Revolutionary Pennsylvania Author Kevin Blaize Sheds Light on Housing Crisis and Financial Illiteracy in Black Americans

Kevin Blaize, author and advocate

Kevin Blaize, author and advocate

Kevin Blaize, author

Kevin Blaize, author

Information is power and a lot of us want the information and do not know where to turn to receive it. We are changing this and changing history!”

— Kevin Blaize, author and advocate

LONG POND, PA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2021 / —
Buying that first house with the white picket fence is an American dream. Well, sorry to say that for some segments of our demographics, that dream never manifests into a reality. Kevin Blaize, an upcoming star in the literary world, dared to explore this subject of home ownership inequity in his new book titled, “Blacks in America! 18 to 48 years old and still no house?” You can find the answer to this provocative question on the pages of Blaize’s timely book. This insightfully written piece, launched in April of this year, is a must read for Black folks who have desired substantive information on this matter.
Regarding the Black community’s position, Kevin states that, “As of 2018, our average age to buy our first home was 48 years old. Only because nobody is showing us the process. They are not teaching it in schools, and households aren't able to teach it to the ones coming up. So, the two places we rely on to be taught by are failing us in this important process.”

This notable work by Mr. Blaize peels away the untruths and brings light to pertinent steps in the home-buying process, and in doing so, takes away the blinders from the eyes of potential homebuyers of color. Kevin draws on his own personal experiences, good and bad, and then refines them into a simple formula that is easy to digest.

In the first quarter of 2020, 44 percent of Black families owned their home compared with 73.7 percent of white families, according to the Census Bureau. The gap is wider in some cities, with just 25 percent of Black families owning a home in Minneapolis, compared with 76 percent of whites, which is the widest gap in U.S. cities with over one million residents, a study by Redfin Real Estate brokerage found.

Mr. Blaize, again, poses a question. Why are we lagging behind other races? These dire statistics reflect a resounding need for change in Black thinking and satiability. Owning a home for Black Americans should be the norm, not the insurmountable mountain. Kevin’s mission to the community of color is to "make sure we have the information needed so we no longer feel overwhelmed going into the homebuyer process"

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