Paco Rabanne. Original Collodion wet plate on metal.

Paco Rabanne. Original Collodion wet plate on metal.

Igor Vasiliadis at work

Igor Vasiliadis at work

UNIQUE Art and Crypto investment chance – Original for "Paco Rabanne" by Igor vasiliadis and it’s HiRez scan are on auction as NFT token addendums

The woman of tomorrow will be efficacious, seductive and without contest superior to man. It is for this woman that I conceive my designs.”

— Paco Rabanne

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — UNIQUE Art and Crypto investment chance – Original collodion wet plate on metal "Paco Rabanne" by Igor vasiliadis (author of world-famous Art item “Gazing Still”) and it’s printable HiRez scan are on OpenSea auction as NFT token addendums.

Unprecedented Art collecting and Investment opportunity combining ever-growing Art market pricing and all advantages of Crypto & NFT potential is available as an auction starting 0 ETH despite of very high Art market price estimation. Anyone has a chance to get one and only wet plate collodion original on metal and original HiRez scan (1/1) of "Paco Rabanne" unlocking content added to NFT token minted on OpenSea platform.

This portrait of legendary fashion designer Paco Rabanne was made using 19th century authentic optics and technology using 8×10 inches camera proved by centuries. The first print of this work, published by number of the most famous Fashion magazines, belong to the Fashion Lord of Steel himself.

This is one of the first cases when world renowned art is represented as unlockable content to crypto NFT data. It is marking important step in revolutionizing of nowadays Art market.

About the Artist:
More than 400 art boutiques represent works of Igor Vasiliadis in Europe, U.S., Japan, China and other countries and regions.

Igor Vasiliadis has shot more than 200 magazine covers and above 300 fashion stories for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Esquire, Wallpaper magazine, AMICA (Italy), ZiNC (USA), Flair (Italy) and other.

Igor Vasiliadis QUOTE I consider myself as pictorialist and my rituals are based on this. So, I like to create picture in my mind first and then try to realize it avoiding non important details, concentrating on important accents. I have a strong belief that the best pictures come to you when you conjugate with the whole universe and gods in pre-shooting meditation. UNQUOTE

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