The New Microbiome Minded Skincare Brand Making Skin Health Its Top Priority

New York-based, former Beauty Buyer for Barneys New York and Rinascente, launches a new microbiome-minded skincare and wellness brand, Le Cleanse Officiel.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2021 / — For the past 15 years, Mirella Siciliano has reviewed thousands of skincare products worldwide, becoming an expert at discovering labels with the latest technologies and ingredients. Underwhelmed by step-intensive routines and trend-driven ingredients, Mirella realized that it was time for the beauty industry to change the narrative and focus on skin health.

“I knew I needed to bring it back to the basics, so I set off to find an essential solution for myself to share with the world.”

Her research indicated that a good basic routine focused on defending, protecting, and hydrating the skin’s microbiome. She found that listening and tending to your skin’s ecosystem [the microbial habitat that requires homeostasis] will achieve optimal skin health.

Minding this microbiome became the Le Cleanse Officiel mission, and she discovered a whole new meaning for what clean truly means. Siciliano says, “Clean means hydration. Clean means protection. Clean means perfectly balancing the number of good bacteria in the skin’s microbiome.”

Prebiotics + Probiotics
Each Le Cleanse Officiel product cultivates your skin’s garden of good bacteria with the power of Pre+Probiotics and Soothing Fruits + Flowers. Le Cleanse renews the skin’s ecosystem, bringing balance and homeostasis back. “It’s a daily support system to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.”

About Le Cleanse
Le Cleanse targets the skin-intellectuals that crave a purposeful brand of minimal complexity for maximum efficacy. The brand, created by former Barneys New York beauty buyer Mirella Siciliano, is committed to shifting the narrative from what is wrong with your skin to properly preserving and protecting it by defining the core essentials for healthy skin. Formulated with Pre+Probiotics and Soothing Fruits + Flowers, the collection includes a modern 3-Step System + Boosters to help amplify your routine.

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