Mission based brand D'IYANU designs fashion for the culturally conscious

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — D’IYANU, African inspired ready-to-wear clothing, is transforming culturally conscious fashion with bold prints, quality textiles, and modern designs. Founded by Nigerian born CEO Addie Olutola, D’IYANU is on a mission to help people embrace who they are by connecting to their African roots. Remaining true to its name meaning of or from something wonderful, D’IYANU reminds everyone that they are uniquely and wonderfully made and to dress like it.

The brand also supports local African initiatives by donating a portion of its sales to meaningful causes. Since its start in 2014, D’IYANU has given over $15,000 of their revenue to organizations including Charity Water, EduCare Benin, and Water Aid.

By offering its customers mission based, African attire, the legacy of D’IYANU is “to be a force of good and to leave goodness on the Earth.” A mission Addie says, “helps people to feel connected to their roots and their heritage. To be happy and proud to be African, to be black.”

Collections & Pricing
All fabrics are ethically sourced and most garments are currently made in Philadelphia, PA. D’IYANU collections include Women, Men, Athleisure, clothing and accessories for everyday wear and seasonal occasions. Prices begin at $20. Sizes Small to 3XL is available for most selections.

Press & Brand Partnerships
For style availability and more information about D’IYANU please visit diyanu.com.
For press/event inquiries please email Sofia Thompson of SMTPR at contact@smtpr.co.
For advertising/marketing inquiries please email Juliette Vasilyev at juliette@diyanu.com.

Sofia Thompson
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D’IYANU- About the African Inspired Fashion Brand

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Global dermatologicals market offers growth potential

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, UK, January 10, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Dermatologicals market offers a wealth of opportunities for future growth, via innovations expanding the category’s boundaries and several emerging segments with strong potential, according to a new report from Nicholas Hall. Cosmetic benefits are a key driver, particularly in areas such as scar reduction, acne, antifungals and lip care, with promotion of aesthetic benefits crucial; many cosmeceuticals hit this sweet spot between visible symptom relief and therapeutic effect. “Natural” continues to be an area of high launch activity, fuelled by shifting consumer preferences. The entry of light devices (moving over from professional derma), particularly in treatment of acne, has expanded the market; as they become more affordable (though still premium) their growth will likely cannibalise traditional options. Social media influencers are key to capturing younger consumers, while ecologically-aware consumers are driving demand for cruelty-free, ethically-sourced skincare brands. Male consumers are increasingly targeted in areas such as acne, intimate care and lip care. Alternative sales channels, including online and direct selling, are ever more important for derma brands, going hand in hand with an increase in digital marketing.

Many of the top derma players are investing heavily in NPD, with this report throwing a spotlight on the innovations set to drive future growth.

The full report, Dermatologicals: Trends, Innovations, Opportunities, is available now. Full details can be found here: https://nicholashall.com/report/dermatologicals2018

For more details contact melissa.lee@NicholasHall.com

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Estala Skin Care Launches A New Packaging

Estala Skin Care Complete Skin Care Line

Estala Anti Aging Luminiscence Cream

Estala Holywood Vanity Mirror and Professional Brush Set

SEMINOLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Estala Skin Care, unveils a new design in their Skin Care line product packaging. The improvement of the new package design is inspired by Estala's commitment to providing quality and professional products.

Estala Skin Care has been popular for their freshly made skin care products compounded with top quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. It is developed and created by doctors and pharmacists and is designed specifically to improve skin conditions that do not respond well to other treatments.

Their complete skincare line is FDA approved and are never tested on animals.

Anti-Aging Regimen
Estala's anti-aging skin care products are full of antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals, as well as ingredients that not only reduce facial lines but help firm the skin and slow the aging process. This includes helping to remove dark spots on the skin, lessen or get rid of hyperpigmentation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The complete regimen includes a Revitalizing Toner, Cell Repair Serum, Revitalizing Eye Cream, Luminescence Skin Lightening Cream and COQ10 Cream with Biopeptide, that all in all help in rejuvenating your skin to achieve a younger and glowing skin.

Acne-Stop Regimen
Estala's line of acne treatment products contain ingredients that target acne-causing bacteria and help promote cell turnover to reveal clearer, healthier-looking skin. This helps to stop acne before it begins, as well as clear up current breakouts. Our complete skin care regimen for acne can also help to reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten or remove dark spots on the skin caused by acne scarring. Their complete Acne Treatment set includes an Acne Stop Facial Cleanser, Lighten-Up PM Cream, Acne Stop Gentle Gel, Acne Stop Cream, and an Acne Stop Facial Mask to help you maintain a healthy skin you’ll love.

Beauty Cosmetics & Accessories
With the success in the Skin Care regimen line and with the mission to provide a worry-free beauty routine, Estala now offers a collection of top quality and not to mention, cruelty-free, beauty accessories. Estala Skin Care has been known for its famous Holywood Vanity Mirror, their top-notch Electric Brush Cleaner and a high quality and vegan Professional Makeup Brushes that brings a sense of ease to every girl's makeup routine.

Founder of Estala Skin Care, Esta, was involved in a serious car accident in 1987. For 30 years, she underwent numerous surgeries to repair damage, which understandably left her facial skin scarred and in an overall poor state. She tried different creams and lotions in an attempt to improve her skin’s quality but nothing had the impact she was looking to achieve. She then came upon some very unique products that were compounded in a pharmacy specifically for her skin. As she used these products, her skin finally began to heal properly. The products began to restore a more youthful appearance. She wanted others to be able to experience the benefits of these wonderful products offer, and so the Estala Skin Care line was created.

For more information on Estala Skin Care products, please visit https://estalaskincare.com/

Esta Crompton
Estala Skin Care
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Mark Pinsky Gains International Fame for Comprehensive Services Offered In-Office to Clients from Around the World

Mark Pinsky

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, January 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mark Pinsky has had an unparalleled professional career in plastic surgery, offering a range of self-created skin rejuvenating products to patients worldwide. In addition to local Palm Beach area patients and those traveling to his office, he’s especially renowned for his comprehensive procedures and diverse specialties.

Dr. Mark Pinsky of Pinsky Plastic Surgery was voted Best Plastic Surgeon in Palm Beach County and has earned many impressive distinctions, including an appearance on Connolly’s America’s Top Doctors. Palm Beach area residents benefit from his extensive knowledge and the head-to-toe procedural options in his office, but his reputation extends around the world.

Apart from personally penned columns and pieces written on his work and contributions (gaining their own international recognition), Mark Pinsky, MD is a frequent guest speaker, giving presentations and lectures on technological advances in the aesthetic industry and coupling treatments to achieve the best result. He’s also regularly invited to showcase some of his achievements on radio stations, increasing his wide recognition.

The topics he discusses include better practices for healthier outcomes and anecdotes from the decades he’s spent providing high-quality plastic surgery to his patients.

“I often discuss with patients that most plastic surgeons are board certified which means they are smart, but there’s no test for artistry,” says Mark Pinsky, MD. “Therein lies the challenge, to find a plastic surgeon who possesses the artistry to create beautiful natural outcomes.”

People who are able to meet and schedule procedures with Dr. Mark Pinsky know they are in the hands of a skilled artist who strives to exceed client expectations. To ensure that he and the team at Pinsky Plastic Surgery satisfy the needs of their patients, Mark Pinsky, MD offers comprehensive services in his office, from skin rejuvenation and Coolsculpting to breast augmentations and tummy tucks.

“We don’t just offer one or two solutions for our clients to choose from,” says Dr. Mark Pinsky. “Here, we give them a full range of services that clients can trust to provide long-term results. We employ only the most advanced and proven procedures to create a beautiful outcome.”

Clients from around the world travel to the Palm Beach office of Dr. Mark Pinsky to consult with him and determine a tailored plan to enhance their bodies. Pinsky Plastic Surgery offers arm lifts, breast lifts, thigh lifts, eyelid and facelifts and more. For hair restoration, the team offers solutions like breakthrough Neograft technology to produce only the most satisfying results possible.

There are procedures for both men and women, including liposuction, facial procedures, rhinoplasty, skin rejuvenation and dermal fillers. Pinsky Plastic Surgery also offers a selection of non-surgical procedures (such as Coolsculpting and Infini radiofrequency microneedling) for clients looking for fantastic results through minimally invasive services.

“No matter what they want to improve, our clients can guarantee that our offices will have an immediate solution or else, have an exact direction to follow after leaving our consultation,” says Mark Pinsky, MD.

Chris Hinman
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The new season of the format The Bachelor started Monday on ABC, this time with a virgin football player Colton Underwood in the lead role.

BERLIN , GERMANY, January 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The handsome, academic, self-proclaimed “real-virgin bachelor”, Philipp Hebestreit, will also bring his “Free Philie” campaign Stateside this spring. 
Free Philie, a campaign launched by Hebestreit ten years ago on his 30th birthday, to have the public help him find “The One,” has since made international headlines because of the unique, crowd-sourced approach. 
“My parents are my inspiration and the reason I began this campaign to find my one true love,” said Hebestreit. “They’ve been deeply in love for several decades – it’s a kind of everlasting love you just don’t see anymore.”
Philipp took to the internet to post his initial “love plea” on a blog – not thinking much of it. After receiving a lot of interest from women who wanted to see if they were his match, he expanded the campaign to the streets of Germany posting flyers and large posters throughout several cities. Only marked with the campaign name “Free Philie” and website, interest quickly piqued, and the campaign blew up. He continued to grow the campaign through grassroots advertising, t-shirts, stickers and really made his mark with his out-of-the-box promotions, covering an entire house with his “Free Philie” logo, messages in a bottle (some of which can still be found off the coast of
Sylt in the North Sea).   
Other European cities became invested in his search for love as well – in London he spoke at the Speakers Corner, as well as doing a stand on his project in Piccadilly Circus. In Amsterdam, he attached sheets to bridges with his logo; in Belgian inner cities, clotheslines were hung with hundreds of postcards; and in Paris he spanned the trees of the Champs-Elysées with specially made cardboard signs and many other activities. 
Now, ten years later, this 40-year-old-virgin will be bringing his “Free Philie – Ready for Love” campaign and ultimate search for his soulmate to America. It will kick-off with an ad campaign in Times Square on Valentine’s Day to arouse interest and begin intrigue among the American female population. Philipp himself will begin making appearances starting in spring, the time of love. His whereabouts will be teased on his Free Philie social media accounts.  
Philipp´s international search for “The One” is already ten years in the making. He has already received correspondence from 104 countries. His unusual story will be told in a book, which will be shortly puplished, in a TV series witch is underway and ending with the finale´ in a feature film.

Vanessa Lea Berger
Free Philie – Ready for Love
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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I (RSD) = Catastrophic Retropubic Sling Injuries

TVM slings used for treatment of stress urinary incontinence continue to be implanted in thousands of women despite risk of catastrophic pain syndromes.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, January 8, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Transvaginal mesh manufacturers have settled thousands of claims that were ‘moved’ to the Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) in West Virginia for several billion dollars. Despite this, TVM slings used for treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) continue to be implanted in thousands of women, unknowing of the non-mesh surgical options available, and not knowing of the risk of catastrophic pain syndromes associated with both the retropubic sling and transobturator (TOT) sling. To date there have no meaningful change to the design of both the retropubic sling and the TOT slings that addresses the occurrence of life altering catastrophic pain syndromes.

The design of the retropubic sling has remained unchanged. Manufacturers apparent position on the safety of retropubic sling is that the benefits of the device outweighs the risk of the device and those risks are adequately warned by the manufacturer as listed in the Instructions of Use (IFU) that is enclosed in the packaging for the product. Unfortunately, to the detriment of hundreds of women, that is not the case.

The retropubic slings are composed of polypropylene (plastic) and that has not changed despite billions of dollars in settlements and this material causes chronic inflammation identified in pathology specimens of explanted mesh. The result of this chronic inflammation is the rare occurrence of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I (CRPS-1). Chronic inflammation and chronic hypoxia that occurs adjacent to the mesh, is the cause of RSD.

Allodynia is the hallmark of RSD which is characterized by pain that occurs from non-painful stimuli. Gentle rubbing onto the skin in the region of RSD is interpreted by the brain as burning. RSD involving the perineum may spread to adjacent areas, that causes profound impairments in mobility, vocational loss and disability, and painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia). Women with allodynia from RSD caused by the retropubic slings ‘Can’t Wear Tight Pants’ or tight undergarments. Symptoms may begin years after implantation as the device hardens and contracts.

Proper diagnosis is necessary as women with RSD require ongoing treatment for the rest of their lives. Treatments might include pelvic floor physical therapy, vaginal suppositories with Baclofen and/or Valium, medication management, psychological support, neuromodulation (stimulators), and sometimes Ketamine.

As women suffer from new injuries from the vaginal mesh the proper diagnosis to receive proper treatment and the diagnosis must be for the purpose of litigation because ‘pain is just pain’ if not diagnosed. Subjective pain is difficult to explain and quantify for the jury but with RSD it isn’t. RSD is a diagnosis that is accepted in the determination of receiving Social Security Disability as it is a generally accepted diagnosis. In litigation RSD is easy to explain as the ongoing inflammation from the mesh is the cause of RSD and makes this diagnosis biologically plausible and allows for ‘specific causation’.

For more information:

Visit https://tvm.lifecare123.com/ for resources.

Greg Vigna
Greg Vigna, M.D., J.D.
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Proven Scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging research at RAADfest 2019

You can attend the largest most prestigious conference on Age Reversal and Super Life Extension
in Las Vegas October 3-6 2019

SAFETY HARBOR, FL, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Where do you go to learn all about the latest in Anti-aging research ?

RAADfest 2019 Attendees will meet with and learn from some of the world's most renown experts on Life Extension and anti-aging. In the race for living longer major scientific breakthroughs will be shared, some for the first time at this amazing one-of a kind Conference.

Attendees will learn about the cutting edge of DNA and telomere age-reversal research from one of the world’s foremost scientists in the field, Dr. Bill Andrews who will be a featured speaker at RAADfest (www.raadfest.com).

Patient Zero, Liz Parrish, the first person to successfully test the effects of taking 108 injections of potential age reversing gene therapies including telomerase, will report her most recent findings and the extraordinary procedures now being used for human trials.

One of the country’s foremost experts on anti-aging and nutritional supplementation, Popular Science calls him “Forever Man”, Life Extension magazine Publisher Bill Faloon, will share with attendees the amazing research being done on effectively removing damaging senolytic cells (zombie cells) from our bodies…the amazing health benefits it brings and how you armed with this new research and knowledge can inexpensively do this yourself.

He and other renowned experts on regenerative medicine and super nutrition will present their latest findings on extraordinary nutrients, enzymes, peptides, stem cells, probiotics, skincare products and prescription drugs we should be taking to potentially extend life expectancy and effectively slow down the body’s aging process.

Ponce De Leon's "Fountain of Youth" is real and on display at RAADfest 2019.

Meet with renowned actress, entertainer and leading health advocate, Suzanne Sommers, will share with attendees the great strides being made in bio identical hormones and other lifestyle enhancements that are critical for woman over the age of 50.

These are just a few of the over 30 scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, university professors and thought leaders who will present their most recent scientific findings on Reverse-aging and super longevity at RAADfest 2019.

Presented by the non-profit Coalition for Radical Life Extension, RAADfest is hosted by its dynamic founders, James Strole and Bernadeane, who are thought leaders on ageless lifestyle and immortality mindset and co-Directors of People Unlimited.

RAADfest is considered the largest and most prestigious conference on age reversal and super longevity of its kind with an expected attendance of approximately 2500, at the newly remodeled Westgate Resort (www.Westgateresort.com), formerly the famed Las Vegas Hilton.

Health and Wellness companies can showcase their products and services to the biggest audience of dedicated longevity practitioners and consumers available in America. Attendees will be able to test state of the art equipment, sample cutting edge modalities, receive age reversal services during the conference, book appointments with renowned doctors, and network with some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on how to effectively slow down the aging process as we know it today.

RAADfest has special ticket packages that cost as little as $497 and VIP packages with deluxe accommodations.

If any qualified presenter has cutting edge work on age reversal they would like to have considered for RAADfest, they can contact James Strole through the Coalition for radical Life Extension.
For Sponsor or Exhibitor information,
contact Vincent Stona @ 727-726-4746
Contact: media@rlecoalition.com

Vincent Stona
Anti-aging Educational Foundation
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Franchise Business Review Announces 2019’s Top Franchises

Franchise Business Review’s Top 200 franchises revealed

200 Franchise Brands Recognized for High Franchisee Satisfaction Based on Independent Survey of Over 30,000 Franchisees

PORTSMOUTH, NH, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Franchise Business Review has announced its 14th annual ranking of the top 200 franchises.

Franchise Business Review, a market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only ranking of franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes rankings of the top franchises in its annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises, as well as guides throughout the year ranking the top franchises in specific sectors.

“There are thousands of different franchise opportunities available to prospective business owners today, with more popping up every day. It’s a great time to ‘be your own boss’ but it’s also important to do your homework to find the right fit,” says Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “Our independent research of franchisee satisfaction helps entrepreneurs discover the top franchise opportunities in every industry category – including fitness, travel, food, services, and retail. This year’s Franchisee Satisfaction Award winners truly are the best-of-the-best.”

To identify the top franchise brands, Franchise Business Review analyzed 18 months of data from approximately 30,500 franchisees representing 310 brands regarding their overall satisfaction with their brands and their likelihood to recommend it to others.

The companies that made the top franchises list were rated highly in areas such as training and support, leadership, core values, general satisfaction, financial opportunity, and community.

In addition to this year’s 200 award-winning franchises, 10 companies were inducted into Franchise Business Review’s Hall of Fame, which means they have been named a top franchise for 10 years. This year’s inductees include:

– Dream Vacations, a CruiseOne company (2010 – 2019)
– Fish Window Cleaning (2008-2013, 2016-2019)
– FRSTeam (2010-2019)
– Right at Home (2010-2019)
– Show Homes (2009-2013, 2015-2019)
– Sit Means Sit (2010-2019)
– Visiting Angels (2010-2019)
– Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (2010-2019)
– Learning Express (2007-2011, 2014-2017, 2019)
– United Country Real Estate (2010-2019)

Visit www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com to learn more about this year’s best franchise brands. To request hard copies of the 2019 Top Franchises Guide contact Sarah Brady at sarah@franchisebusinessreview.com.

About Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review (FBR) is the only independent market research firm that specializes in benchmarking franchisee satisfaction based exclusively on ratings and reviews from franchise owners. FBR publishes free and unbiased franchisee satisfaction research reports throughout the year online at http://www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com.

Sarah Brady
Franchise Business Review
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New Novel By Lawrence David Niren: The Lex Talionis Of Brett KJavanaugh On Amazon

Did Brett Kavanaugh Sell His Soul For A Seat On The U.S. Supreme Court. Read The New Novel The Lex Talionis Of Brett Kavanaugh On Amazon To Find Out

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — New novel by Lawrence David Niren: THE LEX TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH


Lawrence David Niren, the author of JUVIA, KENNEDY & THE TRIAL AND CONFESSION OF TRUMP; and COMPASSION I and II, all on Amazon, announces the January 1, 2019 publication of his latest novel on Amazon called THE LEX TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH, which is a fictional account of a "what if scenario" on Brett Kavanaugh: A thriller that asks the questions:

Did Brett Kavanaugh rape a girl of 16, who cannot tell her story today, because she died.

Did Brett Kavanaugh perjure himself to Congress during his confirmation hearings in the first week of September, starting on September 4, 2018?

Did Brett Kavanaugh perjure himself to God when he swore to God under oath that every single thing that he testified to Congress, and to the entire world about, was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God?

Will God punish Brett Kavanaugh for swearing on the Bible that he was telling the truth, when in fact he was lying to God through and through?

Did Brett Kavanaugh sell his soul to the Devil to get a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court?

Did Brett Kavanaugh attempt to rape Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she was only 15?

Did Brett Kavanaugh force Deborah Ramiriez to touch his exposed privates against her will?

Did Brett Kavanaugh sexually assault any other girls or young women in his life?

Are more than 90% of the 307 court rulings of the Brett Kavanaugh's tenure as a judge for 12 years on The United States Court Of Appeals On The District Of Columbia Circuit, all against: the Constitution, small workers, civil, women, human, and minority rights, the environment, innocent people, the homeless, people who were ill and poor, poverty stricken citizens, the right for a woman to choose, innocent children in schools who are killed by guns, anyone else who died from violence, immigrants seeking asylum, as is written in the law, and for a belief that a corrupt President can be above the law, and therefore that a sitting President cannot be charged with a crime, even when he is guilty?
These and other questions that are answered here, are the subjects of the newest thriller.

Lawrence David Niren in San Diego 619-206-6883 juviaandjuvia@juvialluvia.com

Lawrence David Niren
Lawrence David Niren
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Saline implants safest choice for breast augmentation

Plastic Surgeon in Encino

Plastic Surgeon in Encino 2

Unlike firm silicone implants, saline gives the breast a more natural shape, filling it up nicely.

ENCINO, CA, US, January 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Saline implants are the best and safest choice for breast augmentation surgery, said LA plastic surgeon Dr. Roya Dardashti.

“Saline is just salted water. Your body needs salt and it needs water to survive. Saline implants are bags of salt water used to reshape the breast,” she said. “Silicon implants are not as safe, even the semi-solid implants. A body does need silicon, but only in very minute amounts.”

It is very rare for an implant to rupture or leak. If it does happen, it is because the implant was damaged in some way. Dr. Dardashti said heavy impacts, such as being in a car wreck or struck by a heavy falling object can cause an implant to break or leak.

If that happens, the saline solution is much less harmful to the body than a massive amount of silicon.

“Of course we hope nothing ever happens to your implant. But is its best to err on the side of caution,” Dr. Dardashti said. “Saline implants are very durable, but even a bad enough fall can cause an implant to break.”

A lot of people wonder about ddd breast implants before and after. With saline implants, after the normal recovery period from breast augmentation surgery, the new breast size will stay that way. In a few cases, some saline implants can shrink. Dr. Dardashti said this is normal.

Also, “surgery always includes some swelling. That’s why looking at your chest the day after the procedure is not going to give you a realistic idea of what you’ll like in six months,” the LA plastic surgeon said. “Breast augmentation before and after pictures should be done just before surgery and a few months afterward.”

Because of the shrinkage, the implants are usually a bit larger than what a silicon implant is.

Full recovery takes a month during which time the patient needs to wear a sports bra. Sutures come out in a week.

“In most people, the pain is gone in a few days,” Dr. Dardashti said.

Is a breast augmentation the right thing to do? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dardashti to learn about all the pros and the cons of this operation. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit www.DrRoya.com

About Dr. Roya Dardashti:
Dr. Roya Dardashti owner of Diamond Surgery Institute is a renowned and highly qualified female plastic surgeon specializing in common and latest cosmetic procedures. Dr. Roya Dardashti has earned a degree in Medicine in Hahneman University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. She also earned honors and recognition and had spearheaded some studies and researches relevant in her field.
For more information, visit www.drroya.com. For further inquiries, call at 818-528-2559.

Dr. Roya Dardashti
Diamond Surgical Institute
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