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Happiness the Missing Factor

Happiness is a philosophy, a way of living, and not a momentary joy”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos author – educator

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A comprehensive, all in one video pack is published by Zsa Zsa Tudos of AKIA Philosophy, to aid people with their human interactions, especially that of the romantic kind.

In the bunch of videos, the mystery word HAPPINESS receives great clarification and the path is shown to reach the ultimate NIRVANA of living.
The missing factor of HAPPINESS is emotional intelligence that is acquired through Learning, Understanding and Living life to its fullest.

Main features of the course:

• The course spends time on removing the layers added by family, upbringing and education, often considered as codes.
• Evaluate dreams, fantasies, media influences and make them accessible when applicable.
• Teaches the value of learning as the substance of living.
• Explains commonly used expressions, like Soulmate, Twinflames, Chemistry, Love, Emotions, and Living Happily Ever After.
• Outlines responsibilities and the way to make choices.
• Build Self-confidence and courage to pursue individual aims.
• Teaches how to learn each other rather than expect.


• Looks at the Social Aspects of Life
• Widens horizons
• Learn to recognize the joy
• Clears depression and anxiety
• Teaches to socialize
• Builds up the dating game and the courage it needs
• Offers Self-Assessment exercise
• PDF material

Please understand, even though human relationships have many forms, the way to deal with them is pretty much the same. Therefore this course is for EVERYBODY.

Partial understanding is more dangerous than total ignorance. Conscious living demands clear thoughts.
The course is also recommended to all who take up any type of life-coaching, even if the aim is hard cash fast. Without understanding human relationships no one gets far in life.

Apart from the nearly 3 hours’ video, the PDF version will be given. All interested parties will gain lifetime membership on the site which is dedicated to Raising Awareness on Conscious Living and Emotional Intelligence. It is also the site where continuous help is available to members.

As a bonus, AKIA Philosophy offers the complete Self-Healing and Cleansing video and PDF material with 4 guided, element meditations to ease stress, depression or anxiety.

The first 100 members would also have 30 minutes of free Life-Coaching with an expert.
Please find further details here.

Have a nice life!

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