive. Paradoxically, it often represents a disconnection from yourself and the world. The world is in fact uncertain. Our lives are uncertain. The future is uncertain. Doubt assumes that all of these things are certain when they are not. It is a supreme form of ego-ism in which we mourn the loss of control where there is truly none.

One way to address self-doubt, as philosopher and psychologist William James suggested in 1890, is to switch from seeing yourself as "me" to seeing yourself as "I." Rather than seeing your "self" as an "object", you experience yourself as the "subject." Drug-induced ego dissolution, focused attention, loving-kindness meditation, mantra-recitation, meta-awareness, mindfulness meditation, non-dual awareness, and certain religious practices with religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism all offer an opportunity to experience yourself as part of the world.

Exercise: When you observe yourself, ask yourself, "Who is the observer?" Also ask: "If the observer were observed, what would I know about the observer?" "Can the observer be objective if the observer is part of the observed?" "If the observer cannot observe himself or herself, then is it possible that the observer cannot see that he/she/it is part of a greater whole that extends beyond our bodies?" "When we see ourselves as separate from others, is it only because we have become the observers?" While somewhat riddling, these questions, when more deeply contemplated, will lead to sensations of being that are peaceful and connected.

Summary: The "easy button" in the brain can be more easily accessed when we break through the mental fog of sense-desire, ill will, laziness, worry, and doubt. Understanding how your incoming and outgoing breath connects you with the world outside of you, being generous, engaging in physical exercise, living according to your values, and including the observer in your total self-understanding will all help to clear the fog so that the "easy button" is within reach.

It's not an overnight process, but might it not be worthwhile to remove the fog, as an experiment, to see if 2020 can be a more peaceful year for your mind?




Srini Pillay M.D. is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, brain researcher, certified master executive coach, technology entrepreneur and musician. He is regarded as a pioneer in the field of transformational neurocoaching and has been extensively featured in the media including CNN, Fox, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Forbes and Fortune. He is an award-winning author of multiple books and an in-demand keynote speaker. His most recent book is “Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind”.

Pillay is the founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, voted one of the Top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world by Training Industry. He has worked with leaders internationally in many Fortune 500 companies, and is currently an invited member of The Consortium for Advanced Adult Learning and Development (CAALD) at McKinsey &Co. and The Transformational Leadership Council (TLC). Recently, Pillay created a series of videos on “Managing Depression in the Workplace” for LinkedIn Learning.

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
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Future of Healthcare: Progressing Immersive Environment emphasizing Illness Prevention and Lifestyle Modification

Munfarid VRXOne Pediatric Pain Distraction

Munfarid VRXOne Pediatric Pain Distraction



Healium VR

Healium VR


Healium VR

Virtual and Augmented Reality-powered Healium stories heal user’s feelings and imbibe positivity and calmness in them

Immersive technologies are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by infusing innovation in the diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures.”

— Dr. Sana Farid – Pioneer X-Reality & Ai Strategist

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, December 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — "Quality of Life Restored with Immersive Technology that can minimize burn pain and treat the phantom limb post-amputation."

In its very basic form, healthcare can be defined as a sick-care system where sick people or who are acutely ill come to get treated by medically trained professionals. Despite tremendous technological progress and medical innovations healthcare sector hasn’t seen many changes lately. Nevertheless, in the current scenario, immersive technologies are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by infusing innovation in the diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures. Some of the most useful inventions of immersive technologies in healthcare are:
1. 3D Visualization of human organs on a 100% scale powered by XR has improved the quality of medical care.
2. Surgical training using VR is helping medical students understand the concepts of surgical techniques in a better way in a risk-free environment.
3. Use of VR for early detection and prevention of mental health conditions such as psychosis.
This trend of technological inventions will transform the sick-care system into a lifestyle modification system by implementing predictive and preventive techniques so that diseases and ailments can be prevented before they turn into a chronic illness.


"Predictions show that the XR healthcare market will touch $5.1 billion worldwide by 2025"

Immersive Technologies have broadened the horizon of the healthcare industry, transforming its treatment-centric approach into a prevention-centric approach.
For example, we can consider “Life,” a VR based example that empowers learners to train in realistic emergency scenarios to address one serious problem – High Neonatal Mortality Rate. In this regard, Naomi Muinga, a Ph.D. student at the KWTRP, expresses: “The nurses who tried out the system really appreciated how realistic the experience was. They could enter a 3D virtual hospital and practice resuscitating a newborn baby who was not breathing and carry out the steps needed to save her life.”


"Virtual and Augmented Reality-powered Healium stories heal user’s feelings and imbibe positivity and calmness in them"

In today’s competitive world stress has become very common which leads to health-related issues such as headaches, chest pain, cardiovascular diseases, depression and several other mental and physical illnesses. To relieve these increasing stress levels, StoryUP Studios developed the world’s first virtual and augmented reality platform, HealiumXR, powered by brainwaves and heart-rate. It is a biometrically controlled device providing a drugless solution for stress management. Healium stories drive humans to an immersive world where their feelings of positivity and calmness are evoked and they feel stress-free as they see themselves healing the virtual world with their positive attitude. Mary Jane Schaftel, a cancer survivor quotes, “Using Healium during my unique journey with breast cancer helped me embrace the positive things in my life; and it reinforced all the quiet joys and personal healing going on inside me.” In a broad sense, it can be said that immersive technologies have the pain-relieving power that could help people heal and live a healthy life.


"VR to be effective in building balance skills in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease."

Traditional Healthcare systems focus on curing ailments; however, the immersive healthcare environment is keen on lifestyle modification. In the same light, the Co-founder & CEO of Munfarid and the ARVR & Ai Strategist, Dr. Sana Farid quotes, “There is a lot to be said about the way Virtual Reality has revolutionized the Special Needs Education by providing a customized approach and a unique set of learning and growth opportunities for students with disabilities, which was not possible before.” The quote clearly expresses that immersive technology has given new abilities to disabled students. Although immersive technology cannot treat disabilities completely; however, it can definitely heal the pain and suffering that people are undergoing. With this healing process, people will feel more happy and motivated, which will eventually enhance their quality of life. These examples of successful immersive technologies make people more hopeful about the future of immersive innovations that could empower human health.


Immersive technologies in healthcare are the need of the hour. To heal the pains and to promote predictive and preventive healthcare systems, innovations in the domain of immersive learning are vital. To drive such innovations, communities like the VRAR Association is working incessantly. In the context of the VRARA contribution towards immersive innovations, Dr. Sana Farid quotes: “The VRARA brings the global Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality communities closer together enabling a robust and fruitful interaction between like-minded entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts and a chance to learn and acquire knowledge from each other.” These global initiatives taken in the field of technology are paving the way for predictive and preventive healthcare solutions.

The future of healthcare is technology-oriented. In the years to come people will rely more on VR-based illness preventive solutions than on illness-cure medications. This transformation is driven by immersive technologies that are bound to change the way people perceive the healthcare system. With wearable technologies and VR/AR-based solutions, people will predict and then prevent illness instead of curing one after facing severe consequences.

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How to use Healium with Mirage Solo Goggles + Muse Headband

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Ladye to Partnership with F3 Club

Ladye to Partnership with F3 Club

Ladye to Partnership with F3 Club



F3 Club

A reputed fashion jewelry brand, Ladye will announce the collaboration with the F3 club on 25th December 2019.

USA, December 26, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — There could be no better Christmas surprise especially for girls and women this year. A reputed fashion jewelry brand, Ladye will announce the collaboration with the F3 club on 25th December 2019.

Being an F3 Club membership is always special because the F3 club membership excites you on every purchase. Ladye, one of the well-recognized fashion brands especially in the US and Europe had scheduled the collaboration with the F3 club on Christmas to make it grand and members will get a chance to shop with raining discounts and reward points.

About Ladye

Ladye is committed to providing personalized and customized Jewelry and beauty products for girls and women. We respect individuals and design products based on people’s personality characteristics to better reveal their temperament and make them more confident and attractive. With Ladye’s 360-degree high polishing technology every product shines as metal shines from every angle.

Ladye believes every woman is beautiful, and the brand is committed to giving an extra persona of fascination and beauty.

What Ladye offers?

Ladye jewelry is designed and crafted with precision by the world-class technicians, each cut and curves are perfectly symbolized with the perfection of fine art and technology. Ladye offers jewelry that is categorized in earring, necklace, bracelet & ring. It also offers earring &necklace, necklace & bracelet set.
To make it more accurate the brand categorized the products as per your choice for i.e. for mother, girlfriend, or for birthday. Ladye is included in every of the few brands that assures the best quality with every purchase you buy.

How to ensure a good Jewelry Maintenance?

-Keep away from chemicals
-Avoid impact and hard object friction
-Do not wear it while sleeping
-Do not wear them when bathing or swimming
-Clean them with a Jewelry cleaning cloth and put them into the box when not wearing
-Better put together with Antioxidant paper

Grand Christmas Celebration with F3 Club

First of all the club members get a privilege to shop first and get only high-quality products, because of Vmartego INC. adapt a presence during the production process and ensures the highest quality of the products manufactured.
With every purchase get an additional 25% discount on Ladye products. You will be amazed to see the quality of the products at amazing prices.

To exercise more discounts on products all you need to be a member of the F3 club. All you need is to do the registration and select SVIP membership to unlock the offers and discounts.

Who is Vmartego INC?

Vmartego Inc., the head office was found in 2015 and is located in California, USA. The overall sales of the Vmartego group and its shareholding subsidiaries are over 1 billion USD in 2018. Vmartego is a large-scale industrial chain integrated group which mainly integrates industrial chain and asset management. Therefore, F3 Club has the ability and confidence to provide quality products and services to its members. Join F3 Club and you can share all the resources from Vmartego Inc.!

Let's focus on what all you can access with the membership

-Everyone would like to have a product without paying a cost, that’s why with SVIP membership you can get a chance to test the Ladye products for free
-The validity of the membership is one year
-You also get a chance to unlock each product at 25% flat discounts
-Get additional privilege benefits, and 40% off on your next membership renewal date before it expires
-Enjoy 50000 points as a reward on every purchase and further on you can use those points with the total amount of purchases you made. The appropriate amount will be deducted from your total amount and henceforth discount applied
-With SVIP membership the price protection on the product cover up to 30 days
-Unlock festive Christmas gifts worth $50
-Prime day offers-Scheduled twice a year, SVIP members are privileged to buy products at a 50% discount
-2 one-day tickets at any Universal Studios in the United States, these tickets are available only on weekdays and public holidays worth $258. Only for SVIP members only
-Privilege benefits in charity, 1000 reward points equals $1
-However, if you do not like the services, then the refunds will be calculated on a daily basis

The opportunity is limitless with F3 membership, enjoy exclusive VIP treatment and concessionary treatments from now onwards. With every purchase you unlock many reward points and discounts, if you calculate the total savings in a year, then the total saving amount will be a lot more than you expected.

Shopping with F3 membership is a ‘Fun Fortune & Freedom’ experience, and the membership ensures to get the best quality of the products on every purchase.

F3 club facilitates the great shopping and its well said ‘Surprisingly Good Quality at Surprising Prices’.
*The offer is only valid for US Members only.

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Relax, Rejuvenate & Feel Beautiful in Calgary

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Holiday Party Makeover Event December 2019

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Holiday Party Makeover Event December 2019

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Hairstyles

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Hairstyles

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Makeup

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Makeup

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Nail Art

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Nail Art

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Eyelashes

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Eyelashes

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio in Calgary is Excited to Announce Holiday Party, Makeover Event for Pretty Women on Dec 27, 30 and 31

Our vision is to provide you with signature nail services, eyelash extensions, relaxing body & feet massage, and sensational skin rejuvenation beauty treatments to help you look and feel your best.”

— Katie Popiel, Owner

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, December 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — For Immediate Release, K-Pop, a leading contemporary Korean wellness & beauty studio located in Calgary, is delighted to invite out the pretty women for a complete makeover during this festive season.

A Holiday Party Makeover Event will take place between 11 AM- 5 PM on Dec 27th, 30th, and 31st. Interested participants will be glad to know that there are going to be two different sessions of makeup lessons for only $40 or full makeup/hair services for only $120.

The Makeover event comes at the holiday time with incredible savings offering a discount of up to $30. In Calgary, K-Pop Beauty Studio provides a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments such as relaxing massage, eyelash extension, and gel nail design, and much more to make women look and feel stunning and healthy.

Fueled with the passion to provide friendly, high-quality, luxurious, and personalized services as well as top-of-the-line Korean cosmetics and beauty products for each one of their clients, their ultimate goal is to make their client feel happy, relaxed and look gorgeous.

Every woman is special, and she should take out time to pamper herself, and hence this event comes at a fantastic time, just in time for the Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations.

K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Inc. provides a wide variety of Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, or a simple but relaxing feet massage. Their trained therapeutic experts listen with their hands and hearts. They understand that in this world of hustle and bustle, how the right massage technique can help our clients to get relaxed muscles and a natural radiant face. Their one-hour essential full-body Swedish massage is often extended to an hour and a half for a delightful relaxation as per their clients’ demand.

Apart from relaxing massages, they are also known for their highly-rated professional eyelash extension studio in Calgary. Their well-trained lash artists give eyelashes the desired look and enhance the thickness, length, and curliness of natural eyelashes. They adore their clients and want to treat them right; hence they use natural fiber instead of traditional synthetic in eyelashes extension.

They also understand how desirable the Korean gel nail design among young ladies is! Hence, they offer nail design as plain inset images or as intricate as tartan designs on nails. So, women living in downtown Calgary and nearby areas such as Westmont, Hill Hurst, or Sunnyside can take advantage of this Korean nail care service at the beauty studio.

Apart from this, they have expertise in many other beauty and wellness services with a focus on Korean beauty products.

You can also take advantage of their new free rewards program, K- Club. As their client, you can join it and win a trip to a beach destination for two. Visit their beautiful studio to relax, rejuvenate, refresh, and feel beautiful. Acquire a classic or trendy elegant look.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Upcoming Event and book your appointment by calling at (403) 719-5767 or visit their website https://www.k-popsecret.com/.

Katie Popiel
K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Inc.
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K-Pop Secret Beauty Studio Calgary Holiday Party Makeover Event December 2019

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Transradial Access Market Size, Share, Growth, Future Trends, Major Players, Industry Demand and Forecast to 2027

Europe is the second largest geographic market and is expected to be the second most significant revenue contributor throughout the forecast period.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The region has witnessed several technological advancements in the field of healthcare by the incorporation of advanced transradial access in order to increase the efficiency of surgical procedures in the region. The growth is driven by factors such as the rising prevalence of cardiovascular disorders and other lifestyle related disorders along with the rising focus by market players in the European countries.

Get Sample PDF Copy at https://www.theinsightpartners.com/sample/TIPHE100000955/

The major players are BD, Terumo Corporation, Teleflex Incorporated, Medtronic, Smiths Medical, Ameco Medical, Edward Lifesciences Corporation, Merit Medical Systems, Boston Scientific Corporation, and Nipro Medical Corporation. The market has witnessed various organic as well as inorganic developments during recent years in the transradial access market. During December 2017, Becton, Dickinson & Company completed acquisition of C.R. Bard, Inc. The strong portfolio of Bard and recent innovative pipeline will grow the BD’s opportunities in rising clinical areas, and will enhance the non-US markets for combined company.

The global transradial access market is US$ 1,574.97 Mn in 2018 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% during the forecast period 2019 – 2027, to reach US$ 2,961.79 Mn by 2027.

Global Transradial Access Market, based on the product, was segmented as, catheter, guidewire, sheaths & sheath introducers, and accessories. In 2018, the catheter segment held a largest market share of 49.5% of the transradial access market, by product. This segment is also expected to dominate the market in 2027 owing to patients’ preference for catheters for surgeries. Moreover, increasing incidences of cardiac diseases, cancer, and rising number of interventional and angiography procedures are expected to fuel the demand of catheters. Furthermore, catheters minimize the complication rates and help in faster recovery leading to increased adoption in surgical procedures.

The market for transradial access is expected to grow, owing to factors such as rising inclination for interventional procedures using radial artery access, increasing prevalence of obesity & lifestyle diseases and growing use of radial access devices in pediatric patients. However, factors such as product recalls & failures and high costs of vascular access devices are likely to adversely impact the growth of the market in the forecast period.

Reasons to Access the Report:

– Learn about the driving factors, affecting the market growth.

– Imbibe the advancements and progress in the market during the forecast period.

– Understand where the market opportunities lies.

– Compare and evaluate various options affecting the market.

– Pick up on the leading market players within the market.

– Envision the restrictions and restrains that are likely to hamper the market.

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Thrombectomy Devices Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 5.9% till 2027 Along with Top Industry Players

The leading companies are Penumbra, Inc, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Koninklijke Philips N.V., Teleflex Incorporated,

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Argon Medical, Inari Medical, Medtronic, Stryker Corporation, Terumo Corporation among others. The market has observed various organic as well as inorganic developments during recent years in the market. For instance, in February 2019, Edwards Lifesciences Corporation announced that it has received CE Mark approval for PASCAL transcatheter valve repair system which is used for treatment of patients with mitral regurgitation.

Get Sample PDF Copy at https://www.theinsightpartners.com/sample/TIPHE100001313/

The market for thrombectomy devices is expected to grow, owing to factors such as elevating incidences of CVDs and neurological diseases, ongoing technological advancements, and favorable medical reimbursement scenario. Moreover, growing healthcare expenditure and increasing research and studies in field of thrombectomy are likely to have a positive impact on the growth of the market in the coming years.

The Global Thrombectomy Devices Market is anticipated to reach US$ 2,101.29 Mn in 2027 from US$ 1,282.07 Mn in 2018. The market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% from 2019-2027.

The Global Thrombectomy Devices Market, based on the type, is segmented into mechanical thrombectomy devices, aspiration thrombectomy devices, rheolytic thrombectomy devices and ultrasonic thrombectomy. In 2018, the mechanical thrombectomy devices segment held the largest market share of the thrombectomy devices market. This segment is also projected to dominate the market in 2027 due to the various applications of mechanical thrombectomy such as neurovascular, peripheral vascular, and cardiovascular, among other procedures.

The market for thrombectomy devices is expected to grow, owing to factors such as elevating incidences of CVDs and neurological diseases, ongoing technological advancements, and favorable medical reimbursement scenario. Moreover, growing healthcare expenditure and increasing research and studies in field of thrombectomy are likely to have a positive impact on the growth of the market in the coming years.

Strategic Insights

Growth strategies through several organic and inorganic such as approvals, product launch, agreements, and partnerships have been witnessed in the market of Thrombectomy Devices. For instance, in July, 2018, Johnson & Johnson a medical device company has launched EMBOTRAP II Revascularization Device under the Cerenovus business segment. EMBOTRAP II is a new device for treating stroke patients and advancement in mechanical thrombectomy.

Reasons to Access the Report:

– Learn about the driving factors, affecting the market growth.

– Imbibe the advancements and progress in the market during the forecast period.

– Understand where the market opportunities lies.

– Compare and evaluate various options affecting the market.

– Pick up on the leading market players within the market.

– Envision the restrictions and restrains that are likely to hamper the market.

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The Insight Partners is a one stop industry research provider of actionable intelligence. We help our clients in getting solutions to their research requirements through our syndicated and consulting research services. We are a specialist in Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive and Defense.

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Shampoo Global Market Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin Forecast To 2024

New Study Reports “Shampoo Market 2019 Global Industry Sales, Supply, Consumption, Demand, Analysis and Forecasts to 2028” added To Its Research Database.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shampoo Market 2019-2024

New Market Study, Report "Shampoo Market 2019 Global Industry Demand, Opportunities, Growth Drivers, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2024" Has been Added on WiseGuyReports.com.

Introduction/Report Summary:

2013-2028 Report on Global Shampoo Market by Player, Region, Type, Application and Sales Channel

Numerous hair products are available in the market for grooming hair. It becomes difficult at times to choose between brands, range, and variety of hair care products that are available. The shampoo is the most common utilized by almost every household to keep hair healthy and soft. It is available in the liquid form used to wash and cleanse hair. Unlike traditional use in the form of soaps, majorly it is used in viscous liquid format. It is essentially a cleanser used to make hair strong, shiny, and manageable. With an increase in pollution, it becomes rather more essential to take care of hair.

Several brands and segments are available in the market. Apart from using shampoo over conventional hair bar, people are now switching to a professional range of shampoo. Thus, overall the shampoo market has variety of shampoo for babies and adults, organic and regular shampoo, shampoo for smooth as well as dry hair, shampoo to cure hair scalp problems such as dryness, itchiness, split ends, etc. Thus, these are used as cosmetics as well as for medication too. Thus, it has diverse application.

Herbal and Organic shampoo is coming to the mainstream with more awareness relating to the use of organic products over chemicals. With a high disposable income of individuals, people also especially consult experts and then take a well-informed decision to select their shampoo. Not all shampoo that is available in the market fits everyone. Depending on the texture of hair, it is necessary to select a specific product for hair. Thus, the new generation shampoos that are available in the market provide that they are silicone-free, sulphate free, and paraben-free products, and thus, it does not damage the hair over some time.

Important Manufacturers Analysis: Head & Shoulders, Pantene, CLEAR, L’Oreal, Dove, Rejoice, Schwarzkopf, LUX, Aquair, Syoss, SLEK and more

Request for Free Sample Report of “Shampoo” Market @  https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/4406115-2013-2028-report-on-global-shampoo-market-by


The Global Shampoo market is based on various segments. Based on the product type, these can be bifurcated into standard, anti-dandruff, kids shampoo and medicated shampoo; regular and professional use shampoo. The Distribution channel for shampoo is also varied, such as offline, e-commerce websites, salon, retail stores, pharmacy store, supermarket and hypermarket.

Market Concentration

The Global Shampoo market is concentrated in regions such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East, and Africa. United States, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, UK, India, Australia, Japan, China, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia are key countries within the regions where the Global Shampoo market is largely concentrated.

Consumer goods are bought for consumption by the average consumer and are also acknowledged as final goods. They are the results of manufacturing and production, and what consumers consider seeing on the store shelf. They are tangible goods, purchased for direct consumption in order to satisfy human needs. They are classified into convenience products, specialty products, shopping products, and unsought products. Of these, convenience products experience the maximum demand as they are bought regularly by the consumers

Market Growth

Asia Pacific region is witnessed to be the fastest-growing market for Shampoo, whereas Europe has the largest market for shampoo. The shampoo is a product that almost every household is required to use. Anti-Dandruff shampoo is the most demanded shampoo across the segments due to poor hygiene of hair and growing pollution conditions in almost all regions. The Global Shampoo market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.76% during the forecast period. It is anticipated that the Global Shampoo market will reach up to 30.69 billion USD by 2024.

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Complete Report Details@ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/4406115-2013-2028-report-on-global-shampoo-market-by

Major Key Points from Table of Content:

Chapter 1 Shampoo Market Overview

Chapter 7 Profile of Leading Shampoo Players
7.1 Head & Shoulders
7.1.1 Company Snapshot
7.1.2 Product/Business Offered
7.1.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.1.4 Strategy and SWOT Analysis
7.2 Pantene
7.1.1 Company Snapshot
7.1.2 Product/Business Offered
7.1.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.1.4 Strategy and SWOT Analysis

And more


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