L.A. Clothing Producer Launches 'Established Designer' Program

Los Angeles clothing producer, The Evans Group, has a new spin on fashion design.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Los Angeles clothing producer, The Evans Group, has a new spin on fashion design. A large part of the fashion house’s mission is focused solely on those without the means to launch a clothing line independently.

The award-winning Los Angeles-based production house offers independent designers the opportunity to launch their very own clothing brands. Evan's production house, appearing in New York Fashion Week and stores like Banana Republic, has experience working with thousands of fashion brands.

Jennifer Evans and her team bring years of experience, high design standards, and high-quality sample development from her downtown Los Angeles production studio. Evans, herself an experienced student of fashion, wanted to level the playing field for smaller brands and fashion designers. Evans experienced a taste for things to come, forging her design philosophy with a fundraising drive for the International Academy of Irvine.

Starting her shop in a space the size of a standard shipping container, Evans went to work building her reputation as one of the foremost fashion design experts on the West Coast.

While the main focus of The Evans Group is the goals of independent designers, the production house offers comprehensive fashion development options for more established designers.

How Does the Established Designer Program Work?

The Evans Group aims to scale a luxury fashion brand effectively. This designer program, built upon a unique mixture of handwork, sewing, fabric sourcing, communication, allows designers to have significant control over their brand vision.

When creating a fashion plan with The Evans Group, designers work alongside talented patternists, sewing experts, and project managers. The Evans Group aims to be a production partner, helping designers of all types reach their goals on their own terms.

Designers choose studio-level production (10–50 pieces per style) and factory-level production (50–500 pieces per style). You'll meet with a project manager, create a comprehensive fashion plan, and play a part in every step of the creative process.

Discussing Your Fashion Line

After choosing the desired amount of pieces, the design team goes to work discussing the fashion line. Transparent consultation and discussion are where Jennifer Evans and her team go over budget, design timeline, and more. The team then starts designing and sourcing. Through a unique specification sheet, the Creative Services team and the client utilize mood boards, drawings, and in-depth planning sessions to nail the creative vision. In addition to these various steps, Evans and her team will constantly communicate with the fashion designer, consulting every step of the way.

The Development Phase

Next is the development phase. The developmental stage is where the mood boards and drawings become tangible pieces of clothing through the dedication of a project manager and production team. Experts in design, like pattern makers and Sewers, take on ambitious goals and creative flourishes. Jennifer Evans curated an expert team dedicated to precision and vision above all else.

Production and Final Steps

Next comes production. The Production Manager takes over, fashioning a pricing report, followed by completing your clothing order.

A Note About the Pricing Packages

There are a few pricing options for fashion lines. For example, The Test Drive costs $5,400 and includes a few meetings with team leaders, drawings, and a few work samples.

Other pricing plans include The Capsule, The Basics, and The Collections, all varying in the number of pieces and source meetings.

Whether it's a last-minute 'surprise' project, or an in-depth, well-designed fashion plan, The Evans Group can create an in-depth fashion development plan. With talented cut and sew manufacturers, patternists, and project managers, fashion designers large and small can fully flesh out a clothing line.

What Does This Mean?
If her client list is any indication of the success of the fashion design process, Evans and her team have found a winning formula. By introducing a transparent process, filled with encouragement, communication, and expert input, both small and large fashion brands can grow with the help of The Evans Group.

Along with propping up smaller brands and opening doors for new fashion designers, The Evans Group offers an expert service for more prominent brands. This service is ideal for taking a luxury brand and scaling it effectively. The Evans Group considers your fashion concerns when scaling your established brand. The hands-on approach of Evans and her team fosters an environment of good communication, ambition, and creative freedom.

If you're worried about certain aspects of your clothing line, Evans and her team will create a comprehensive, customized solution. The team, filled with fashion industry veterans, can make your brand stand out.

About The Evans Group
The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers. The Evans Group prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses in the United States with unique skills and goals for independent fashion designers.

Learn more about The Evans Group at https://tegintl.com/

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