Celebrate Speaker’s Day With FanLoveBeauty

The Best Vegan Lip Balm Created with Speakers (Or People Who Talk A Lot) In Mind

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — FanLoveBeauty creates beauty products for those who inspire, educate or entertain the society and those aspired to be them. The first beauty collection is for SPEAKERS and people who talk a lot as they share common issue-dry lips.

In celebrating Speaker’s Day on August 7, FanLoveBeauty’s first collection The Stage Balm for lips will be launching in California’s most prominent beauty stores: Beauty Collection located in West Hollywood, Malibu and Marina Del Rey.

The Stage Balm for Lips was conceived when FanLoveBeauty founder, cosmetic chemist Ginger King, was talking to her celebrity crush, shark tank star Daymond John. He took out a lip balm and applied in front of her. A lightbulb came on, if it is something that close to Daymond (in-his-pocket, on-his-lips), it has to be MINE as Ginger recalled.

“Being a superfan of Daymond, I developed the first-ever lip balm targeting speakers and people who talk a lot,” said Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King, who officially launched FanLoveBeauty on February 20, 2020. “Speakers' lips can feel dry, especially since their long speaking engagement schedule may not allow them to drink enough water. A moisturizing lip balm packed with healthy, good-for-you ingredients thus become essential especially lip balms could be ingested inadvertently.”

From the ingredients used to the brand philosophy of FanLoveBeauty, Ginger has incorporated everything she learned from Daymond John from the past decade. From on-screen of shark tank to off-screen, this vegan lip balm embodies the learnings from Daymond in every detail.

"The stage balm for lips makes my lips feel extra smooth. ii use it all the time especially before I go on stage to deliver a keynote. I simply love it!," said Daymond John, business mogul and motivational speaker.
Stage Balm for lips is a 100% natural, vegan, moisturizing lip balm infused with superfoods that are known to nourish your lips such as mango, avocado and flaxseed oil. This special lip balm also contains natural sea asparagus known to boost moisturization by up to 6000%.

In addition, this lip balm is spiked with natural peppermint flavor to keep your lips feeling refreshed. Equally important is what the lip balm is formulated without. It contains no petrolatum (a petroleum byproduct) or lanolin (animal byproduct). Additionally, unlike conventional natural lip balms, this lip balm contains no beeswax as beeswax is obtained from beehives thus disturbing the homes in which bees live.

Daymond John is an advocate for SaveTheBees thus it is paramount that being kind to bees is a brand pillar. Furthermore, FanLoveBeauty will donate portions of proceeds to benefit suicide prevention foundation.
This lip balm not only saves your health but other's lives as well.

FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm For Lips comes in a recyclable package and is available in tinted and untinted. The products are available on www.fanlovebeauty.com and our selected distribution partners.

Ginger King
+1 8455483323
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R&B-Pop Breakout Almondmilkhunni Keeps Her Hot Girl Summer Going With Confident New Single, "damnboy"

damnboy singe artwork

damnboy singe artwork

Out NOW: https://almondmilkhunni.lnk.to/damnboy

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Proving once and for all that she can demand it all and then some, Philadelphia singer Almondmilkhunni is back with a bold and sultry music video for her blazing new single, “damnboy.”


“I love the message of this song, because although it’s not something I have in my life right now—someone who doesn’t need to be taught how to love you—it’s basically everything I want to manifest for myself.” – Almondmilkhunni

“damnboy”—a dreamy wish-fulfillment of a song that begs for an equal partner and not a savior perfectly represents the 23-year-old singer’s years of hustle and hard work, the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into working in pursuit of making a successful, independent life for herself. Written by frequent Megan Thee Stallion and Pop Smoke collaborator Derek Milano, “damnboy” is a modern pop anthem for anyone looking to celebrate their inner boss.

The “damnboy” video, directed by Tyler Yee (A$AP Ferg, G-Eazy, Lil Yachty), follows Almondmilkhunni and her female partner-in-crime during their Thelma and Louise-style romp through the desert, complete with greaser cars, piles of cash, and seedy motels.

“I was presented with the option to have a male or female lead, and I thought it would be a really cool dynamic to have a song be lyrically about a boy but visually representing a woman/woman relationship.I felt like it was a cool representation of my bisexuality.”

“damnboy” comes on the heels of Almondmilkhunni’s “Cherry (Remix).” The original version of “Cherry” graced Spotify’s coveted “New Music Friday” playlist when it dropped earlier this year, and appears on her debut EP, Almondmilkhunni [via Electric Feel Records], a 7-song salute to the forward-thinking Latina’s humble roots and her bright future.

Though she’s only been releasing music for a year, Almondmilkhunni is already serving up silky ‘00s R&B wrapped up neatly in sleek modern production. Previous single “Bandana” cleverly samples Usher’s “U Remind Me,” which Billboard called a “swaggering kiss-off.” As Brain Bakery Magazine put it best, “Somewhere between Clairo and Doja Cat exists the energy and persona that is Almondmilkhunni.”

Notching over 2 million streams on Spotify, Almondmilkhunni is quickly becoming an undeniable force. With her self-titled EP Almondmilkhunni and “damnboy,” the must-hear singer is only just beginning her most powerful hot girl year yet.

To say Almondmilkhunni has somehow done it all already might be an understatement. The Philadelphia singer’s rapid-fire trip to the top has taken her from growing up in the church to putting herself through college by dancing/stripping, to turning heads with her bitingly funny viral social posts, to finally doing what she was always meant to do: flexing her true power as a pop-R&B disruptor. Emerging in 2019, her first two singles (“Grapefruit” [feat. Evander Griiim] & "Henni Heartbreak") racked up over 2M streams, and ultimately got her signed to Electric Feel Records.

FOLLOW Almondmilkhunni:

Stacie Sater
SAS Entertainment
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Almondmilkhunni – damnboy (official video)

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Introducing The NEW CryoBuilt Lease To Own Program

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, US, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When you finally decide that you want to purchase a cryotherapy chamber for your business, choosing your equipment and deciding how to pay for it should be at the TOP of the list.

With our BRAND NEW lease to own program, you can lease the PEAK cryo chamber from our EVEREST line. This is our newest line of cutting edge fully electric cryotherapy systems. When cryotherapy was first introduced to the United States, the only real option was to use nitrogen tanks to achieve the ultra-low temps required for cryotherapy. Recent advances have allowed for safer and more efficient ways to provide cryotherapy, namely, using electricity to produce cold, refrigerated air, similar to a large freezer. Electric systems walk-in rooms that can hold 1-5 people and the air is safe to breathe.

Those who are currently using old-fashioned chambers with nitrogen are paying $3-6k per month in nitrogen costs and with our new lease to own program, we can get payments down as LOW as $2,000/month which makes upgrading a NO BRAINER!

What does this mean for you? You will earn your investment back + more! Essentially for $2,000/month you would be able to lease the PEAK model! The program also includes automatic enrollment in CryoBuilt’s VIP Protect Program.

The VIP Protect Program Includes:
• Replacement parts & labor
• Emergency overtime included
• Expedited freight
• Near 24/7 remote tech support
• Nationwide coverage
• Trained professional technicians
• After hours support
• Software & firmware updates
• Priority handling
The CryoBuilt PROTECT program covers your electric whole body cryotherapy system from head to toe with service and support when and where you need it!

How are we different?
CryoBuilt's background in low-temp manufacturing and refrigeration service span industries from supermarket refrigeration to biomedical & food processing plants, to cryotherapy. We are a family company with deep roots in refrigeration and low-temp manufacturing that promotes from within and stands behind the products we build and support.

Our California R&D lab allows us to test new ideas and continually develop new products. We build our products ground up at our manufacturing facility in Sacramento, CA USA. CryoBuilt's team of highly trained technicians and support staff are always working hard to monitor and service our systems all over the country through our remote communications and nationwide service network. Our lease to own program is truly groundbreaking for the cryo industry. Contact us directly to get started!!

Chelsea Luevano
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Ban Labs Introducing Immunity Booster Care Golden Milk Turmeric Latte

Everyone has its own share of fighting against the pandemic hits in 2020. And so does Ban Labs. Best known for its Ashwagandha Herbal Care Green Tea.

We believe in enhancing people’s life by pure Ayurvedic products.”

— Mr. Maulesh Ukani

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Everyone has its own share of fighting against the pandemic hits in 2020. And so does Ban Labs. Best known for its Ashwagandha Herbal Care Green Tea, Ban Labs has launched another immunity booster product.

Ban Labs, a company over 50 years of domain experience in Ayurveda and natural beverages has now come out with a revolutionary product. It has just introduced Care Golden Milk Turmeric Latte with Saffron and Herbs to the world.

This product comes with so many specialities. It enhances immunity, reduces pain & muscle soreness, improves digestive health, works best for Cough & cold. A few sips of this Golden milk seems to serve its tagline, ‘If you aren't having GOLDEN MIlK yet, you're missing out the daily dose of Immunity!’ While launching the product the officials claim to be provided with several health benefits like it’s antioxidant to prevent cell damage, remedy for inflammation and joint pain, protein consistent for brain function, strengthens the heart.

Care Golden Milk Turmeric Latte comes in carton pack of 10 sachets for ordering online. But it can do wonders for you with definitely more than 10 benefits. But the most interesting part to be included is, it’s not like the household turmeric kadha we drink while we get cold or fever. It’s a pure beverage with exciting taste in both hot and cold form.

This newest launch, in fact, serves Grandma’s age-old Haldi ka doodh in a new form – ready mix. This powder drink could be prepared even without any illness just to have a cheerful time with family at home. And that’s why this Herbal drink stands alone and delights us. Turmeric is a unique condiment which finds extensive use in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties – particularly as a natural antiseptic and immunity-boosting antioxidant. When combined with milk and a few other condiments, this mixture becomes Care Golden Milk Turmeric Latte with Saffron and Herbs.

While talking to Ban Labs Director Maulesh Ukani, he mentioned, ‘We believe in enhancing people’s life by pure Ayurvedic products. We also understand how Herbal is evolving so here we are with a product that has household rooted recipe but at the same time let you feel millennial.’

A combination of ginger and cinnamon in the product help reduce blood sugar levels and also lowers resistance to insulin. Ban Labs’ Golden Milk is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and antiseptic. Also, makes bones and muscles strong to be served as a multipurpose beverage and one of its kind.

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How to Heal Shoulder injuries for Life

Heal Shoulders for Life

How to Heal Shoulder injuries for Life

With out Surgery or Pharmaceuticals

Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I will remember, Involve me and I will learn”

— Ben Franklin

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE, U.S.A., July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Learned from personal experience and taught by example and demonstration, Vibrant Life U.S.A. has created an online course that teaches how to heal shoulder injuries for life without resorting to surgery or pharmaceuticals. It's methods transcend time, class, gender or geographic location. It's hosted on the Thinkific learning platform. This course can also be found at this website. For the fraction of the cost of health insurance or a complicated medical seminar, you can learn to heal your shoulders for life.

This course transforms self motivated people seeking to heal, whether it be to prevent surgery or recover more completely from it. Specifically people with subluxing/dislocation problems, but can also help people with impingements and frozen shoulder. The course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee to heal your shoulders in 5 weeks or less.

This course is also for the healing professional such as trainers and therapists who want to learn and teach these methods for more positive outcomes for their clients and patients. The outcome reflects well upon their practice and profession. This course is evergreen as it's methods are not dependent on tech or medical advances. It's more about the desire of the patient.

What makes this course different and better is that it teaches two unique methods Rubbing and Rolling which provides acupressure to improve circulation and flexibility and Flexing the Fulcrum using the extended arm with various tools and settings. These methods combined with a more consistent and effective every other day schedule are divided into 3 different levels of training that assures that the practices here will be effective for anyone who seeks life long healing. It's 8 modules and about 2 hours total video with printable, downloadable instructions. Down to earth and easy to understand.

The promised outcome is the correction of subluxation and dislocation and the prevention of recurrence. The overall recovery of strength, flexibility, and range of motion in 5 weeks or less. Not months or years. Start healing your shoulders today.

Edward Cook
Vibrant Life USA
+1 315-857-3209
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Course Preview

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Lam Vascular & Associates Opens The Vein Center for Varicose Vein Treatment

Healthy Legs, Healthy Life

Step out of the shadows with healthy legs for a healthy life

There are several minimally invasive treatments that enjoy excellent success rates and outcomes while offering patients the comfort, confidentiality and convenience of an outpatient experience. ”

— Dr. Russell Lam

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — For the millions of Americans who deal with varicose veins, summertime can be a challenge. Things like shorts and swimsuits are often out of the question. But just in time for the hottest months of summer in North Texas, Dallas-based Lam Vascular & Associates is opening the doors to The Vein Center, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the treatment of venous issues of every shape and size. Those suffering from varicose and spider veins can collectively say, What a relief!

At The Vein Center at Lam Vascular & Associates, the team of vascular experts uses advanced diagnostic testing and the very latest, proven methods for treating varicose veins including endovenous laser ablation therapy (EVLT) and sclerotherapy. The state-of-the-art center, located onsite at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, is completely dedicated to vein health.

Award-winning vascular surgeon Dr. Russell Lam is the founder of Lam Vascular & Associates. He and the entire team at The Vein Center at Lam Vascular & Associates are committed to minimally invasive procedures, whenever possible, to address vascular blockage and vein issues.

“Advances in technology have allowed for several minimally invasive treatments that enjoy excellent success rates and outcomes while offering patients the comfort, confidentiality and convenience of an outpatient experience,” said Dr. Lam. “We perform two revolutionary varicose vein procedures right here in our office.”

Ready to get a leg up on your vein and vascular health? Your next step matters. Consult with the experts at The Vein Center at Lam Vascular & Associates. Step out of the shadows and schedule your appointment at The Vein Center at Lam Vascular & Associates today.

Located at 8210 Walnut Hill Lane, Building 1, Suite 505, Dallas, TX 75231

Tammy Hinojos
Miller Public Relations
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A New Bed For A Changed Earth

Three Quarter View of King Size Horizontal Bed

Horizontal Button Bed in Lina 100% Italian Linen

Heroic View of Bed

The Horizontal Button Bed

Lina Button Fitted Sheet

Lina Linen Button Fitted Sheet

The Need For Major Changes To The Bed Industry Is Urgent

Design today has to consider all the stakeholders and deliver beautiful, safe, and long lasting solutions. Horizontal is a complete solution for sleeping well in the time of Climate Breakdown.”

— Len Laycock

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — After two and a half years of research, development, and testing, Vancouver based Horizontal Sleep is introducing a new, patented sleeping system, intentionally designed to exceed all other bed environmental and health standards. While almost beds are made with petroleum, polymers, plastics, chemicals, coils and carbon, HORIZONTAL is completely different. The new bed/mattress is 99.8% biodegradable, made with replaceable parts, and designed to last a human lifetime. These changes, all in one product, are revolutionary.


The Bed and Mattress Industry is a major source of toxic pollution caused by near total reliance on petroleum ingredients. In recent years, bed waste has exploded due to a combination of much shorter product replacement cycles and marketing gimmicks. The Bed Industry, through the Better Sleep Council, the plethora of bed-in-a-box concepts, and large mattress chains, now makes beds intended to last less time than ever before. Product warranties are shorter and product returns have quadrupled. In the United States, nearly 10 billion pounds of mattress/bed waste is discarded every year. From 2010 to 2015 bed/mattress waste increased by 66% and it is accelerating. Western countries are now so overwhelmed, bed/mattress waste is surreptitiously exported worldwide by container to poor countries for dumping. The Bed Industry takes nearly no responsibility for the health and environmental catastrophe it has created. The scale, scope and impacts are revealed in Why Casper Wave Makes Me Seasick.

Horizontal Sleep’s breakthrough design is a decisive solution to the alarming increase in toxic mattress and bed waste. Horizontal proves toxic beds can be eliminated, and illnesses induced by environmental harm can be vastly reduced. Horizontal’s positive impact will be felt well beyond the bedroom. Horizontal aims to significantly reduce or eliminate exposure to petrochemical based plastic products and the shadowy fire retardants that fill our homes and characterize our petroleum-soaked lifestyles.


By introducing Four Biophilic Design Standards to consumer product design, Horizontal redefines what is acceptable for human health and environmental safety in the bedroom. Horizontal Sleep’s founder Len Laycock says, “Design today has to consider all the stakeholders and deliver beautiful, safe, and long lasting solutions. Horizontal is a complete solution for sleeping well in the time of Climate Breakdown.”. Laycock explains that Horizontal innovates on four needed product attributes:


The presence of DNA in our materials confirms they are: 1) Created by biological processes, 2) Already a design approved by Nature, 3) Contain valuable nutrients for future life, 4) Safely biodegrade, and 5) Are not toxic petrochemicals.

Horizontal aims to end consumer 'throwawayism’. Replaceable parts extend product longevity and anticipate future innovations. The Right to Repair supports the economic and environmental security of all people. The company’s eco-engineering and natural material choices make planned obsolescence, obsolete!


Would you throw away a bicycle because it had a flat tire? Of course not. With Climate Breakdown upon us, all consumer products must be re-thought and re-conceived to reduce carbon and last much longer. If consumption does not decrease, reducing carbon and methane emissions will be impossible. We have to live with less, and live with better. A well-made bed that can be maintained and restored all of your life means Horizontal may be the last bed you ever purchase.


The Horizontal bed is so well made its comfort compares favourably to far more expensive beds like Duxiana, Hastens and Naturepedic. Unlike almost all beds, its design is minimalist, focused on optimal spine alignment and superior air flow up from below the bed. All materials are natural, carefully vetted for health, and there are no metal parts. New innovative bedding makes it easier and faster to make the bed, with unique fitted sheets that simply button in place, and stay in place. Horizontal is a complete sleeping system that lowers the entry price for eco-luxury, and by virtue of its longevity, actually costs less than lower priced beds over a lifetime of restful sleep.


Horizontal is a consumer product technology startup dedicated to reducing consumption and solving problems caused by Climate Breakdown, of which sleep is one. The well-being, health and environmental safety of humans, their happiness, the protection of wild life and wild spaces, the integrity of Earth’s air, water and soil are all inter-dependent parts of one whole. In this 21st century, you cannot sustain any one of these without sustaining the others. Our business model considers all of these as our stakeholders.

Horizontal has developed special expertise in the fields of natural material solutions, industrial design, manufacturing, marketing and sleep. The company has nurtured a network of technical resources to support its goals, including a successful association with University of British Columbia Wood Sciences Faculty and an international network extending to Europe, Asia and the United States. Horizontal Sleep Ltd was founded by Len Laycock, former Marketing Director of IKEA, an entrepreneur, environmentalist and lover of good sleep.

For interviews contact: len@horizontal.eco and/or +1 604 657-9191 www.horizontal.eco/

Len Laycock
Horizontal Sleep Ltd
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A Bed Frame Inspired By Ancient Japanese Joinery with Independent Motion Free Suspension System.

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AMNCS now offering revolutionary PulseWave therapy as a part of their Pain Relief Program

AMNCS now offering ESWT (Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy) to treat a wide range of orthopedic issues at no charge for the 1st treatment, for a limited time.

Research shows the system provides significant improvement for those suffering from tennis elbow, low back pain, and the like. The technology is sound, treatments short, and results remarkable.”

— Dr. Hubert Pare, MD

DORAVILLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) uses the power generated from acoustic sound waves and radial shock waves to stimulate blood vessel growth called neovascularization and angiogenesis. This process forms new blood capillaries, increasing much-needed blood flow to the damaged region. This treatment has been used successfully in many orthopedic areas, which include fractures, joint inflammation, and plantar fasciitis. Researchers and several studies have shown that low-intensity ESWT is helping people with everyday issues like arthritis, low back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, and various tendinopathies. More studies are being presented daily and the success rates are significant. Orthopedic pain is a growing concern among today's adults, there are many causes including lifestyle, environment, genetics, and illness. ESWT provides a non-drug-oriented solution.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 50 million American adults have chronic pain, defined as pain most days or every day for at least the past six months. This is an incredibly simple solution for anyone experiencing these issues.

Advanced Medical and Chiropractic medical director, Dr. Hubert Pare, MD stated, “Blood Flow to the damaged area is crucial for healthy joints, muscles and, tendons. People with poor blood flow have a difficult time getting their body to heal itself, this is a fast-non-invasive option. The responses from patients across the U.S have been nothing short of amazing.” By increasing vascularity to the damaged area and thereby blood flow, healing processes prove to be quicker and longer-lasting thereby improving the quality of life for everyone,” Dr. Pare continued, "Research shows that this treatment provides amazing results for many muscular-skeletal issues, the technology is sound, the treatments are short and the results have been remarkable. I am thrilled with this "non-drug" solution."

At Advanced Medical and Chiropractic, we deliver a Multi-Step Regenerative Program. First and foremost, we take the time to hear what you are experiencing and create a solution that very often is a combination of “best in class” options, many that include Chiropractic Services, Homeopathy, Naturopathic Services, Prolozone therapy, and many other diagnostic procedures. We take the time to design the right program we know will work for you because we want you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Advanced Medical and Chiropractic
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Gold Jewelry Market 2020 Analysis by Trends, Demand, Products and Suppliers Forecast to 2026

New Study Reports “Gold Jewelry Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026” has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gold Jewelry Market 2020-2026

New Study Reports “Gold Jewelry Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026” has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

Introduction/Report Summary:

This report provides in depth study of “Gold Jewelry Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Gold Jewelry Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization.

Jewellery (British English) or jewelry (American English)[1] consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks. Jewellery may be attached to the body or the clothes, and the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example.

Drivers and Constraints

The fundamental dynamics that are explored in the report hold substantial influence over the Gold Jewelry market. The report further studies on the value, volume trends, and the pricing history of the market. In addition to it, various growth factors, restraints, and opportunities are also analyzed for the market to study the in-depth understanding of the market.

This report also analyzes the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on the Gold Jewelry industry.

Key Players

The report has profiled some of the Important players prevalent in the global like – Cartier, Tiffany, Laofengxiang
Chow Tai Fook
Chow Sang Sang
Harry Winston
David Yurman
Van Cleef&Arpels
Charles & Colvard, and more.

This report covers the sales volume, price, revenue, gross margin, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, intermediaries, customers, historical growth and future perspectives in the Gold Jewelry.

Request for Free Sample Report of “Gold Jewelry” Market @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/4905317-global-gold-jewelry-market-research-report-2020

Market Segmentation based On Type, Application and Region:

The global Gold Jewelry is analyzed for different segments to arrive at an insightful analysis. Such segmentation has been done based on type, application, and region.

Based on type, the global Gold Jewelry Market is segmented into 18k Gold, 14K Gold, 24K Gold and other

Based on application, the Gold Jewelry Market is segmented into man, Women, Kids, and Others.

Based on Detailed Regional Analysis, the regional segmentation has been carried out for regions of U.S., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Brazil, etc. Key regions covered in the report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The report on WGR includes an in-depth study of the Gold Jewelry in each regional segment mentioned above.

Key Stakeholders
Gold Jewelry Market Manufacturers
Gold Jewelry Market Distributors/Traders/Wholesalers
Gold Jewelry Market Subcomponent Manufacturers
Industry Association
Downstream Vendors

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Complete Report Details@ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/4905317-global-gold-jewelry-market-research-report-2020

Major Key Points from Table of Content:

1 Gold Jewelry Market Overview
1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Gold Jewelry
1.2 Gold Jewelry Segment by Type
1.2.1 Global Gold Jewelry Sales Growth Rate Comparison by Type (2021-2026)
1.2.2 18k Gold
1.2.3 14K Gold
1.2.4 24K Gold
1.2.5 Other
1.3 Gold Jewelry Segment by Application
1.3.1 Gold Jewelry Sales Comparison by Application: 2020 VS 2026
1.3.2 man
1.3.3 Women
1.3.4 Kids
1.4 Global Gold Jewelry Market Size Estimates and Forecasts
1.4.1 Global Gold Jewelry Revenue 2015-2026
1.4.2 Global Gold Jewelry Sales 2015-2026
1.4.3 Gold Jewelry Market Size by Region: 2020 Versus 2026

6 Company Profiles and Key Figures in Gold Jewelry Business
6.1 Cartier
6.1.1 Corporation Information
6.1.2 Cartier Description, Business Overview and Total Revenue
6.1.3 Cartier Gold Jewelry Sales, Revenue and Gross Margin (2015-2020)
6.1.4 Cartier Products Offered
6.1.5 Cartier Recent Development
6.2 Tiffany
6.2.1 Tiffany Gold Jewelry Production Sites and Area Served
6.2.2 Tiffany Description, Business Overview and Total Revenue
6.2.3 Tiffany Gold Jewelry Sales, Revenue and Gross Margin (2015-2020)
6.2.4 Tiffany Products Offered
6.2.5 Tiffany Recent Development
6.3 Laofengxiang
6.3.1 Laofengxiang Gold Jewelry Production Sites and Area Served
6.3.2 Laofengxiang Description, Business Overview and Total Revenue
6.3.3 Laofengxiang Gold Jewelry Sales, Revenue and Gross Margin (2015-2020)
6.3.4 Laofengxiang Products Offered
6.3.5 Laofengxiang Recent Development
6.4 Chow Tai Fook
6.4.1 Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry Production Sites and Area Served
6.4.2 Chow Tai Fook Description, Business Overview and Total Revenue
6.4.3 Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry Sales, Revenue and Gross Margin (2015-2020)
6.4.4 Chow Tai Fook Products Offered
6.4.5 Chow Tai Fook Recent Development

and more

Our team is studying Covid-19 and its impact on various industry verticals and wherever required we will be considering Covid-19 footprints for a better analysis of markets and industries. Cordially get in touch for more details.


email us here

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St. Petersburg Urgent Care Clinic Now Accepting Oscar Health Insurance

DOCS Outside the Box! (DOCS) announced today that they are currently accepting Oscar Health Insurance effective July 1, 2020.

We are excited to add Oscar Health on our list of accepted insurance companies”

— Lana Garner, DOM Holistic Medicine Director of DOCS Outside the Box!

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — DOCS Outside the Box! (DOCS) announced today that they are currently accepting Oscar Health Insurance effective July 1, 2020. DOCS is a multispecialty clinic that combines family medicine, urgent care, and holistic care services. The clinic focuses on empowering patients and providing options – allowing individuals to take control of their medical care.

Oscar is one of the fastest growing health insurers in the United States. They expect to have over 400,000 members insured under its healthcare plans by the end of 2020. DOCS is one of a select group of Tampa Bay physicians who were added to the insurance plan in the last year.

This release comes immediately after an announcement that DOCS Outside the Box! is providing onsite COVID testing for small business and large employers. The service includes the scheduling of DOCS Outside the Box medical staff, travel to a central place of employment, and facilitation of COVID testing for a collection of employees.

DOCS Outside the Box! is on a mission to become one of the largest urgent care centers in the Tampa Bay area.

“We are excited to add Oscar on our list of accepted insurance companies,” said Lana Garner, DOM Holistic Medicine Director of DOCS Outside the Box! “Adding another insurance plan will help us increase our reach and continue our growth plans.”

About DOCS Outside the Box!
Docs Outside the Box! is a multispecialty care clinic offering family medicine, urgent care, and holistic care services. The practice was founded upon the principles of patient empowerment, complete wellness, and transformative care. Each patient is empowered to take ownership of their medical care and their life. DOCS Outside the Box! provides guidance to address physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. DOCS Outside the Box! provides testing for Coronavirus / COVID – 19.

About Oscar
Oscar is the first direct-to-consumer health insurer pairing member engagement with our own full-stack technology. Since launching in our first market in 2014, we have made great progress against our mission of creating a simpler and more affordable health insurance experience for more people across the U.S. 2019 was a year of sustainable growth for our company. We nearly doubled membership and revenue, bolstered by our most significant market expansion to-date and entrance into the Medicare Advantage market.

Doug Pace
DOCS Outside the Box!
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