Introducing THE HAT PAL: The Minimalistic Holding Solution for Hat Lovers Across the Globe

how the hat pal works

the hat pal in use

the hat pal in use

the hat pal packaging

the hat pal packaging

The magnetic hat holder is ideal for home storage or even on-the-go.

MÜNCHEN, GERMANY, September 25, 2020 / — The creators of THE HAT PAL are pleased to announce the official launch of their game-changing minimalistic hat holding solution.

THE HAT PAL is the world’s first magnetic hat holder system for both on-the-go and stationary hat storage. The product is available in two versions, THE HOMESPOT and THE COMPANION, and is the ideal hat hanging solution for collectors or general hat wearers alike.

“As hat lovers and collectors ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to properly display or store hats,” say Marco Schmidt and David Lopez Frayle, founders of THE HAT PAL. “Oftentimes, hat collectors are forced to use damaging nails or unsightly hooks to display their items. As such, we made it our mission to create a minimalistic and precisely refined hat holder to display your favorite hats, or your entire collection.”

THE HOMESPOT version of THE HAT PAL is ideal for those with budding or extensive hat collections. This wall mounted hat holder provides users with a host of benefits, including:

• Uses the power of magnets to hold hats firmly to the wall
• Can be mounted in any room of the house
• Sleek minimalistic design
• Perfect for fitted and snapback hats
• Available in black or white
• And more!

Alternatively, THE COMPANION version is the ultimate on-the-go hat holder. Its creative design enables users to store their hats while out in public spaces. Features offered with THE COMPANION include:

• Use any geometry to be utilized as hat holder
• Quick release mechanism for fast application
• Monolithic design
• Ideal for fitted and snapback hats
• And so much more!

“No matter where you go or wherever you are, THE HAT PAL should be one of your must-have accessories,” the founders say. “Hats aren’t cheap, especially those that are brand names or collectibles. It’s time to stop treating them like they’re from the dollar store by displaying and storing them properly.”
For more information about THE HAT PAL, please visit Additionally, readers can sign up to be kept in the loop for the company’s soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter campaign.

About the Company

The idea for THE HAT PAL began during a long-distance flight, when the founders of the company realized there was no decent place to store their hats. The two began to think of prototypes to develop the world’s most comprehensive, yet minimalistic, hat holding design on the market. And so, THE HAT PAL was born.

Marco Schmidt and David Lopez Frayle
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Source: EIN Presswire