Where Did The Name Healthy1Inc Come From?

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The day he believed it was possible to start Healthy1Inc.

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A Symbol To Remember, A Household Brand.

All I Needed Was Job Which Soon Became A Career And Evolved Into A Lifestyle. Best Thing That Ever Happened.

CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Healthy1Inc Owner Matthew Zifferblatt recalls the past events that led to him starting the company.

Flash back to August 10th, 2017: The day it all began. I was unemployed and about to launch my own supplement brand. My passion to help others needed to be funneled into something productive to provide for my family. My body was out of shape; I was about 90 pounds overweight and only had about $2,000 in my pocket to begin this venture. I decided to take a huge personal risk and jump headfirst into the unknown. On this day, the company was born. Eventually it would grow to a brand, and finally a lifestyle.

Every new company needs a name, right? That is always a challenge. My goals were to improve personal health, I knew I needed to change, to get healthier, and through this new brand, bring about change in others’ physical and mental health. After a few late-night brainstorming sessions, a theme was starting to come together.

The name came from the change that was coming for me and what I wanted to deliver to the public: I wanted them to be Healthy, I wanted to be the Healthy One. And that is how it dawned on me, Healthy1! And so it began. Now, here we are 4 years later and the name Healthy1Inc has dominated in the nutrition industry from its inception. We are proud to be a well-known brand that people know and trust. The name Healthy1Inc has meaning – and a mission.

What Does Healthy1Inc Stand For?

“Healthy1inc began as a job, because that’s exactly what I needed at the time” said owner Matthew Zifferblatt.
However, it did not remain as a simple “job”. As I was struggling to lose weight, I began to incorporate new core values into my routine to better push through to the next weight loss milestone. These values became instilled in my brand, Healthy1Inc, and through them I have been able to set a standard for helping others with their personal health goals.

The first value: Lifestyle – Our lifestyle needs to change to stay and remain healthy. To be the Healthy1 is to incorporate a completely new lifestyle.

The second value: Choices – are the things we all must wrestle with in life. Making the right choices is vital for personal health.

The final value: Discipline – because without discipline we just have a dream. Everyone can learn the discipline that is required to uphold a healthy lifestyle. It’s achieved by adhering to the first two values.

Today, Healthy1Inc stands for #lifestyle #choices #disclipine

Why Coaching?
Since my 90 pound weight loss transformation and struggle it became known to me that most people didn’t have a lot of knowledge or training – many were just as stuck as I felt with my excess weight. They had no plan to lose it, but knew something had to be done about it.

From that realization, I began to offer personal coaching services through Healthy1Inc. This was something I felt called upon to do. My personal success can be a motivator for you – and together we can accomplish greater things than either could alone. That’s the power of a strong bond with a coach. And that’s what I’m proud to provide here at Healthy1Inc. Since 2017 I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their personal health goals through one-on-one coaching. And every day I’m proud to say I am making a difference with my brand.


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#lifestyle #choices #discipline

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