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ÁYIO-Q breathing technique - breathing exercise - bladder infection - pain - normalise low or high blood pressure

ÁYIO-Q breathing technique can normalise low or high blood pressure

ÁYIO-Q breathing technique - breathing exercise - bladder infection - pain - normalise low or high blood pressure -

ÁYIO-A: Profound information and solutions on cystitis

ÁYIO-Q: Profound information on illness & health, symptoms - causes, therapies, vitamins - minerals - medicinal herbs and psyche. Essentials viewed holistically!

ÁYIO-Q: Profound information on illness & health, symptoms – causes, therapies, vitamins – minerals – medicinal herbs and psyche. Essentials viewed holistically!

Stress is one of the main causes of many diseases of our time. There are ways to leave this destructive state with proper breathing techniques and nutrition.

Health is the norm, illness only the deviation.
Diseases are not attributable to nature, but have their cause in human factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle of the respective person.”

— Ancient greeks

LAKA, BURGAS, BULGARIA, November 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body" is a well-known saying, but its meaning no longer seems to matter today. In fact, the health of body and mind are interdependent. If the body is ill, the mind can make a decisive contribution to recovery.

Every person has an inner doctor. Wounds, for example, close all by themselves, fractures heal, the immune system sends defence bodies when viruses and bacteria have invaded the body. This happens automatically. When we are ill and plagued by pain, we long for more rest and sleep, when we are exhausted we long for recovery. However, constant stress, stimulants and pollutants in the air and in our food overwhelm the body's natural defence mechanisms. We become seriously ill.

Many diseases that are often associated with pain are directly related to lifestyle. This is especially true for the well-known civilisation diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, pain conditions such as headaches or backaches, depression, high or low blood pressure up to inflammations such as cystitis. Stress is one of the main causes. If you look at the physical reactions to stress, it is easy to imagine that permanent stress can lead to serious illnesses. In stressful situations, for example, the immune system is suppressed, the blood thickens, digestion stops. This is supposed to prepare the body for an imminent fight or flight. With our ancestors, such extreme situations only occurred for a short time, the stress phase was quickly over and the body functions returned to their normal state. Today, however, stress at work, in the family and even in leisure time is a permanent condition. The body is constantly in an exceptional situation, recovery no longer takes place. This makes it clear how much people themselves contribute to the development of diseases and pain through their unhealthy lifestyles.

Medicine can help to fight diseases, but the body must heal itself. Every human being has enormous self-healing powers that are able to fight and defeat diseases from within. In addition, the healing process is supported with the right nutrition, vitamins & minerals. The respected health experts of ÁYIO-Q have made it their business to pass on the over 2000 year old knowledge of the ancient Greek health teachings about the perfect interaction of body and mind. Based on this knowledge, coupled with the latest scientific findings, they have developed programmes that can contribute significantly to restoring health. Anyone affected by an illness or pain can get a taste of this on the ÁYIO-Q website.

There, two extremely efficient and easy-to-implement breathing exercises are presented that can reduce to eliminate pain and normalise low or high blood pressure within a few minutes. People who performed the ÁYIO-Q breathing exercise daily and suffered from diabetes, dementia, depression, abdominal pain, back pain, low back pain, bladder infections and much more noticed a significant improvement in their health after a few days.

Interested people can find out about their personal life energy and self-healing powers by taking a meaningful test, which they can do free of charge on the ÁYIO-Q homepage. The result gives valuable information about how to improve their health. The result provides valuable information on how the strengthening of life energy and self-healing powers can lead to more health and vitality.

In addition, ÁYIO-Q recently published an extensive article on bladder infection (cystitis), as many women are increasingly affected by it during the cold season. There, affected women can find a lot of important information about this disease, as well as therapy approaches, nutrition tips, and tried and tested natural remedies, such as vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs.

About ÁYIO-Q Centre of Vitality
Located in Europe amidst famous ancient spas and under German management, ÁYIO-Q Centre of Vitality is sought out from far and wide by people with a wide variety of mental and physical ailments. ÁYIO-Q has developed comprehensive online programmes in response to COVID travel restrictions. Participants receive easy-to-implement instructions, enriched with knowledge from ancient vitality and wisdom teachings, which are paired with the latest scientific findings. The aim of the online programmes is to revitalise body and mind. They can be implemented comfortably within one's own four walls.

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