Parents Supporting their Online Learners: part 6 of 11

Preparing for the next grade level

Parents need to know if their children are currently functioning on grade level, and if not, where the losses are and how they can be recouped”

— Dr. Andrea Thompson

Schools are preparing to help children recoup learning loss caused by the adjustments made to teaching/learning, during COVID-19. Although teachers did a phenomenal job of teaching Kindergartners online, there are some for whom online teaching was insufficient. These are children who benefit mainly by learning with colleagues in a physical classroom setting. Now that they are prepared to return to school, hybrid (2-days per week) or fully on ground, parents need to partner with teachers to help recoup learning loss. Doing so means you need to know if your child is currently functioning on grade level, and if not, where are the losses and how can they be recouped? Next, request strategies and resources that can be used at home to help with learning loss. Begin the process of preparing your child for the next grade level, just as Ms. Cherry did for her Kindergartner.

Ms. Cherry’s daughter, Kimberly, started Kindergarten in August, 2020. Kimberly had never experienced being in a physical class setting with friends, or sitting on the carpet as the teacher read aloud to the group. All learning occurred online. Last month Ms. Cherry asked Kimberly’s teacher if she was reading on grade level, only to be told she was not. Further prompting revealed that her child was unable to decode unknown words, and did not know all the level 1 and 2 Sight Words required by the end of Kindergarten. She was afraid her daughter would not be ready for 1st grade.

The teacher further explained that limited vocabulary and poor decoding skills were impacting Kimberly’s ability to read fluently. In turn, comprehension was impacted. This discussion with the teacher brought much clarity as to why her daughter struggled so much with recognizing words in a Kindergarten level reading book. The teacher recommended that Ms. Cherry use the Parents as Tutors ( Tutorial videos. She also used the strategies outlined in two texts located under Resources, on the website, Blending and Segmenting and Comprehension Intervention.

Kimberly has made phenomenal gains, and is now reading on a 1st grade level. Parents as Tutors ( encourages parents to begin asking teachers about identified learning losses. Know what help your child needs, and use our resources and tutorial videos to recoup those learning losses.

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