Someday ALL Personal Care Products Will Be In PATENTED SOPO (S'tick O'n P'ull O'ff) Dispensers

SOPO – Never Before Convenience In SOPO's Patented 4in1 Packaging-Dispenser – The Package Sticks On the Wall or Use As Traditional Countertop Bottle.

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2021 / — Ft. Lauderdale, FL. May 13, 2021 – The SOPO (S'tick O'n P'ull O'ff) Dispenser is the first major innovation in personal care product packaging since the invention of the plastic bottle. Every man, woman, child and many businesses and institutions are SOPO's primary market with repeatable monthly sales.

SOPO successfully launched last June with a 5% to 13% conversion rate on Shopify. A high percentage of reviews were four and five stars. According to Ed Goldfarb, the inventor and CEO of SOPO Dispenser Corporation, "While consumers gave us excellent reviews and feedback, I felt our products needed to perform even better and work flawlessly. Our products were originally in a flex-pouch, however, when the squeeze tube was presented to me, I immediately realized SOPO could be even better and began a redesign. The new design has a great new look and has superior 4 in 1 functionality as the package, wall hanging dispenser, countertop bottle and refillable."

SOPO's Mission Statement reflects what today's consumer expects in both performance and value in their products, SOPO is committed to providing the safest and most natural personal care products delivered in SOPO’s innovative, patented and eco-friendly packaging. We are dedicated to the preservation of our planet. Better for you. Better for Earth.

Sopo the Frog, a red-eyed rain forest tree frog, is SOPO's ambassador reinforcing it's up to everyone to do more to preserve our Earth. Just like the frogs can stick on trees, SOPO dispensers easily stick on any surface and just as easily pull off without damaging the surface. They can also be used traditionally free-standing on countertops, shelves or on ledges plus they can be refilled for the eco-conscious consumer.”

No more squeezing, twisting, shaking or even using both hands. Once attached it's virtually hands-free to use which is a great benefit for those with dexterity issues. Being gravity fed, there's no need to vigorously shake out the last dollop(s) of the product that always seems to remain in the bottom of the bottle. A slight twist of the patented cap opens a valve while a gentle push on the front delivers the product into the users hand without having to handle the bottle in any way. Being gravity fed also allows for the contents to be instantly available.

Other than SOPO's sheer convenience, another great benefit is SOPO Dispensers unclutter baths and showers thus eliminating the array of bottles scattered about shelves and floors. The squeeze tube design is thin walled and contains much less plastic than plastic bottles and is recyclable. Goldfarb states, "SOPO natural and organic products are especially formulated to our high standards and to be competitively priced without sacrificing performance. We are so confident in the way our products perform, we guarantee them to be as good or better than the products our customers are currently using or their money back."

The first four products will be shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. Eighteen other products have been identified for future roll-out, not including the many spin-offs and variations which lend themselves to SOPO Dispensers .

SOPO will also be producing a children’s combination shampoo and body wash with a children's favorite coco-orange scent. The dispenser will also hang on the wall, however, will be in the shape of SOPO's ambassador, Sopo the Frog with a tag line, It's fun to take your bath with Sopo the Frog. A book, "Sopo Hatches" will help presell the children's line and has already been written and illustrated. "Sopo Hatches" teachers the life cycle of a frog, life in the rain forest, the importance of good hyigene, going to school, listening to your parents and taking care of our planet.  

Goldfarb, a former Navy fighter pilot states, “SOPO is made in America creating more jobs and we want to donate to worthy veteran organizations. SOPO will also support organizations dedicated to environmental preservation and protection.”

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Source: EIN Presswire