We're sitting on the edge of a massive generation shift in the market. Grazia has their attention now—with nearly half of our audience collectively falling into most powerful demographic in the world.”

— Grazia USA EVP & Global Chief Brands Officer, Brendan Monaghan

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2021 / — Pantheon Media Group (PMG), the publisher of Grazia USA from Italy’s famed Mondadori Group, today revealed details of its rapid growth since launch. Where users from the United States once represented 16% of the Grazia brand worldwide, they now contribute 46% of visits to the network—an impressive expansion reflective of the US market’s zealous response to the brand’s debut in America.

What’s more, PMG — the privately-owned media company that brought the most prestigious European fashion magazine to the biggest fashion market in the world — detailed its enviable audience segment: 73% of users are female, 27% male; 47.7% are Millennials and Gen Z, 21.5% are age 18 to 24; and, 27% are aged 25 to 34.

“By 2026, Millennials and Gen Z will count for more than 60 percent of the global luxury market,” said Pantheon Media Group’s Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Brands Officer, Mr. Brendan Monaghan. “We are sitting on the edge of a massive generation shift in the market. Grazia has their attention now — with nearly half of our audience collectively falling into most powerful demographic in the world.”

During June, reached 4.4 million unique visitors, with a median age of 28 and an average household income of $135,000. These highly engaged users spend up to ten minutes on site per session in certain segments, said Mr. Paul Dousset, Grazia USA’s Chief Innovations Officer and Head of Business Development.

Mr. Dousset further revealed:

• On, there are more than 250+ articles published per month
• PMG has already more than doubled last year's total traffic — 6M sessions in 2020 to 16M in 2021
Social traffic has increased from 21% in 2020 to 51% in June 2021
• Referral traffic increased from 1.2% in 2020 to 17.5% in June 2021

Mr. Dousset also detailed how Grazia USA has captured a truly elite and one-of-a-kind segment in the category: users who have shunned traditional brands for the “Made in Italy; Authentically American” Grazia. For example, of the 3.9 million unique users the site elicited in May 2021:

• 2,320,212 are not reading Vogue
• 2,557,507 are not reading W
• 2,478,409 are not reading WSJ
• 1,792,891 are not reading T
• 2,320,212 are not reading Elle
• 2,346,578 are not reading Harper's Bazaar
• 2,478,409 are not reading The Cut
• 2,583,873 are not reading GOOP
• 2,610,239 are not reading HighSnobiety
• 2,531,141 are not reading WhoWhatWear

“Grazia brings advertisers millions of new fashion-minded clients you will not find anywhere else,” said Mr. Monaghan.

Throughout this period of unprecedented growth, has consistently showcased why it is a must-read for the fashion-, beauty-, arts-, and culture-obsessed.

“I'm incredibly proud of the journalism our staff has created since our launch, and this data recognizes those efforts,” added Mr. Monaghan. “We will remain true to our brand promise to be effortlessly chic and boldly empowered, a cultural and celebrity authority that inspires, educates, and celebrates the individuality, beauty, and the elevated style of women everywhere.”

Grazia USA is published under license from Italy’s Mondadori Group, the largest publishing house in Italy.

PMG has continued its offline expansion with this summer’s launch of Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons, an eco-friendly and 100-percent carbon-neutral publication with a print run of 45,000 copies published throughout the summer and distributed in the New York’s East End and select locations through-out New York City to key demographics.

The first edition of the Grazia USA flagship title will be a several-hundred-page September 2021 issue.

Grazia is Italy's fashion bible, published by the Mondadori Group. For more than 80 years Grazia has remained in step with changing tastes season after season, style after style. At the top end of quality and design, Grazia is the most accomplished ambassador of the “Made in Italy” brand and is a preferred advertising vehicle for designer, fashion, and beauty companies. Thanks to its experience, excellence and brand value, Grazia is the first Italian weekly magazine to extend its successful formula abroad, with 21 editions worldwide in 23 countries, creating the most dynamic magazine network on the market.

Pantheon Media Group (PMG) is an independent next-generation media company that brings one of the most prestigious European fashion magazines to the biggest fashion market in the world. PMG is the exclusive publisher of Grazia USA, the latest franchise of the iconic fashion bible, first launched in Italy in 1938. Also uniquely focused on beauty, culture, society, status, celebrity, and luxury, Grazia USA publishes digitally first and later in print, with the release of the first of its quarterly 400-page magazines in 2021. Grazia USA does more than just inform and inspire an educated audience of influential readers: It is unlike anything the fashion industry in the United States has ever seen. We do not serve readers, we serve users. PMG is a 360-degree media business that is poised for the future, broadening storytelling into virtual and augmented reality, video, television, audio, e-commerce, live events, branded content, innovative advertising solutions and beyond. PMG is headquartered in New York City.

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Source: EIN Presswire