Young Black Single Mom Writes Book on how She Built a 6-Figure Brand in the Nail Care Industry through Sweat Equity

Build a 6 Figure Brand While Still Working Your 9 to 5

Build a 6 Figure Brand While Still Working Your 9 to 5

Myeshia Jefferson

Myeshia Jefferson

Myeshia Jefferson is also the founder of Beauty Makes Cents, LLC, among other accomplishments.

Throughout my life I’ve had to make multiple sacrifices in order to obtain success.”

— Myeshia Jefferson

OAKLAND, CA, USA, January 21, 2021 / — Young black single mom who lived on section-8 and food stamps, Myeshia Jefferson, is announcing the launch of her highly anticipated book, Build a 6 Figure Brand While Still Working Your 9 to 5. The book is an A-Z roadmap on how to build any product or service-based business based on her own success.

Myeshia Jefferson is a brand strategist, consultant, speaker, trainer, and business owner with over 16 years of industry experience. Through the development of unique strategies and systems, Jefferson has helped over 100+ women-owned businesses to skyrocket their sales in just 90 days.
In her most recent news, Jefferson is announcing the release of her latest book, Build a 6 Figure Brand While Still Working Your 9 to 5. The book is designed for motivated individuals who desire financial freedom through entrepreneurship and guides misled hopefuls who sometimes fall prey to conflicting information.

In the Vietnamese-dominated nail care industry, Jefferson bought into a black owned nail salon through sweat equity. During the beginning of this part of her journey, Jefferson had to pay employees first, as opposed to herself and even despite these obstacles, she was still able to build one of the most top-rated 5-star nail salons in California.

“Throughout my life I’ve had to make multiple sacrifices in order to obtain success,” says Jefferson. “I was able to transform my life by working on my business and getting my Bachelor’s degree, all while working a night job as a security guard. When even this didn’t prove to be enough, I decided to go back to school and get my manicurist license so I could be more hands-on in the business, transform lives, and reshape the nail care industry.”

Jefferson also credits her success to the strong relationships she has built over the years. Her relationship with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, her family and her business partner/ mentor.

For more information about Jefferson, or to order her book, please visit

About Brand Strategist Myeshia Jefferson

Myeshia Jefferson is a living example of dedication and commitment – never ceasing to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, despite a vast number of hurdles and challenges. She does expert consulting, mentorship, and is an assistant director to a non-profit that helps single mothers receive scholarships, get them into the beauty industry, and also provides additional resources for self-sufficiency. One of Jefferson’s top consulting clients is the State of California’s Barbering and Cosmetology on how to make the nail care industry better, safer, and more efficient especially during COVID.

Myeshia Jefferson
Beauty Makes Cents LLC
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ORL launches new active lifestyle travel set

ORL’s New Toothpaste & Mouthwash Travel Kit

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, January 21, 2021 / — More than 100 harmful ingredients can be found in most oral care brands that consumers use daily. This shocking statistic has led ORL (pronounced “O-R-L”) to develop a product line free of these harmful ingredients.

The brand launched into the new year with the ultimate combination travel set of their perfect 7.0 pH balanced Fresh Mint toothpaste and mouthwash. The introduction of this highly requested travel set is now available direct to consumers on their website, internationally via Amazon, and at select US retail partners.

Designed with today's consumer and retailer in mind, these new TSA-friendly sized items allow for planning safe local staycations and long-distance trips. The travel set is packaged in recyclable 1oz glass bottles designed with mess-free pumps and with an innovative mouthwash concentrate to last for more than 20 individual days.

"Our customers have spoken, and we have delivered! This travel set delivers all the benefits our customers and retail partners know and love, in easy-to-use, eco-friendly sizes. ORL stands to our commitment to including the best natural and organic ingredients free from over 100 harmful ingredients found across many national brands in recyclable packaging. Our team is committed to continually improving the customer experience."
-Howard Kaufman, CEO ORL

ORL's proprietary formulation includes organic xylitol, plant-based essential oils, and vitamins & minerals. Retail partners can now easily display the products in multiple spots throughout their stores, such as the beauty aisle and check-out areas. The new travel set suggested retail is $16.99.

ORL's commitment to providing clean ingredients free from alcohol, parabens, gluten, and fluoride truly sets them apart from the rest. ORL is proud to be part of PETA's Beauty without Bunnies program, only using cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.

About ORL
Founded in 2019, ORL is a leading non-toxic oral care brand that has caught US retailers' attention across the country, including Erewhon, Harvest Market, and CBD Emporium—founded by four experienced business dreamers who are passionate about improving one's health without harmful ingredients and helping our overall environment. The ORL team is committed to providing the best oral care products for the entire family, delivering a perfect 7.0 pH balance supporting better oral care and overall health in eco-friendly glass packaging. ORL ensures the highest quality standards by sourcing and manufacturing their products in state-of-the-art FDA approved and USDA certified organic facilities in the USA.

The compare tool on ORL's website allows customers to plug in their current oral care products to learn about harmful ingredients found in many oral care products:

Where to find ORL

Kelly Stone-Binday
Integrated Marketing Management
+1 914-844-1995

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The rapid growth of India in clean energy

The rapid growth of India in clean energy

The rapid growth of India in clean energy”

— Karol Donimirsky

BARCELONA, SPAIN, January 21, 2021 / — As of now, India is leading to global carbon emissions. India’s population is 1.4 billion people, with 65% of this population depending on coal for energy. The country is undergoing a green-energy revolution that exceeds targets, break records, and making clean power a reality to many. Since India heavily relies on the coal industry, few ever thought that the country would exceed two critical adherences to the Paris Agreement.

One of these commitments is that India pledges to increase its clean power generation to 40% by 2030. Today, 38% of total India’s production capacity comes from hydroelectric, renewable, and nuclear sources, allowing the country to be on track to surpass its goals. The second dedication is reducing carbon emissions by 33-35%by 2030. There is the likelihood that by 2030, India would be reducing carbon emissions by 45%, exceeding the Paris target.

India’s fossil-fuel energy production capacity is 230GW, and 205GW comes from coal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced plans to build a new renewable-energy plant in 2015 with a capacity of 175GW by 2022, though many received the announcement with skepticism. Today, the country has installed a renewable power capacity of 89GW and is planning to attain the 175GW target. In 2015, India was producing renewables with a capacity of 35GW.

During the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit, Modi announced a new plan to build renewable energy with a capacity of 450GW by 2030. The motivating factors are the devastating effects of climate change, the deadly pollution in Indian cities, and the high energy imports bill. There is a great contrast between India and the United States as far as clean energy is concerned, as clean energy initiatives in India are highly politicized. President-Elect Joe Biden has an incredible $2 trillion plan to generate 100% energy from clean sources by 2050.

The rapid growth of India in clean energy
The Partnering of Electric Nation Vehicle with Igloo Energy to Grid Project
Oakman Aerospace is acquired by the Redwire Company

Karol Donimirsky
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‘What’s Your Beautiful? by Kaya

Kaya’s new campaign ‘What’s Your Beautiful?



With their new ‘What’s Your Beautiful?’ campaign, Kaya Empowers Women to pursue their Beauty Choices, fearlessly.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 21, 2021 / — Women of today are crushing one social obstacle after another and taking the concept of beauty into their own hands.

According to a recent regional survey by Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East, for 74% of women, the most important reason for undergoing an aesthetic treatment, above peer influence or medical necessity, is to achieve their version of beauty. In the Middle East, where looking beautiful and elegant on the outside reflects the beauty within, women are fearlessly opting for cosmetic beauty treatments to feel more confident.

Women & the beauty category are soaring in 2021
The global cosmetic procedures market is set to experience exponential growth with estimates of its value increasing to staggering $15.9 billion by 2025 and Kaya’s new campaign ‘What’s Your Beautiful?’ launches just as 82% women admitted to being more attentive to their skin, hair & body since the onset of COVID-19.

Women in the Middle East are increasingly entering positions of power in the corporate and business world, which is aiding in this cultural revolution. Studies indicate that by 2030, the number of women holding technical jobs is set to double through the help of digitization. More women are also getting emboldened to don the entrepreneurial hat in the Middle East, and it is estimated that Middle Eastern women will soon hold $1 trillion in wealth.

Famous faces & social media normalizing cosmetic treatments
Also prompting women to take bold beauty choices is the number of celebrities who have spoken candidly and publicly about their own surgeries. Many popular names have admitted, unapologetically, to undergoing cosmetic procedures including television personality Kylie Jenner who has had lip fillers, and musician Cardi B, who has undergone invasive procedures for breast augmentation.

Popularity on social media has been instrumental in forging acceptance for cosmetic surgery in society. With over 48.5% of participants in one study reporting that social media influenced them to consider undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Now, with COVID-19 and work from home facilitating dealing with recovery time whilst simultaneously driving a need to look good over video calls the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reports virtual beauty consultations rose by nearly 70% during lockdown. With most business being conducted online via conference applications.

Kaya stands with women
Kaya’s campaign ‘What’s your Beautiful?’ aims to bridge the gap between the new age bold woman’s version of beauty and social judgements. It is focused on giving women the power to choose how they want to look and to be fearless in the face of labels or judgements by society. Whether it’s taking advantage of technology or advanced beauty solutions, every woman has the power to restore, preserve, and enhance their essential vitality and pursue what will make them feel beautiful.

While the conversation has started, and acceptance is far higher now than it ever was before, surprisingly, women opting for these treatments continue to face societal judgements, with Kaya’s study showing that over 56% of women still feel there is still a stigma associated with aesthetic treatments.

Commenting on the campaign, Latika Vieira, Head of Marketing – Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East says, “As leaders in the Aesthetic Beauty Category, we wanted to start a conversation that would help women be more accepting and less judgemental of other women and of themselves – especially when it comes to Beauty Choices. Women should have the freedom to choose what makes them feel beautiful and should not feel shy or ashamed of using advanced technology and services available to get to the results they want. Because feeling beautiful is empowering and at Kaya, we resolve to let you pursue that fearlessly.”

Women of today have already embarked on a bold beauty journey, and whilst the pandemic may be changing the world, Kaya continues to salute and support them.

About Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East
With a mission to deliver world class skin care in the Middle East, Kaya Skin Clinic arrived in the UAE in 2003. Opening the doors to a whole new approach that blends dermatological expertise, a refined sense of aesthetics and a culture of caring. After almost 2 decades here, it is now the region’s leading skin, hair & body care experts with a comprehensive range of offerings designed to deliver value across a fast-growing spectrum of emerging consumer needs especially like advanced dermatological solutions, body solutions and plastic surgery.

Committed to customized aesthetic care, Kaya has grown to offer its unique experience across 23 clinics covering the UAE, Oman and KSA. Catering to millions of customers in the region, the team garners a wealth of insight which helps craft Kaya’s unique brand of expertise.

Backed by the region’s largest pool of dermatological talent, the team is specially oriented to deliver the Kaya Skin Clinic brand of expert care.

For more information, please visit

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Or Call 04 343 0888

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Show the World What’s Your Beautiful! by Kaya

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The perfume and cosmetics packaging brand Flosty launches new digital and brand image strategy

Flosty, the packaging specialist, unveils new website featuring the latest innovations

BARCELONA, SPAIN, January 21, 2021 / — Flosty, the manufacturer of high-quality packaging for the perfume and cosmetics sector, has recently launched a new brand website to show its current and potential clients its latest creations, partnerships with the leading names in the sector, and the most on-trend news and content.

Flosty, the packaging specialist, launches a new more dynamic and creative brand presence. As embodied by its new brand positioning “Make it yours”, the change is not simply visual, it is also in the new business model concept. Flosty aims to be the go-to company for brands in the sector who face short deadlines for long mould creation processes, or have a more elementary product line but are seeking wider model & customisation possibilities.

Talking about fragrances and cosmetics is talking about and entire universe or rather, of as many universes as the brands can create. This is where Flosty sets a new standard with the versatility it offers: a wide range of finishes, colours, sizes, materials, and ideas, all applied to models that FLOSTY develops for all its brands/clients.

As Hélène Lefort, Flosty Marketing & Sales Director, states “our aim is to add value and potential to personalisation with highly qualitative products, whilst avoiding long development lead times and high costs”.

With offices in Barcelona and a Made in Europe production, Flosty was founded in 2010 as the standard-items commercialisation unit of TESEM, and recently re-organised as a strategic development unit to promote the creation of new customary products and techniques available to all.

This year the company will launch an important new range of products that will no doubt bear the hallmark of the team’s spirit.

More information:

Jesús F. Gordillo
Kellenföl Advertising
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Brittany Golden Ballwin Details Tips for Grooming Your Cat at Home

Brittany Golden Ballwin

Brittany Golden Ballwin

Brittany Golden Ballwin

Brittany Golden Ballwin

Brittany Golden Ballwin Tips for Grooming your Cat

Brittany Golden Ballwin Tips for Grooming your Cat

Tips for Grooming Your Cat at Home According to Brittany Golden Ballwin

BALLWIN, MI, UNITED STATES , January 20, 2021 / — Brittany Golden Ballwin shares tips on how to groom your cat at home.

"Just because cats are good at grooming themselves doesn't mean they don't need some extra help," says Brittany Golden Ballwin. "It's best to start when they're kittens, however, if you make grooming fun, you can groom any age cat."

So how do you groom a cat at home? According to Brittany Golden Ballwin, start with small sessions of 5 to 10 minutes and gradually increase the time you spend grooming. However, if your cat is having a really hard time with the session, end it short and try again when he is calmer and actually enjoying the session.

"Brushing is the best way to start off a session," says Brittany Golden Ballwin. "Regular sessions of brushing with a brush or comb will keep your cat's fur in great condition by removing dirt and debris and spreading around the natural oils that nourish your cat's coat." For long-haired cats, Brittany Golden Ballwin recommends every day brushing sessions. For short-haired cats, brush them once a week.

If you're brave enough to bathe your cat, or if he has gotten into something smelly, use a mild shampoo. Before the bath, according to Brittany Golden Ballwin, give him a good brushing to remove any matted up hair, as well as debris. Brittany Golden Ballwin recommends using a non-slip mat in a sink or tub to keep your cat from sliding around during the bath.

You don't want to submerge your cat in the bath, says Brittany Golden Ballwin. Instead, fill it up to three or four inches of lukewarm water and preferably use a spray hose to get him wet while avoiding his ears, eyes, and nose. If you don't have a spray hose, use a plastic cup. Work the shampoo from the head to the tail, rinse, and brush dry. Patience on your part is a big key to a successful grooming session. Your cat may not cooperate at first so it may take some time before your grooming session even includes a bath.

Nail clipping is another grooming service you can do at home, according to Brittany Golden Ballwin. Before you even think about clipping your cat's nails, you'll need to get him used to have his feet touched. Otherwise, you might find it hard-pressed to get the job done. Also, don't clip all the nails at once. Clip one at a time and give him treats and praise in between clips.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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The New Microbiome Minded Skincare Brand Making Skin Health Its Top Priority

New York-based, former Beauty Buyer for Barneys New York and Rinascente, launches a new microbiome-minded skincare and wellness brand, Le Cleanse Officiel.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2021 / — For the past 15 years, Mirella Siciliano has reviewed thousands of skincare products worldwide, becoming an expert at discovering labels with the latest technologies and ingredients. Underwhelmed by step-intensive routines and trend-driven ingredients, Mirella realized that it was time for the beauty industry to change the narrative and focus on skin health.

“I knew I needed to bring it back to the basics, so I set off to find an essential solution for myself to share with the world.”

Her research indicated that a good basic routine focused on defending, protecting, and hydrating the skin’s microbiome. She found that listening and tending to your skin’s ecosystem [the microbial habitat that requires homeostasis] will achieve optimal skin health.

Minding this microbiome became the Le Cleanse Officiel mission, and she discovered a whole new meaning for what clean truly means. Siciliano says, “Clean means hydration. Clean means protection. Clean means perfectly balancing the number of good bacteria in the skin’s microbiome.”

Prebiotics + Probiotics
Each Le Cleanse Officiel product cultivates your skin’s garden of good bacteria with the power of Pre+Probiotics and Soothing Fruits + Flowers. Le Cleanse renews the skin’s ecosystem, bringing balance and homeostasis back. “It’s a daily support system to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.”

About Le Cleanse
Le Cleanse targets the skin-intellectuals that crave a purposeful brand of minimal complexity for maximum efficacy. The brand, created by former Barneys New York beauty buyer Mirella Siciliano, is committed to shifting the narrative from what is wrong with your skin to properly preserving and protecting it by defining the core essentials for healthy skin. Formulated with Pre+Probiotics and Soothing Fruits + Flowers, the collection includes a modern 3-Step System + Boosters to help amplify your routine.

For more information about
Le Cleanse Officiel, please contact

Le Cleanse
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Comedian Lori Hamilton returns to Online@theSpaceUK, January 8-21 2021, with her online short film Project Spudway

three animated potatoes dressed for runway fashion for show Project Spudway

Project Spudway by Lori Hamilton

Picture of woman with long hair in black and white with soft smile in t-shirt

Lori Hamilton, Creator of Project Spudway

Project Spudway and Corporate Knobs promotion piece for Jan 8-21, 2021 shows by Lori Hamilton

Lori Hamilton, Comedian/Creator, with show on January 8-21, 2021 at

Comedy joins fashion to teach lessons of acceptance

It’s exciting to see people enjoying my shows.”

— Lori Hamilton, Project Spudway Creator

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2021 / — Lori Hamilton returns to partner with theSpaceUK for the 2021 season of Online@theSpaceUK, streaming now until January 21. The comedian presents the next short in her film project, Potato Family, Project Spudway. This series is a collaboration with illustrator and animator Montana Hall and features lessons from Project Runway told through the eyes of animated potatoes. You’ll see the first episode featuring fashion guru Christian Siriano’s explanation of why we should design for all body types, not just the skinny French fry. Yams and hashbrowns add colour and flavour to the spud-tactic design show, complete with outtakes!

Hamilton is happy to participate in the project and enjoys bringing a smile to peoples’ faces, “It’s exciting to see people enjoying my shows.”

Hamilton also shares her comedic insights about the corporate world with The Corporate Knobs, a comedy variety show that gives you the TRUTH about work life. From How to Be a Bad Manager, Guess the HR Outcome, Real World Job Descriptions and Cat Co-Workers, you’ll see the hilarious and very real world of life in Corporate America. &

Her two shows have garnered a lot of attention for both their humor and the important messages that are striking a chord with audiences during these uncertain times. In addition to being chosen for the 2021 Online@theSpaceUK festival, both films have also recently been selected for The Best Shorts Competition.

Hamilton first joined theSpaceUK for their online festival in August to present her live, one-woman variety show The Silly and Unnecessary Variety Show, which can now be viewed online.

Press Reviews

“Hamilton’s performance … is very funny."
– Donna M Day, North End West UK

“Brilliant work … comical … inspirational”
– Atlanta Press

“…one heck of an actress – the girl could dance … this girl could sing too.”
– Go Go Magazine, Denver
About Lori…
Lori grew up just outside of Northern California and attended UCLA, where she studied Linguistics and
Modern British Drama. She studied Opera at The Juilliard School, New England Conservatory and
Mannes College of Music. After a singing with the Boston Symphony and the Atlanta Opera, she went
on to do comedy, writing and performing. Lori has written and produced over 150 short films, created
and performed four one-woman shows, including a much-lauded tour with the National New Play
Festival in the United States. Her talents have earned her 43 awards for creative and writing excellence,
including 5 Best of Shows. Her cats did not help at all, although they take credit for providing with her
constant, much-needed supervision. To see more of her work, visit .

About the Show…
Online@theSpaceUK has responded to the challenges of COVID-19 by creating an online theatre
festival that runs throughout August. While it can never replace the Edinburgh Festival Fringe,
Online@theSpaceUK is proud and excited to host this new and dynamic work on its platform.

Julia Roberts
Roberts Resource
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Project Spudway by Lori Hamilton, Comedian/Creator with Illustrator Montana Hall

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The NCIDC Announces Its Members are In- Network for Contigo Health

North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration

The NCIDC is the largest clinically integrated network of independent dermatologists in the state

CARY, NC, US, January 20, 2021 / — The North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration, a leading clinically integrated dermatology healthcare provider collaboration in the state, announced that its members are in-network for Contigo Health networks in the Triangle area for a major employer. Contigo Health is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that has many innovative solutions available to employers and is an industry leader in the creation and management of employer-sponsored health plan offerings. Contigo Health also assists employees to find providers and facilities in the employer’s preferred networks.

The MedCost Network is an additional network option in the Contigo networks and is the largest independent provider network in NC. The MedCost Network is designed to create savings for employees while offering wide access to a variety of the highest quality medical providers and facilities. MedCost uses experience in hospital and physician contracting to provide extensive access and substantial savings to members while ensuring a continuum of quality care.

The cost of healthcare continues to rise, and employers find it harder to provide employee benefits that deliver quality care at an affordable cost. Contigo Health helps by empowering employers with a flexible approach to employee benefits to help improve access to quality care, achieve cost savings and improve member satisfaction.

The NCIDC has developed plans that align with Contigo Health’s mission to make healthcare more affordable. The NCIDC focuses on patients getting better access to independent dermatologists and all the subspecialties of dermatology and improving the quality of dermatologic care making healthcare more affordable.

Many of North Carolina's independent dermatology physician groups have formed a regional collaborative designed to allow them to provide the benefits of a clinically integrated collaboration, including higher efficiency of care, improved quality, more effective delivery, lower costs, and increased savings.

The organization, dubbed the North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaborative, brings together many dermatology care providers spanning the Triangle area of North Carolina. The physicians have built an organization for independent physicians by physicians to allow the participating physicians to achieve the advantages of being part of a more extensive, clinically integrated system. Member physician practices will facilitate lowering costs while providing high-quality care with the same hometown doctor patients have come to know and trust — all without sacrificing their independence.

The founding members of the Collaborative, in addition to its large general dermatology care base, offers a broad range of dermatology specialties, from Dermatopathology to Pediatric Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery, including Mohs surgery to Cosmetic Dermatology and much more.

Dubbed the North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaborative, the entity comprises 25 independent dermatology providers who serve estimated 250,000-plus patients in the area. Formed during increasing healthcare consolidation and value-based care models, the collaborative can offer a total independent dermatologic solution.

NC Independent Dermatology Collaboration
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Partnership to accelerate growth and drive new market entry, with a focus on Asia

We are really excited to license these premium brands from EMMAC. The nutraceutical products will serve as an entry point for Yooma into this new product category”

— Ron Wardle, CEO of Yooma

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 20, 2021 / — EMMAC Life Sciences Group (“EMMAC” or the “Group”), Europe’s largest independent cannabis company, and Yooma Corp. (“Yooma”), one of Asia’s leading CBD and wellness social commerce companies, today announced they have entered into a licensing agreement whereby Yooma will license EMMAC’s wellness brands, including Blossom, MYO, Hello Joya and What the Hemp (the “EMMAC Brands”). Under the terms of the Agreement, Yooma will have exclusive rights for the distribution and sale of the EMMAC Brands in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia as well as non-exclusive distribution rights in certain other global markets.

Blossom produces premium quality CBD skincare and wellness products, currently sold through various on-line channels in Europe and select retailers in the United Kingdom. MYO Plant Nutrition combines high-quality plant ingredients with cannabinoids and other active ingredients to produce performance-enhancing nutritional supplements in 100% compostable recyclable packaging. What The Hemp and Hello Joya are both plant-based hemp snack brands currently sold through select retail partners in France with What The Hemp also being available in certain stores in the UK.

Yooma intends to integrate the EMMAC Brands into its existing sales channels in Asia, including cross-border eCommerce in China on various Alibaba platforms.

Ron Wardle, CEO of Yooma, said: “We are really excited to license these premium brands from EMMAC. The nutraceutical products will serve as an entry point for Yooma into this new product category, and exclusive licensing of Blossom will facilitate the opening of a TMall flagship store. Furthermore, we expect that the licensing model will result in improved unit economics for Yooma.”

Antonio Costanzo, CEO of EMMAC, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Yooma. Their expertise in CBD Lifestyle brands, as well as their established footprint in Asia, will bring immediate scale and expertise to our exciting portfolio of wellness brands. We look forward to seeing increased momentum in product sales in new and emerging markets, as well as building momentum in Europe.”

About EMMAC Life Sciences Group
EMMAC Life Sciences Group is Europe’s largest independent cannabis company, bringing together pioneering science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction, and production. With a unique supply and distribution network throughout Europe, EMMAC’s vision is to bring the life-enhancing potential of cannabis to the people who need it. For more information about EMMAC, please visit

For general enquiries please contact or visit

Media enquiries:
Henry Harrison-Topham / Jamie Hooper / Ariadna Peretz Tel: +44 (0) 20 7466 5000


Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, EDA and subsidiaries based in China, Japan and the United States, Yooma intends to leverage the success and experience of its senior management to build Yooma’s business into one of Asia’s leading cannabinoid (CBD) and wellness products social commerce companies through the distribution and sale of CBD beauty and skincare and other wellness products via a strategically curated network of sales channels. Yooma has assembled a strong international team of multicultural industry professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing, eCommerce and social media in the pan-Asian region with particular depth in the Chinese eCommerce market. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Yooma Corp.
Ron Wardle


Notice regarding Forward Looking Statements
All information included in this press release, including any information as to the future financial or operating performance and other statements of Yooma that express management’s expectations or estimates of future performance, other than statements of historical fact, constitute forward-looking information or forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws and are based on expectations, estimates and projections as of the date hereof. Forward-looking statements are included for the purpose of providing information about management’s current expectations and plans relating to the future. Wherever possible, words such as “plans”, “expects”, “scheduled”, “trends”, “forecasts”, “future”, “indications”, “potential”, “estimates”, “predicts”, “anticipate”, “to establish”, “believe”, “intend”, “ability to”, or statements that certain actions, events or results “may”, “should”, “could”, “would”, “might”, “will”, or are "likely" to be taken, occur or be achieved, or the negative of these words or other variations thereof, have been used to identify such forward-looking information. Specific forward-looking statements include, without limitation, all disclosure regarding future results of operations, economic conditions and anticipated courses of action, including any intended uses of the EMMAC Brands in Yooma’s operations, Yooma’s expansion into new product categories, any intention of Yooma to open a Tmall flagship store and any improvements in Yooma’s unit economics.

There are many risks and uncertainties that may affect forward-looking statements including, among others, regulatory risk in each jurisdiction in which Yooma does or intends to operate, the uncertainties, effects of and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, reliance on licenses, competition, dependence on senior management and key personnel, general business risk and liability, regulation of the CBD industry, changes in laws, regulations and guidelines, compliance with laws, limited operating history, unfavourable publicity or consumer perception, product liability, risks related to intellectual property, product recalls, difficulties with forecasts, management of growth and litigation, many of which are beyond the control of Yooma. Although the forward-looking statements contained herein reflect management's current beliefs and reasonable assumptions based upon information available to management as of the date hereof, Yooma cannot be certain that actual results will be consistent with such forward-looking information. Yooma cautions you not to place undue reliance upon any such forward-looking statements. Yooma disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable law. Nothing herein should be construed as either an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy or sell securities of Yooma.

Ron Wardle
Yooma Corp
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