Sunkissedcoconut Explores Unique Ways To Style Oversize T-Shirt For Women


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2021 / — The comfort of putting off bars and getting inside an oversized T-shirt is unmatchable, and every girl vouch for the comfort it provides. In fact, ladies are often accused of stealing men clothes and can easily be seen shopping from the men section for oversized T-shirts. However, oversize doesn’t only mean comfort if one knows how actually one can slay the look. So, how one can create a wardrobe based on this ultra-comfortable staple and at the same time style it in a creative and trendy way? Here is a compiled list. Read on to learn about some of our favorite oversized t-shirt comfort zones, as well as style ideas and tactics to help develop a formidable collection of supersize T-shirts.

● Knot it
When paired with a midi skirt or high-waisted, baggy pants, an oversized shirt knotted into a crop top can really dress up a look, and it will highlight one's dimensions. Bonus points if the bottoms include a whimsical feature like ruffles or a pattern, which may offer another layer of enjoyment.

● Make it subtle
When choosing an enormous minimalist t-shirt, go for elegant, relaxing neutral colors. Also, obviously, keep accessories and add-ons to a minimum. The perfect elements for channeling a minimalist subculture into the giant t-shirt trend are an oversize t-shirt with a simple one-liner conveying that minimalist attitude, a pair of vintage-wash jeans, traditional yet sturdy shoes, and an eco-friendly shopping bag.

● Wear it with an open cardigan or shrug
For city females, this is a classic laid-back style. To show off a fashion statement, simply wear a loose long tee and an open cardigan. Keep a striking purse and a pair of sunglasses on hand for that additional oomph.

● Layer it up
Layering is the name of the game when it comes to large t-shirts for a distinctive and stunning casual look. Create a gorgeous hybrid appearance by combining the ease of large t-shirts with the high-end attractiveness of clothing that would usually be deemed more "formal." For a unique appearance, layer a large t-shirt under a loose, silky slip dress with spaghetti straps. Combine this look with a pair of shoes for a casually fashionable look.

● Carry it up with heels
A warm blouse and knit shorts are ideal for a cold summer evening, while heels elevate the look. This combo will make one stand out on dates and will make one appear young, fresh, and fashionable on any occasion.

● Tuck the T-Shirt in
Tuck a oversized graphic shirt in and replace basic blue jeans with a white pair that's great for summer. The style is finished off with a bomber jacket and hoops for a seamless transition from day to night.

● Oversize Tees can make a great workwear
An oversized t-shirt tucked into a pair of clean pants can make quite the working statement when worn with typically workwear accessories like a messenger bag and pointed-toe shoes.

Choosing the proper colors is crucial to pulling off this design. To get it properly, stay in the neutral and achromatic zone. The colors to use are tan, beige, black, and white. Unless wearing a jacket, avoid really over-the-top graphic t-shirts for women. Checkout sunkissedcoconut for more ideas.

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