Dr. Eliza Parker reveals a selection of recent testimonials for Cadella Medical Spa

Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Delighting clients from Chicago and further afield, Dr. Eliza Parker's Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center remains the city's top-rated medical spa

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A full-service medical spa offering a holistic, patient-centered approach to aesthetic care from its boutique location in the heart of Chicago, Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center continues to prove a big hit with clients. Offering personally customized treatment plans, Cadella aims to provide exactly what each and every individual who arrives through the spa's doors both wants and needs, according to proud owner and founder Dr. Eliza Parker as she shares a selection of recent testimonials.

"Cadella's facility is top notch, and the staff members are incredibly welcoming. I received a full tour of the building and all of the different services Cadella offers. I booked a body peel, which I highly recommend and have since been back to enjoy three more times. Nothing but wonderful things to say about Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center," reveals recent client Elaine.

"Dr. Parker and the staff at Cadella are phenomenal. They are extremely accommodating and willing to work with clients to provide them with the results they want," suggests another client, Erin, of her experience. "I was very honest with them about treatment, and Dr. Parker was quick to respond and find something which worked for me," she adds.

Meanwhile, delighted Cadella client Ashley remarks, "I would recommend Cadella over any other spa. Their receptionist is so friendly, as is Dr. Parker. I was pretty nervous as it was my first time having Botox, but Dr. Parker took her time to reassure and calm me, and did a perfect job as my skin is now tight and smooth but not pulled or stretched too much."

Ashley continues, "I'll be going back to Cadella Medical Spa for future treatments."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" adds an equally delighted Samantha, another recent client. "I love my results – very grateful that I found Cadella Medical Spa."

One of Cadella's growing number of male clientele, another recent client shares his experience. "Excellent location and I was impressed by the variety of services offered," suggests Joshua. "Dr. Parker was very attentive and sensitive toward my needs, as well as very helpful as far as making suggestions about which treatments would be best for me. The in-depth consultation and results I saw made my experience extremely worthwhile, and I'd recommend Cadella to anyone," he adds.

Of her work and that of her team, Dr. Parker explains that at Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center, the overall philosophy is that beauty and health are one and the same. "They're equalizers to one another," says the board-certified physician, "and as you take care of one, the other follows suit. When we feel better, we look better."

"And when we look better," she adds, wrapping up, "we also feel better, too."

Eliza Parker, MD is a board-certified physician and founder of Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center. A graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Parker trained at Cornell Weill Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. As medical director of Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center, Dr. Eliza Parker focuses on lifelong wellness with expertise in non-invasive facial aesthetics, cosmetic injections, laser treatment, and skin rejuvenation.

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Infinite Beauty answers frequently asked beauty and skincare questions

Infinite Beauty

Boutique beauty and skincare brand Infinite Beauty answers a series of common questions and queries often posed by its clients.

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, November 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — From how to prevent wrinkles, to how best to care for sensitive skin, boutique beauty brand Infinite Beauty reveals a selection of frequently asked questions from its customers and clients across the United States, starting with what to do about aging skin.

'How can I prevent aging skin?' asks an Infinite Beauty client, demonstrating just one of the many common questions asked of the brand and its staff.

The brand explains that as the skin loses elasticity and collagen with age, it naturally begins to appear wrinkled. By caring for the skin, however, and focusing on preventive measures, it's possible to minimize the effects of aging.

Consideration should be given to eye creams and other topical products which contain retinoids and antioxidants, according to the brand, as these are touted to help reduce the likelihood of developing wrinkled or sagging skin, both of which contribute toward an aging appearance.

On a similar note, a second client goes on to inquire, 'How can I avoid wrinkles in particular?'

Infinite Beauty again points out that wrinkles are a natural sign of aging. Still, says the brand, it's possible to either delay their onset or minimize their appearance should they already be apparent.

To do so, Infinite Beauty highlights the importance of limiting sun exposure, wearing sunscreen daily, and using skin products which, again, contain antioxidants and retinoids.

A third question frequently asked of the brand centers around dealing with dark spots on the skin. According to Infinite Beauty, UV exposure and hormonal changes are two of the primary causes of dark spots. Avoiding the sun while exfoliating regularly is an excellent way to help treat any existing spots, says the brand.

Certain dark spot correctors or moisturizers are also available, according to Infinite Beauty, with the brand adding that it's important to choose products which are formulated for an individual's particular skin type.

Of dealing with particular skin types, another question commonly asked by clients is, 'What's the best way to handle sensitive skin?' Infinite Beauty reveals.

Always wash sensitive skin gently, says the brand, avoiding harsh cleansers in particular. Infinite Beauty also advises avoiding products which contain irritating substances, instead seeking out those which are specifically labeled for sensitive skin.

Lastly, Infinite Beauty touches on how to know whether a product is suitable or the best choice for a particular problem or situation – another common question among clients.

Sometimes, says the brand, there's no way to tell for sure unless an individual opts to try a product. Usually, however, it's possible to make an educated, informed decision by examining the product's label and ingredients list, they reveal.

To minimize the possibility that a product might irritate a particular skin type or complexion, the brand suggests seeking out those which are fragrance-free, contain little or no alcohol, and are labeled as 'suitable for sensitive skin.'

To learn more about Infinite Beauty, or about signing up for the brand's free VIP membership card, providing access to a range of exclusive benefits, special offers, and more, please visit http://www.infinitebeautyusa.com/.

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Infinite Beauty brings HydraFacial MD® Highlights to Montgomery Mall, Bethesda

Boutique beauty brand Infinite Beauty continues to ramp up investment in beauty technology as it brings HydraFacial MD® Highlights to Maryland.

MONTGOMERY, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Infinite Beauty brings HydraFacial MD® Highlights to Montgomery Mall, Bethesda

Boutique beauty brand Infinite Beauty continues to ramp up investment in beauty technology as it brings HydraFacial MD® Highlights to Maryland.

Once again adding to its roster of high tech beauty solutions, Infinite Beauty has now brought the revolutionary HydraFacial MD® Highlights treatment to its Bethesda, Maryland-based location. Previously only available at two of the brand's New York spas, HydraFacial MD® Highlights is now on offer to clients at its Montgomery Mall, Bethesda site.

Well known for its tech-focused approach to beauty, the company's vice president of operations, Eric Inbar, says of its latest investment, "Through our ongoing commitment to technology and innovation, Infinite Beauty remains a forerunner in the world of high tech beauty treatments."

A non-invasive, pain-free, light-based therapy, HydraFacial MD® Highlights soothes and rejuvenates skin of any age, according to Infinite Beauty. "Utilizing waves of colored light scientifically developed to trigger collagen production, the procedure incorporates numerous distinct aspects and boasts many benefits," Inbar adds.

Other aspects of the HydraFacial MD® Highlights process include exfoliation of the skin, a peel, and mechanical lymphatic drainage. "The process then continues at home," Inbar notes, "with clients provided with a supply of serums, peptides, and brightening agents as part of a simple to follow, ongoing routine aimed at extending and amplifying the effects of the initial procedure."

Alongside more traditional treatments such as Infinite Beauty's exclusive gold facial, signature facial, and red carpet treatment, as well as microdermabrasion, vitamin C infusion, oxygen therapy, and more, HydraFacial MD® Highlights is in particularly high demand.

"The number of clients seeking the procedure is definitely on the rise," Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations points out of the brand's decision to install the high tech device in a further one of its spas. The award-winning process claims to increase skin hydration, reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation or redness, while simultaneously tackling oily or congested skin, and assisting in the elimination of dark patches.

"Combining advanced medical technologies with traditional spa therapies, the process takes just thirty minutes to complete and promises immediate results," adds Inbar, wrapping up.

HydraFacial MD® Highlights is currently available at Infinite Beauty's Garden City, New York; White Plains, New York; and Bethesda, Maryland spa locations.

To learn more about Infinite Beauty, or about signing up for the brand's free VIP membership card, providing access to a range of exclusive benefits, special offers, and more, please visit http://www.infinitebeautyusa.com/.

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Extending the Shelf Life of Food and Beverages

9 Novel Packaging Technologies for Shelf Life Extension

New Report Details Novel Packaging Technologies Currently in Development for Extending the Shelf Life of Food and Beverages

Food preservation is a concern not just for our industry-related clients, but for consumers as well”

— Paula Hock, PreScouter Project Architect

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — PreScouter, a Chicago-based research intelligence company, has released a detailed report on novel packaging technologies for the shelf life extension of foods and beverages. With approximately 1.3 billion tons of food lost or wasted globally at a cost of nearly $1 trillion, PreScouter believes that this report is a major step forward towards reducing food waste across the supply chain by highlighting some of the newest and most promising technologies in development to prolong the shelf life of various foods and beverages.

Food preservation is a concern not just for our industry-related clients, but for consumers as well, comments Dr. Paula Hock, PreScouter Project Architect. “The research in this area is especially interesting, as it’s an industry that really listens to the consumer base. This is evidenced by a push toward food derivatives for novel packaging and the desire to extend the lifetime of purchased food products to reduce food waste,” adds Hock.

The report, or intelligence brief, as PreScouter calls it, details nine recent shelf life extension solutions in various stages of development, illustrating the main features of each as well as the benefits and drawbacks each technology bears.

One major trend seen throughout the research is a move toward more food- and plant-based additives and packaging, a “natural” approach as it comes across to consumers. From superior coating materials to novel additives to putting a new spin on older technologies, and with six of the nine solutions presented already approved for food use, PreScouter believes that this intelligence brief provides the food and beverage industry with actionable insights and applicable knowledge.


Link to report: https://www.prescouter.com/inquiry/extending-shelf-life-novel-packaging/

About PreScouter: PreScouter provides research support services to help business leaders make better R&D, product development and corporate development decisions. PreScouter’s custom-selected teams of Advanced Degree Researchers and Subject Matter Experts connect business leaders with new markets, commercializable technologies, industry-impacting startups, and other actionable data. PreScouter’s growing list of 500+ clients includes GE Healthcare, Coca Cola, BAE Systems, Clorox, and Volvo. For more info, please visit www.prescouter.com.

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Emmy Winner Kira Reed Lorsch Global Brand Ambassador and Launches KIRA’S ORGANIC CBD BRONZING CREAM

Emmy Winner Kira Reed Lorsch launches new CBD Bronzing Cream


Emmy nominated Actress and Emmy award winning Producer Kira Reed Lorsch has a lot to celebrate this Holiday season. She was just named Global Brand Ambassador of Donore Cosmetics as the organic beauty company introduces her namesake bronzer. Kira's Organic CBD Bronzing Cream is featured in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Beverly Hills and Kira was just chosen one of Angeleno’s Dynamic Women of Los Angeles 2018.

“It has been an exciting experience for Kira Reed Lorsch and I to create this organic CBD bronzing cream,” says Noreen Taylor, CEO of Donore by The Organic Face. “We’ve incorporated many essential vitamins our skin needs to halt the aging process and damage to the skin from UVA & UBB sun rays such as vitamin A, B, C, D & E as well as omega 3 and omega 6 to create a more vibrant appearance in our skin.”

Kira's Organic CBD Bronzing Cream is made with nourishing non-toxic ingredients that gives you a luminous summer tan glow instantly upon application. Keeping your skin moisturized and looking flawless without the harmful affects of the sun. Engineered around Cannabis Sativa seed oil and fortified with organic ingredients like aloe vera, apricot kernel oil and evening primrose oil, this body lotion leaves your skin smooth and soft everyday with a hint of glow.

Kira says: “I love that I was included in the creation of the product. Working with Noreen Taylor has been inspiring. We riffed on her bronzing formula and developed a lightweight, super wearable bronzer. It gives me that superstar shimmer I adore in a sensual, luxury CBD cream.”

You too can have a Hollywood red carpet glow. Order Kira’s Organic CBD Bronzing Cream by Donore in time for the Holidays. Get one for yourself and someone special on your Christmas list.

Noreen Taylor is a celebrity make-up artist and CEO of Donore by The Organic Face, a company dedicated to creating chemical free, cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, 100 % organic beauty products. The mission of Donore by The Organic Face is to create a safe product that perfectly aligns with the growing consumer demand for more wholesome beauty products. See more at https://donorecosmetics.com IG@donorebeauty

Kira Reed Lorsch is an actress and Emmy award winning, PGA producer. After graduating from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, Kira enjoyed a prolific on-camera career, including a 10-year stint as a reporter/producer for Playboy. She currently stars on Amazon Prime’s The Bay as “Jo Connors”, for which she received a 2018 Daytime Emmy acting nomination, and is “The Madame” in the new comedy Female Friendly. Her latest project is the feature Acts of Desperation. Kira is also the author of the best selling book SCORE How To Win The Girl of Your Dreams. See more about Kira at http://kirareedlorsch.com IG@kirareedlorsch


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Polypodium Leucotomos Extract – An Oral Sunprotective Supplement – Found to Be Safe & Effective

SKIN-The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine® Article: Clinical Efficacy & Safety of Oral Polypodium Leucotomos Extract for Photoprotection: A Systematic Review

Most studies reported beneficial photoprotective effects of polypodium leucotomos extract as evidenced by increased minimal erythemal dose.”

— Giselle Prado, MD

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polypodium leucotomos extract is naturally obtained from a fern native to South America. It has been shown to have anti-oxidant and photoprotective properties when taken orally. The extract is not a sunscreen but can be one extra layer to a full sun protection package. A recent article reviewed all human studies published to date showing the clinical efficacy and safety of polypodium leucotomos extract.

Prado et al. wrote “Eighteen studies were found to meet [our] inclusion criteria. Most studies reported beneficial photoprotective effects of polypodium leucotomos extract as evidenced by increased minimal erythemal dose.” The concept of minimal erythemal dose has been used for decades in order to measure the efficacy of sunscreens. By increasing the minimal erythemal dose, a person would need more exposure to sun in order to burn.

In this study, the most popular formulation of the extract was Heliocare, made by Ferndale Healthcare. The authors go on to state “the extraction methodology of an herbal supplement can affects its potency and effects in humans. Without testing each specific formulation in humans, it can be difficult to compare different products that claim to have the same ingredients.” Therefore, consumers should be careful when purchasing their oral supplement of choice.

SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine® is a peer-reviewed online medical journal that is the official journal of The National Society for Cutaneous Medicine. The mission of SKIN is to provide an enhanced and accelerated route to disseminate new dermatologic knowledge for all aspects of cutaneous disease.

For more details please visit www.jofskin.org or contact jofskin@gmail.com.

Link to article

(DOI: 10.25251/skin.2.6.2)

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov receives national recognition through the NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARD®!

Aimed Cabo Nikolov

Unconditional Love conquers all”

— Aimee Cabo Nikolov

PALMETTO BAY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARD recognized Love is the Answer God is the Cure by Aimee Cabo Nikolov in the category of Personal Growth as a distinguished favorite.

The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected award Winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.

Inspirational and autobiography books have become common-place among writers, but none have shown the capacity for turning a truly difficult life into an inspiring journey. Aimee Cabo Nikolov shares her survival over child sexual, emotional, and mental abuse. In the current #MeToo climate, battered and abused women will find a confidante in Nikolov. Readers will learn that they too can survive, no matter what the world – or their abusers – throw their way.​​

"In 2019, we had true worldwide participation. Book submissions were impressive this year as we collected from six continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America; cities such as Buenos Aires, Cairo, London, Moscow, New York; and across the U.S. We are so proud to announce the winners and favorites in our annual NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARD. Great book content can be found anywhere on the globe, whether created from an individual author or a major publishing house or irregardless what continent we find it. We are happy to highlight these books and share their achievements."  said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.

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Love is the Answer God is the Cure – Inspirational Book

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Infinite Beauty explores the importance of skin care

Infinite Beauty

According to Infinite Beauty, it's time to stop taking skin care completely for granted.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A regular skin care routine is vital in protecting the skin from breakouts, exposure to damaging UVB and UVA rays, premature aging, and more. That's according to boutique U.S. beauty brand Infinite Beauty. By routinely setting aside time to really focus on skin care, the brand suggests that a younger, healthier, and more glowing complexion is only a few short steps away.

From simple cleansing to indulging in more luxurious professional facials, Infinite Beauty also points toward making sunscreen and serums a part of regular skin care. Not only does this help to maintain a youthful appearance, says the brand, but by actively looking after the skin, it's possible to help prevent against more serious skin complaints later in life, including skin cancer.

"Skin care novices needn't be worried as establishing a routine doesn't need to be complicated," suggests Eric Inbar, Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations. In fact, he says, an effective skin care routine can be as simple or as complicated as an individual wishes, depending on their goals, and how much time they wish to spend on their skin care efforts.

The brand starts by addressing cleansing. According to Infinite Beauty, individuals with different skin types should be aware of the best cleansing method for them personally in order to most effectively remove build up, bacteria, and dead skin cells, as well as numerous other environmental pollutants. "For dry skin, it's advisable to use liquid cleansers instead of soap, for example," explains Inbar. This, he says, is because not only are liquid cleansers often more gentle, but many also boast added moisturizing agents as part of their formulation – a fantastic benefit for those with dry skin.

Those with oily or combination skin, meanwhile, says Inbar, should look to find a cleanser suited as closely as possible to their own individual skin type. "Don't be afraid to ask a professional if you need advice choosing the most suitable product for you," he adds.

Next, says Infinite Beauty, is sunscreen. "Regular, routine application of sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 is absolutely essential when heading outdoors," explains Inbar. Advisable year-round, and not just in summer, sunscreen helps to prevent against a decrease in elasticity of the skin, causing premature aging. It can also prevent drying of the skin, particularly in cold, windy, but otherwise bright weather, and of course, is crucial in the fight against skin cancer.

A staple among Infinite Beauty's boutique spa services, regular or semi-regular professional facials are also advisable, according to the brand. "Not only is it a luxurious treat," suggests Inbar, "but facials also help in maintaining a beautiful complexion, tackling potential skin problems, and should, therefore, be considered part of any skin care routine wherever possible."

Lastly, the brand touches on serums. Serums, says Inbar, may include antioxidants and vitamins, or specialist ingredients such as retinol which supports skin health by soothing problem areas and firming or plumping where needed. "Different serums boast different benefits," he adds, wrapping up, "with a wide range available to purchase from Infinite Beauty, online or in-store, so choose the one that's right for you."

To learn more about Infinite Beauty, please visit https://infinitebeautyusa.com.

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Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) begin USA Tour Training Beauticians in Skin Tightening Treatments Using the Plamere Plasma Pen

2019 Plamere Plasma Pen Pro Training and Certification Tour

2019 Plamere Plasma Pen Pro Training and Certification Tour

Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Eyelid Lift Treatment by Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)

Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Eyelid Lift Treatment by Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift Before and After

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift

Plamsa Pen Pro (PPP) begins their 2019 USA Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Training and Certification Tour Starting in New York, NY.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The idea of getting a safe, non-surgical, beauty treatment done that can visually help someone appear significantly younger or remove skin marks, tags, or blemishes is quite appealing to a great many people, for obvious reasons. Especially when the technology is new to the beauty industry and being talked about passionately by those who have received the treatments. In exciting news, global leaders in Plasma Fibroblast Pen training Plasma Pen Pro (PPP), have celebrated their success in offering training and certification classes that are both easy to learn and affordable. Students have responded with passion.

“If you plan on learning how to give safe and effective plasma pen treatments my advice is to come and be trained by the leaders in the field,” commented Rose Cruz, from Plasma Pen Pro. “We will make sure you learn everything you need to pass our certification and be ready to have an extra stream of income accepting clients. Now is the best time to get a foot in the door, while there is such demand and not a huge number of certified technicians.”

Cruz and Plasma Pen Pro point to the many benefits that the treatments generally deliver. Some of the most often discussed, and praised, include being the newest skin treatment in the beauty industry – an industry, where “new” is near assured to attract great attention; there's no scalpel or surgical cutting of the skin; there's no bleeding or bruising from receiving the treatments; it's completely non-invasive; and, best of all, the people who have received Plasma Fibroblast treatments are often its best free marketing agents, since they tend to tell their friends and loves ones who effective it can be.

Rose Cruz, and company, have now posted the dates for their first leg of their USA Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Training tour starting in New York, NY, in January of 2019. “We are very excited to begin training estheticians, medical esthetician, beauticians, nurses and doctors in the art and science of Plasma Fibroblast treatments” says an enthusiastic and charming Rose Cruz, “we have been training for over a year now, and thanks to all the feedback from past students, we put together a great training program for future students”. Rose Cruz provides the Plamere Plasma Pen Pro, which is a safe and FDA approved device, as part of the training package that all students get when they sign up for the program. “We only use the best equipment, and Plamere Plasma Pen Pro is the number one selling and used device around the world.”

Rose Cruz and Plasma Pen Pro provide a very intensive two day course in Plasma Fibroblast treatments. On the first day, it is all theory and practice on each other and on a variety of different samples so that students get used to handling the Plamere Plasma Pen, and learn all of its functions. Day two of the program consists of working on live models. “You can only truly learn this treatment by a) having the treatment done on yourself, and b) doing it on others”, says Rose Cruz, “I’ve zapped tons of skin tags, moles, pigmentation and worked around my own eyes and mouth using this pen, and I’ve also worked on hundreds of clients. Getting to know the different skin types, skin tones, skin thickness really makes a difference. You will only become an expert in the Plasma Fibroblast industry, once you actually work on a variety of skin types.”

To view more of Rose Cruz’s work, and the work of past and current students, please visit http://www.instagram.com/plasmapenpro

To get more info about Plasma Fibroblast treatments, or to view upcoming course dates and locations, please visit http://www.plamereplasmapenpro.com

To purchase your own Plamere Plasma Pen, please visit www.plamereplasmapenpro.com/shop

To learn more and see the schedule of classes accepting students be sure to visit https://www.plasmapenpro.com.

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Plamere Fibroblast Eyelid Lift Procedure by Plasma Pen Pro

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Infinite Beauty shares summer to fall skin care tips

Infinite Beauty

With cooler weather approaching for most, it's important to adjust skin care regimes accordingly, says Infinite Beauty.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the summer season comes to a close and fall arrives ahead of colder winter weather, maintaining an appropriate beauty regime is vital to sustaining a healthy, glowing complexion and appearance, according to Infinite Beauty, as the brand shares six skin care tips for fall.

"It's time to shield your complexion from the dipping temperatures," says Eric Inbar, Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations, adding that as the seasons change, an adjustment in skin care practices is a must.

First, the brand points toward cleanser, highlighting that fall and winter generally call for a more mellow option. Summer cleaners can be harsh, according to Infinite Beauty, suggesting that a switch to a more hydrating option is wise as winter approaches.

Next, toner. "The same rules apply to your toner," reveals Inbar. Reach for something more balancing, says the brand, being sure to avoid toners which are alcohol-based, as these can be unnecessarily drying to the skin during fall and winter.

Third, according to Infinite Beauty, is to address moisturizer choices.

Summer moisturizers are typically lightweight as not to clog pores. During the fall, however, as skin must adapt to colder, windier weather, a switch in moisturizers is vital according to Inbar. "Furthermore," he adds, "the artificial heat which we all rely upon in colder months can be dehydrating, which without proper moisturization can leave skin feeling dry and flaky, and which contributes to fine lines and wrinkles."

The fourth thing to address, says the brand, is exfoliation. Recommended year-round, it's important to maintain an exfoliation routine during fall and winter, helping to curtail the appearance of dark spots and keeping skin tone polished.

"Rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures can dull the skin," adds the company's vice president of operations, "so pay particular attention to when your skin needs reviving."

Moisture-rich masks are another of Infinite Beauty's fall recommendations, helping the skin to transition into the cooler, drier air of winter. Weekly moisture-rich masks, says the brand, are advised.

"Lastly, continue to hydrate your skin," says Inbar. "Regular moisturizing and masks, as already mentioned, are key, but remembering to stay hydrated by drinking adequate fresh water is vital for healthy, glowing skin, even with the warmer summer months behind us, so remember to stay topped up," he adds in closing.

For more tips and advice from the boutique beauty brand, follow the Infinite Beauty blog at https://www.infinitebeautyusa.com/blog/.

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