MODA MODA, invents multi-functional shampoo container, applying a patented 3-step oxygen blocking technology

MODA MODA Black Shampoo

MODA MODA patent container

Perfectly preserves the shampoo formula via a 3-step sealing mechanism, customized to block oxygen exposure.

SEOUL, KOREA, May 10, 2021 / — MODA MODA (Representative Aiden Bae), a multifunctional shampoo brand, has recently announced the invention of a patented 3-step oxygen blocking shampoo container.

The conventional shampoo containers are often consisted of 4-layer coats, minimizing the shampoo’s exposure to light and oxygen. In fact, one critical drawback of such a model is that the air inflow into the container is inevitable when pumping the shampoo head.

The newly designed 3-step oxygen blocking container primarily blocks the inflow of oxygen with an aluminum pouch. Acknowledging that the aluminum has a low oxygen transmission rate, both the shampoo formula and the vacuum pump are placed inside the aluminum pouch. Also, a disc valve is located inside the pump. The disc valve secondarily blocks the possible inflow of oxygens by obstructing the backflow of shampoo back into the pump tube.

Finally, when the pump head is filled with shampoo, a small stick-like shaft, geared with the nozzle head inside the pump head, is pushed back due to the pressure exerted by the shampoo formula, creating a gap for shampoo to be discharged through the outlet. Then, once the shampoo is released, easing the pressure, a spring located at the back of the shaft pushes the shaft ahead, completely gearing the shaft into the nozzle head of the pump outlet.

The application of such technology to MODA MODA’s Pro-Change Black Shampoo enables an optimum sealing ability and minimizes oxidization of shampoo formula. The patented technology, named ‘viscous fluid discharging pump,’ guarantees the preservation of susceptible substances.

According to an employee of MODA MODA, “As the main ingredients consisting of our shampoo formula are susceptible to oxygen, we desperately needed a technique that blocks the inflow of oxygen.” He added, “we were able to invent this sealing container after thousands of test runs with numerous shampoo containers presented in the current market.” Furthermore, he announced, “we hope to globalize MODA MODA’s exceptional products, beginning with our grand launch at Kickstarter in May,” denoting a promising plan.

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MODA MODA is a multifunction shampoo brand launched by BHLAB CEO Aiden Bae in April 2021. BHLAB, a multifunctional cosmetics distribution company, was founded in 2014 and has worked alongside “Korea’s MIT” KAIST to develop patented ingredients and cosmeceutical technologies. BHLAB’s vision is to create the ideal skin recipe for safe and convenient usage. It currently runs two cosmetic brands, Dr. Labella and DL. Skin, which are distributed across major international channels such as Amazon, Lotte Department Store, Taobao, Mega mart, drugstores, pharmacy chains, and online shopping malls.

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