Introducing Basia Restrepo, the Up-and-Coming Lifestyle Influencer to Watch Right Now

With a passion for fashion, wellness and beauty, Basia is on a mission to empower people to become their best selves and create their best lives.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — With her fresh, new approach to self-improvement, lifestyle influencer Basia Restrepo is attracting a lot of attention from those interested in self-growth, healthful living and dressing their best. By means of a daily fashion Instagram page, a new self-love and positivity podcast and a blog, Basia encourages people to find what makes truly them happy and feel their best in order to achieve their dreams.

“I want to help people learn how to let go of their fears in order to live the life of their dreams,” says Basia. “I love to encourage people to find their inner strength to work through issues, and challenge themselves in order to be happy.”

Basia likes to offer her own personal experiences in order to help people think things through. After graduating law school in 2020, Basia realized that life as an attorney wasn’t her dream, and decided to follow her real passion by becoming an entrepreneur:

“I’ve been thrown a lot of curve balls in life and have been discouraged from pursuing my passions countless times, but I never listened to the discouragement and I’m glad that I did not. My goal is to encourage people to develop (or find) their inner voice to be their happiest true selves. When we listen to our inner voice and trust ourselves, we release our self-limiting beliefs. Once we release the self-limiting beliefs we have, the sky is the limit.”

Basia covers a wide range of topics. On her fashion Instagram page @basiarestrepo, she shares the latest trends from Amazon to Chanel, with tips and advice for everyone, no matter what their budget. On her self-love and positivity podcast Instagram page @teawithbasia, she posts daily positivity and self-love content. The podcast itself is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube. The podcast airs every Monday morning at 6 AM and reminders are posted weekly on both of the Instagram pages.

Basia’s blog is a combination of her podcast and Instagram pages, with a variety of self-love content along with self-care routines. Also included is plenty of fashion and skincare advice to help individuals look and feel their best. Emphasizing that she doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality, Basia believes that everyone has their own formula for becoming their best selves and strives to help people find, develop and polish this formula:

“We are all different and that is what makes our world beautiful,” says Basia. “We have different lifestyles, different ways of doing things, unique artistic expression and ways of dressing. We all deserve to celebrate the joy of life in whatever way we choose. Just be yourself and let others be. An open mind opens many doors.”

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About Basia Restrepo

Born and raised in the neighborhood of East New York, Brooklyn, raised by a single mom whom Basia says she draws her strength and inspiration from, Basia Restrepo graduated from law school in 2020, and decided to become her own boss as an entrepreneur. Basia gives credit to her husband, an essential worker during the pandemic and an entrepreneur himself, for giving her the courage and support to pursue her dreams. Basia manages a daily fashion and lifestyle Instagram page, a self-love and positivity podcast as well as a blog at

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Source: EIN Presswire