Dr. Jennifer R Berman Now Offering BioTe Pellets Therapy

The Los Angeles doctor unveils new developments in hormonal treatments

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Jennifer Berman has announced her release of Biote Pellet therapy, after months of development and testing. The pellets are targeted towards women facing hormonal imbalance issues, especially as women who are older. Hormonal imbalances can become extremely uncomfortable for women, as the side effects may be unpredictable and painful. To treat this issue, Dr. Berman’s biote pellets will restore the body to its natural state prior to hormonal issues. Dr. Berman’s new service has already become popular at her office, with dozens of clients requesting the treatment just weeks after launch.

“I was able to try the pellet treatment when it came out, and I feel so much calmer and healthier. I appreciate Dr. Berman’s efforts to help women like me out every day,” says Marlena W., a Los Angeles native. “It didn’t hurt one bit, and it only took about 7 minutes to insert the pellets correctly.”

The biote pellets are all natural, created from wild yams and soy materials. They are very small, usually a little larger than a grain of rice. The pellets are inserted through a miniscule incision in the buttocks, and the cut is sealed with surgical glue. The patient will not feel the pellets at all, as they absorb into the body and release the required doses. Dr. Berman’s pellets can work with both women and men, and birth control should not be affected when experiencing treatment. The pellets treat a variety of hormonal issues, such as anxiety and constant mood swings. There are minimal and rare side effects to pellet treatment, such as hair loss or mild acne.

Dr. Berman’ new pellet therapy is just one of the services she offers, and they are expected to increase in use as time goes on. The pandemic has caused many individuals' hormones to constantly change, so Berman has fully opened her services to anyone who may benefit. The pellet therapy prices are lower priced compared to other offices, as Berman leads in affordable pricing in the practice. Dr. Berman has carefully studied the symptoms of thousands of men and women to accurately treat hormonal imbalance. Her extensive work in the field helped to grasp the science of the biote pellet therapy and has already begun to help individuals struggling with their hormonal issues. For more information, visit www.bermansexualhealth.com. Dr. Jennifer Berman's interviews were also recently featured in Dotcom Magazine and Inspirery.

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Source: EIN Presswire