DermRollers Unveils New Microneedle Roller for Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

DermRoller’s Second Generation Micro Needle Rollers

High quality titanium needles

DermRollers is easy to use

DermRollers’ microneedle roller offers advanced treatment for a variety of skin conditions without chemicals, cosmetics, or surgery.

We didn’t realize that there were so many people interested in cosmetic-free skincare. There’s no better feeling than seeing your skin look tighter and brighter without chemicals.”

— Marilyn – DermRollers

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, May 28, 2020 / — DermRollers, a leading skincare brand and champion of natural cosmetic care, is excited to announce a new generation of its successful microneedling tool. The microneedling tool, aptly named the DermRoller, heals and restores skin by creating microscopic punctures on its surface, thereby stimulating the production of elastin and collagen and boosting the body’s natural healing response. The new DermRoller is available now at

The original DermRoller experienced success upon its release, and its small niche market soon grew into a large following. As demand grew for the microneedling tool, the founders of DermRollers decided not to mass-produce their original product immediately but to improve upon the design and make the skincare tool they’d always envisioned. Now, they’re proud to release that tool, the new DermRoller, along with a new website and an updated look.

The new DermRoller introduces some significant changes compared to the original design. The new model is available in 10 different needle sizes, allowing users to customize their skincare experience. It is also more durable and easier to clean than the original.

“We couldn’t be happier that our product has taken off in the way that it has,” said Marilyn from the DermRollers team. “We didn’t realize that there were so many people interested in cosmetic-free skincare, but DermRoller has thankfully proven us wrong. There’s no better feeling than seeing your skin look tighter and brighter without chemicals. We’re excited to share that feeling with even more people with the new DermRoller.”

The DermRoller’s secret is simple. It doesn’t work against the body’s functions (like popular cosmetics and masks) but instead encourages the body to do its job better. By rolling the microneedling tool across the skin, the user creates thousands of microscopic punctures on the skin’s surface. These punctures are invisible to the eye and painless. The body responds by triggering a healing response and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin—essential proteins for keeping skin healthy and young. The result is visibly clearer and younger-looking skin.

Testing has revealed that regular use of the DermRoller can significantly improve skin quality. It’s proven popular for reducing wrinkles and signs of aging, and it has been shown to improve a number of other skin conditions such as:

● Acne and acne scarring
● Stretch marks from weight loss or pregnancy
● Blotchy skin and age spots
● Pigmentation and skin tone problems
● Rosacea
● Large pores

The DermRoller has even been reported to significantly improve hair loss in men and women by provoking the body to stimulate hair growth. Users with thinning hair have experienced thicker hair growth with regular use.

The founders of DermRollers realized that the length of the needles on the microneedling tool made a difference in the outcome of the treatment. For this reason, the new microneedling tool is available in 10 different needle sizes. Users are now able to choose a DermRoller made to suit their specific needs. The DermRoller is available in 2 stylish color options.

The new DermRoller is available now at an exclusive launch price of 40% off retail. This limited offer only applies to the first manufacturing round of the new DermRoller. Learn more about microneedling therapy and buy DermRoller today at

About DermRollers

DermRollers was founded by a dermatologist and a holistic health enthusiast when they discovered what they called the “Holy Grail” of skincare. This groundbreaking practice, which they termed microneedling, was a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical method for drastically improving skin quality.

Determined to share this practice with the world, the duo created a microneedling tool called the DermRoller. This tool made the impossible task of creating thousands of tiny punctures in the skin suddenly doable—and in a matter of seconds.

After the runaway success of the original tool, DermRollers is back with a new and improved DermRoller. The new model is available in 10 different needle sizes and is easier to use and maintain than its predecessor.

To celebrate the launch of the new DermRoller, the company is offering 40% off to the first buyers on its new website. Supplies are not expected to last long. DermRoller is on sale now at

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