Reduce LLC Study Produces Excellent Results With Participants Using Slimcube the revolutionary meal replacement Program

Oliver Strauss CEO Reduce LLC

Sara Pugh is monitoring the studies

Slim cube Uses The Finest Raw Materials

Slim cube Quality Packaging and ingredients

Lose Weight, Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle Mass.

The program is very simple and easy to follow, just eat one Slimcube bar every 60 to 90 minutes and drink plenty of water.

“I am excited about the results from the study but I am not surprised as it’s the easiest way to lose weight, there is No time required to start. You just need to unwrap it and eat it, that’s it.”

— Oliver Strauss CEO Reduce LLC

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, May 26, 2020 / — Reduce LLC is experiencing excellent results from the study that was implemented this last week. According to Sara Pugh, who is overseeing the monitoring and tracking of the people using the Slimcube meal replacement program, I am seeing exceptional results with people loosing 2 to 4 lbs within the first couple of days. The program is very simple and easy to follow, just eat one Slimcube bar every 60 to 90 minutes and drink plenty of water. The feedback we have received is very encouraging.

“Taking the slim cube challenge made me look at my relationship with food”. Kelly
“The first couple bars it was challenging, by about 2pm I didn’t have any cravings” Sara
“I was able to fit the bars into my intermittent fasting schedule and I never felt hungry” Aaron

Sara has 18 years of success working for Fortune 100 companies and startups. Well before her success in the corporate world she was a Certified ISSA and TRX Group Trainer. Her personal training clients were her favorite success stories. "The #1 reason why people aren’t successful using any product is accountability. My personal training clients wanted to lose weight, but they needed someone to keep them motivated and push them to show up and put in the work. Wanting it isn’t enough." She is coaching participants in the initial product testing to offer accountability for users to not only stick to their personal commitments but overcome years of frustrating trying things that don’t work. Sara states "Slimcube is so easy to incorporate in your life. I love how much time I have gained not having to grocery shop and prepare meals.” For inquiries to be a product tester contact

Sara Pugh states, The meal replacement program is the all natural way to lose weight, burn fat and maintain muscle mass. It is the most popular program of its kind that is scientifically created with all natural ingredients and contains only the best natural ingredients to give the body everything it needs, resulting in a number of benefits including increased energy. The product, Slimcube by Reduce is the foundation for the program.

The early focus groups in the US are being conducted in real time, with real people online in Facebook groups, so the true results are shared, and the participants have access to health coaches and personal trainers who help provide personal support, encouragement and are also studying the emotional and physical support needed to maintain a true change.

We track important data that most companies peddling weight loss products miss like; the participant's weight loss, actual results, energy levels, improved sleep and general feeling of well being. We also track their perception of how they look and how their confidence has changed! This is very exciting!

The meal replacement program was brought to America by the CEO of Reduce LLC Oliver Strauss. who believes that every American should have the opportunity to take advantage of the tremendous benefits of the program.

Mr. Strauss States “I am excited about the results from the study but I am not surprised as it’s the easiest way to lose weight, there is No time required to start. You just need to unwrap it and eat it, that’s it. It is designed to meet all the nutritional needs that the body requires. I personally lost 65 lbs of fat while maintaining my muscle mass. It is the only product of its kind in the world and now being introduced to America. You simply eat one Slimcube bar every 60 to 90 minutes and drink plenty of water. People just need to understand that this is not a diet product, this is a meal replacement and a true lifestyle change.” Slimcube is also the perfect food be used by hikers, backpackers, survivalist and those storing up food incase of food shortage.

Slimcube use carefully processed raw materials to supply the body with its daily need for important nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. The high quality oils that they use are always cold pressed, since the manufacturing process to produce them is much greater than the process used to produce refined oil. Cold pressed oils preserve more vitamins and more flavors and above all, essential fatty acids than refined oils. These fatty acids are very important for good health to provide a complete meal.

According to Mr.Strauss, the reason that the meal replacement program is so successful to help people lose weight, burn fat and maintain muscle mass is because the Slimcube meal replacement program, was scientifically developed with the right combination of ingredients as well as the correct balance of fats, protein and carbohydrates that the body requires.

The fat quality is extremely important, because when ingesting fats, they can not be overheated they should ideally be raw food quality, because the so called CIS structure of the oils is destroyed by heating. This means they can no longer be used optimally to form lipid layers in the cells and the body will often then produce cholesterol to close the “leaky” areas. Fats are like seals, if a seal is brittle, it offers no protection. Fats are also very important for the brain, which consist of approximately 60 percent fat. The body cannot produce omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids itself and therefore we are dependent on our daily intake of these important dietary fats. The body needs both in the right ratio to maintain the immune system.

There must be the right amount of protein quality, according to the nutritional scene of the past 50 years, the body need about 12.5g of essential amino acids per day in order to build up all the hormones, enzymes, muscles, transport proteins, etc that it needs. There is no reason to consume excessive amounts of protein, since the body cannot store it. There is a small pool of amino acids in the blood, and all superfluous protein is converted into nitrogen and ammonia by the body and excreted through the kidneys and skin. However, a constant, even supply of protein is crucial.

Oliver Strauss states, “The consumption of 10 bars a day, every 60 to 90 minutes, covers the daily requirement of essential nutrients to support and maintain (regenerate) all important body functions in isometabolic form (full metabolism), at less than 1,100 kcal./day. This relieves the burden on the organism and supports the liver and erythrocytes (red blood cells) during regeneration and helps you lose weight healthy without losing nutrients, with full energy and without hunger. the 100% natural nutrients without any additives provide a highly bioavailable isometabolic transfusion essential substances for maintaining energy, health, function and well-being. The controllable insulin production enables the brain to be supplied with additional energy”.

Reduce LLC. Recommends that if people follow the guidelines suggested by it’s scientist and nutritionist that they will experience significant results. The recommendations are as follows:

First, avoid consumption of other food while the Slimcube program to maintain optimum blood sugar levels and attain a balanced metabolism.

Second, Reduce intake of stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and nicotine before starting the Slimcube program to minimize the effects of the withdrawal.

Third, eat one slim cube bar every 60-90 minutes, ten bars will provide 1,100 calories a day and 100% of the daily nutritional needs. Your body will burn additional calories from your body’s fat reserves, which will help you lose weight.

Four, drink plenty of (non carbonated) water to purge your body of everyday toxins and balance pH levels. Drinking unsweetened hot tea can also help stimulate your metabolism and fat burning ability.

Five, get enough sleep as sleep deprivation can affect your weight
Six, weigh yourself each morning after using the restroom to accurately track with loss.
It is also suggested that when you are on the Slimcube meal replacement program that you enlist a goal buddy to do the program with so you can share progress and motivate each other.

Reduce LLC is determined to help America get skinny one cube at a time; building habits takes time and support. It is conducting a focus group of Americans who are ready for a change and is going to be posting real results to its Facebook page and upcoming releases. The goal is to demystify dieting and give consumers what they need to know to truly make life altering changes. Secondarily; we are launching the campaign to share the benefits of Slimcube and sharing knowledge about truly making habit changes this week; in honor of the early focus group and wanting to learn as much as we can from early customers we are offering an introductory trial of the product that includes some Incredible insight from Personal Trainers, and access to our early customers online club!

According to Sara, we are excited about the results of this study so far and we are expecting to have very definitive results to share via Facebook and other media over the next 45 to 60 days.

To find out more about the Slimcube meal replacement program, the documented study and how you can get started today.
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Slimcube The meal replacement program is the all natural way to lose weight, burn fat and maintain muscle mass

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