The American brand, LUXAMAX, launches post-pandemic innovative beauty device to Provide an Spa-Like Facial at home

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LUXAMAX AVA, the revolutionary 3 in 1 facial spa device for home use, designed for the post-pandemic world with innovative unique features.

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Three innovative features in one device, designed to be the celebrity of skincare devices.

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Featuring three innovative technologies: Facial cleanser and spa massager, skincare infusion and collagen boosting system, self-disinfection technology

AVA by LUXAMAX, the ultimate fusion of Spa, Technology, and Luxury.

We are taking a game-changing approach to skincare by creating our first-of-its-kind smart 3-in-1 facial device, AVA by LUXAMAX”

— Sogol Davari

PHEONIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 / — LUXAMAX, a US-born sophisticated beauty platform that creates much-needed, innovative devices, this week announced their revolutionary facial spa device, AVA, which is set to change the at-home beauty device industry forever. Featuring three carefully Engineered systems in one device, LUXAMAX AVA goes beyond being just any regular beauty tool.

“The pandemic created a need for beauty solutions that allow individuals to safely stay home while investing in their appearance.” said Sogol Davari, the Founder of LUXAMAX. “We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a spa-worthy facial without having to leave their home. We are taking a game-changing approach to skincare by creating our first-of-its-kind smart 3-in-1 facial device, AVA, featuring revolutionary technologies and extraordinary performance that were previously only accessible at spas and professional aesthetic offices.” Said Davari. “The individuals can now elevate their skincare routine to a whole new level by recreating a luxury facial spa day at the comfort of their home where the price tag is significantly reduced.
The AVA provides a facial treatment with visible results and leaves them with a luminous glow, blemish-free, and enviably youthful skin in no time. Plus, thanks to its polished quality and elegant design, it’s easy to operate and travel-friendly. We are revolutionizing how individuals can treat themselves to a DIY facial today.”

What really distinguishes the LUXAMAX AVA is that it features three different settings, all of which upgrade your facial routine to treat a variety of skin concerns:

1. PURIFY Mode; AVA’s PURIFY mode features a breakthrough Dual-head counter-oscillating treatment surface, designed for facial cleansing & anti-aging massage. Counter oscillating elliptical outer head and round inner head with pulsating bristles are created to reach deep into the skin pores to effectively remove makeup residue and dirt at a maximum level. It also massages your face to help promote blood circulation, make a visible difference in the skin texture, and tighten the pores. The PURIFY Mode leaves your skin softer, brighter, plumper, and glowing. The AVA is fully customizable for all skin types, and the user will not be required to change the silicone brush head.

2. LUXIFY Mode; the LUXAMAX AVA features a LUXIFY Mode on its reverse side to channel high-speed low-frequency ultrasound pulsations that maximize the skincare absorption by penetrating the skincare into the deepest levels on the skin, and boost collagen production to improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking smoother, more contoured, and younger. This popular in-clinic treatment technology tried, tested, and approved by cosmetic doctors and aestheticians for more than 60 years, can now be used safely at home.

3. UVC Mode; designed to be an ultimate hassle-free clean device, AVA features an outstanding automated UVC Mode to sanitize your brush head after each treatment and keep it completely clean and bacteria-free. The disinfection technology used in AVA has been widely utilized for decades in hospitals and in the aircraft industry to break down the DNA of germs, and bacteria.

LUXAMAX has a commitment to creating products that support beauty and wellness, user-friendliness in all designs, and most importantly, convenience for safe, at-home beauty enhancement.


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Introducing the AVA by LUXAMAX, Three innovative features in one device

Source: EIN Presswire