Dr. Franziska Leonhardt – CEO of Ave+Edam, honored by World Biz Magazine Awards with "Top 100 Innovation CEO" Award

Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, CEO of Ave+Edam

Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, CEO of Ave+Edam

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Ave+Edam innovation leaders in skincare

Ave+Edam innovation leaders in skincare

Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, CEO of Germany's Ave+Edam, has been announced as a “Top 100 Innovation CEO – 2021” by World Biz Magazine.

Using the means of technology can really make a difference when it comes to taking the guesswork out of skin care.”

— Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, CEO of Ave+Edam

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, May 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, CEO of Ave+Edam has been selected by the Judges of World Biz Magazine's annual awards to be a recipient of the Top 100 Innovation CEOs Award – 2021. This selection follows a stringent process that evaluated over 40,000 nominees to select the exclusive list of 100 winners.

Dr. Leonhardt is the CEO of Ave+Edam, a company that leverages advanced technology in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide superior skin care products. Dr. Leonhardt is a high profile entrepreneur, angel investor, lawyer and blockchain enthusiast, who is based in Berlin. Currently the founder of two businesses, she formerly worked in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Dr. Leonhardt was also previously General Counsel, CCO and interim member of the Supervisory Board of Rocket Internet SE with responsibility for executing board decisions within Rocket Internet‘s network in 110+ countries with 50+ founder teams. She is an active player in the Berlin startup ecosystem as senior advisor and advisory board member for several companies.

About Ave+Edam
Off-the-shelf skincare assumes that what works for most will work for all, but we know that one-size-fits-all truly fits no one. Together with you, we create skincare that delivers the best results for your unique skin. Built around you, personalized products take all relevant factors into consideration and adapt to your dynamic lifestyle. We know that being comfortable in your own skin means something different to each person. Embrace individualism in all its beauty and celebrate yours with AVE + EDAM. www.aveandedam.com

Commenting on Innovation at Ave+Edam, Dr. Leonhardt had this to say: "Innovation is at the center of our company.
Technology-wise, we use data from the environment like pollution charts, air quality in general, UV light, wind, seasonal changes, water hardness… to name a few, as well as lifestyle and skin data in order to formulate better and more sustainable products. We worked with two dermatologists, chemists, cosmetologists and of course data scientists in order to fuel our data base. We vertically integrate R&D in the value chain of fast moving consumer goods starting with skincare. A feedback loop from the customer back to R&D ensures that our technology stack is always up to date and we are able to retrain the neural net in our backend. We also are the first company that uses this technology backbone to formulate products algorithmically. We have sold over ten-thousand products, analyzed over 70k consumer profiles and correlated 4m data points.
Ingredients and Formulation wise, we have been recognized for this with being nominated TOP 3 AI Startups for the German AI Award 2020. We are the first beauty company that has been Green Label certified in December 2020 by CodeCheck (a consumer scanning app that shows ingredients in a product)."

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"Using the means of technology can really make a difference when it comes to taking the guesswork out of skin care. In addition, we set the standard in the Clean beauty category for which there is no clearly defined standard yet. This ties hand in hand with sustainability aspects as consumption increases waste. With our approach of producing the right product for each customer we are able to significantly reduce the waste which is caused by mass production and conventional methods." – Dr. Franziska Leonhardt

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Ave+Edam creates personal skincare as unique as you. Clean and ecologically made-to-order. Backed by science, made in Germany. Ave+Edam was founded by Dr. Franziska Leonhardt (high profile entrepreneur, investor, lawyer and blockchain enthusiast) and Professor Dominik L. Michels (scientist and tech expert focused on algorithms). Ave+Edam is on a bold journey to create a new generation of skincare: personalized by advanced technology and powered by the cleanest, high-performance ingredients. www.aveandedam.com

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