My Little Mascara Club Receives 100% Top Allergen Free Rating from SkinSAFE

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My Little Mascara Club is like Dollar Shave Club, but for mascara lovers

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My Little Mascara Club receives top rating from SkinSAFE, an ingredient-raking database developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic

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My Little Mascara Club continues to be recognized for their ultra-clean cosmetics

My Little Mascara Club reaches new heights in the clean cosmetics industry with its 100% Top Allergen Free rating from SkinSAFE, an ingredient-ranking database.

It’s now my go-to mascara.”

— Michelle Robson, Founder of SkinSAFE

TEMPE, AZ, UNITED STATED, November 9, 2021 / — SkinSAFE was developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to help people who suffer from sensitive skin to find products that meet their sensitive skin needs, and to avoid products that may contain potential irritants.

“We have a proprietary tool that assesses ingredient formulations compared to real world dermatology and allergy test results, and only those who exclude 100% of the topmost considered SkinSAFE allergens – based on 20 years of clinical data – receive our 100% SkinSAFE rating” says Michelle Robson, Founder of SkinSAFE.

“I was delighted and impressed to see both My Little Mascara Club’s Length + Definition formula and Volume + Curl formula made our 100% SkinSAFE ranking,” Michelle continues, “Then, I tried the mascara and was even more impressed. It’s now my go-to mascara.”

For decades, mascara has widely been generally accepted as a highly chemical cosmetic. After investing years to carefully develop her clean mascara formulas, Christie Kerner, founder of My Little Mascara Club, is on track to change the way mascara is made. SkinSAFE’s 100% Top Allergen Free rating establishes My Little Mascara Club’s formulas as some of the cleanest mascaras on the market.

Upon carefully analyzing the ingredients of both My Little Mascara Club’s Length + Definition mascara formula and Volume + Curl mascara formula, SkinSAFE concluded that both products are hypoallergenic and eyelid safe. They are also free of fragrance, gluten, top common allergy causing preservatives, and irritant free.

My Little Mascara Club’s mascara has been recognized for setting a new bar in mascara formulation by numerous clean cosmetics experts, including a Zero Dirty rating on Think Dirty’s ingredient ranking app, and a feature in Global Cosmetics Industry’s July/August 2021 report. All of My Little Mascara Club’s products adhere to Whole Foods’ rigorous “Beyond Clean Beauty” standards.

Although the ingredients, performance, and experience of their mascara are all premium, My Little Mascara Club makes it a top priority to keep their mascara affordable. Most of the other clean mascaras currently available are at premium prices, and therefore not as accessible for everyday women.

“It is so important for us to stay well-priced, while also using the cleanest ingredients possible to achieve great lashes,” Kerner says, “We want women everywhere to feel good about the product they’re using, so we offer Nordstrom’s level products at Target level pricing."

My Little Mascara Club is on a mission to help women create happy moments every day, whether it be through a monthly mascara delivery, or through their efforts to create better, cleaner mascara for all.

“My team and I are wholly obsessed with helping women feel better about themselves and life, it’s what we strive to do every day,” Christie Kerner says. “We're excited to help even more women through our 100% SkinSAFE ranking.”

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My Little Mascara Club is like Dollar Shave Club, but with mascara. They deliver fresh, clean mascara – along with happy moments – every month to help women look and feel their best.

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